Lynx opened her eyes slowly, adjusting to the colors and the light that were overloading her senses.

"Hello, Lynx," A tabby she-cat purred. "I'm glad you opened your eyes."

Lynx blinked, retreating on small kitten paws.

"I'm Candle, your mother," The tabby mewed.

Lynx slowly bobbed her head. "Mee," She mumbled.

"No. I'm Candle. You're Lynx."

Lynx nodded again. "Mee."

Candle smiled. "Yes."

A muscular, tan-colored with black flecks tom padded over. "Hello, Lynx!" He purred. "I'm your father Speckle."

She flicked her tail. "Shpkl!"

"Close enough," He purred with a mreoww of amusement.

"Cndl, Shpkl!" She exclaimed.

Candle chuckled. "Good job, dear."

Lynx flicked an ear, satisfied with her efforts. Her brown speckled tummy gave a rumble and she whimpered.

Candle chuckled. "Hungry, are we?" She purred. "Here, I have fresh sparrow."

Lynx stumbled over, head heavy. She took a tentative bite and smiled. "Spro!"

"Sparrow," Candle corrected.

"Cndl spro!" Lynx squeaked happily.

Speckle laughed. "Come on, dear. Eat up, and then you can get rest."

Lynx finished up her meal and licked her lips happily. "Shmrrble!" She enthused, crawling over to Candle.

Candle swept her closer with her tail. With an indignant squeak, she stumbled forward.

She curled up, resting her paws over her muzzle.

She closed her eyes and drifted off to a familiar blackness.


"Lynx, come here!" Candle purred.

Lynx trotted over, eyes glinting. "Yes?"

"Your father and I have something to tell you..."

Lynx raised an eyebrow.

"You have a baby brother." Speckle purred.

Lynx gazed upon the scrap of fur at Candle's paws and she was overcome with a hatred so pure, she knew she'd loathe this... creature forever.

more soon

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