Season 1, Episode 2 of Battle Squads. Hope you enjoy!

Far beyond the lake territories, next to a huge forest, two cats walked along the border of a large expanse of clear land.

"Have you heard what information the patrol that went over to find new places to settle said?" asked one of the cats, a pure black cat with a moon shaped mark on his forehead.

"Yes, of course," said the other cat that was walking with him, a light gray tabby. "They found a lake with plenty of fresh-kill around it, and other cats living there. When they met some of the cats, they were chased away, and a cat was killed."

"You know that this means that we will not be able to settle there unless these cats are eliminated?"


"That is why I need you. You are our best assassin, and I need you to pick off enough of their cats for us to take the lake with the cats that we have set to settle in the new area. Don't fail me."

"Have I ever failed you before?"

The mysterious dark cat flicked his tail at the surrounding forest, and 12 cats materialized out of the darkness. "This patrol of cats will help you with your task." The leader of the patrol was a gray tom. "This is Stormclaw, but for this mission, you will know him only as Storm, leader of this group of 'rogues'. Whatever you need to do, the clans can not find out about this forest, especially with the trouble we've had from rebels recently,"

The assassin gave a signal to the patrol and started trekking across the plains.

In the ThunderClan camp, the patrols were being organized.

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