This story is written by Cinderstar for Red's contest.

Main Characters

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Smudgefoot--Black she-cat with bright blue eyes and pale gray paws - all four of them. She is quite shy, but a very enthusiastic hunter. She's not a terrific fighter, but can defend herself in situations, and is always prepared to jump to her friends' aid, and would sacrifice her life for her friends'.

Elliot--Cream tabby she-cat with green eyes. Elliot is very cheeky, but has a good sense of humor and chatters like a starling. She's very outgoing and always loves to be with other cats. She's friends with everyone, and doesn't have any enemies. However, she has scars stretching across her underbelly that she talks about to no one, and becomes very quiet and mumble-y when asked about them. No one knows but her what happened.

Specklepaw--Silver tabby she-cat with gray stripes, speckles and cream underbelly. She is friendly and has lots of friends, including in the other clans. She tries to become friends with every cat she meets, and can see the good in everyone.


"Danger is coming." Bluestar meowed solemnly. She gazed into a pool, Whitestorm, Yellowfang and Firestar behind her. Her fading pelt glimmered with stars.

"The clans have faced danger many times Bluestar." Whitestorm meowed. "They can handle it."

"They'll handle it, and survive for many more moons in peace." Yellowfang rasped. "They always have. We should let the younger StarClan warriors handle this. We're all nearing our time to fade away."

"I'll never stop trying to help the clan I once lead." Bluestar meowed, her blue eyes shining with determination. "As long as I walk in StarClan."

"Bluestar's right." Firestar meowed. "For as long as we wander StarClan, it is our duty to guide our clan."

"ThunderClan's not the only clan in danger." Tallstar meowed, walking up to the group of StarClan cats, followed by Mistystar and Russetfur. "All the clans will face this challenge, and overcome it."

"True." Bluestar agreed. "But the clans will need to have the heart of a warrior to overcome this challenge."

"And they will." Firestar meowed. "Every warrior will do everything they can in their power to help their clan."

"Most of them anyways." Yellowfang sniffed.

Chapter 1 (Smudgefoot)

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