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Leaftail glanced at her kits, they were play-fighting. She could go on a patrol now. "Oaktail? Can I go on a patrol?" She asked. She nodded. "Go with Appleshine and Whiskerpaw."

Windclan cats were remarking the border too. They left soon after the the Thunderclan cats. Leaftail heard a sneeze from underneath some leaves. She padded to it. Whiskerpaw and Appleshine followed her. Leaftail found a fox cub underneath the leaves, it was about two days old. "We should take it to camp." Leaftail said. Whiskerpaw replied, shocked. "Are you crazy? This is a fox!" Leaftail sighed, "It's young, it will die out here." Appleshine replied this time, "Let it." Leaftail picked the fox cub up. "We're taking it to camp." She muttered.

"We can't have a fox in our clan!" Featherstar said. "I could nurse it." Leaftail pleaded, "It could learn the ways of our clan. Please Featherstar. " Featherstar was silent, then replied. "Fine."

Leaftail looked at the fox cub. Hmmm... What would be a good name for this 'kit'? Leafkit? No. Redkit? Nope. Foxkit! "I will name you Foxkit. Bramblekit! Petalkit! Larkkit!" Leaftail called. "Meet your littermate, Foxkit.

Chapter 1

Foxkit opened her eyes and looked at her mother, Leaftail. Her mother was a golden and white tabby with green eyes. I wonder if I look like her... Petalkit and Larkkit, her sisters, looked like Leaftail. Bramblekit looked like her father, Flamefall. Everyone in the clan hated Foxkit except Leaftail and one of the elders, Foggypetal. "Hey, Fox-cat!" Bramblekit called. "More like a fox-heart!" Petalkit meowed. Larkkit appeared, "Leave our clan fox! We don't want you here!" Her littermates laughed. Leaftail called her littermates to the nursery angrily and told Foxkit to wait outside. Foxkit could hear what they were saying.

"Why are you so rude to your littermate?" Leaftail asked.

"Flamefall said she isn't our littermate." Petalkit replied.

"Yeah." Bramblekit added, "He said she needed to leave the clan!"

Larkkit nodded, "He said she would be a fox-heart when she was older and cause trouble and wouldn't be loyal and-"

"What?" Leaftail interrupted. "He said that?"

"Yeah and she wouldn't follow the warrior code." Larkkit said.

Leaftail to be continued.

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

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