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This is a poem by Brams. This is one of my many poems - and all of them can be found here.

NOTE: This book contains spoilers for some Super Editions, especially Yellowfang's Secret, and the first four books of The Prophecies Begin Arc (Original Arc) - if you haven't read any of these, read at your own risk!

Enjoy <33333

A Forbidden Choice

It started when I was young,

We were both young, and carefree,

Ready to defend our Clan.

But his path was clouded with pain,

I tried to help,

But it failed.

He disliked me after that,

He was now a warrior,

Yet I was not.

One day, we would fight,

Alongside each other,

As warriors, I vowed.

Eventually, he forgave me,

Our relationship was rekindled

And blossomed once more.

But after a battle,

Heavily scarred,

I reluctantly changed paths.

He was furious with me,

But we still met up in secret

Where none others knew.

Little did I know,

When we finally left each other,

I had made a forbidden choice.

It was pain, moons later,

In that hollow tree

Outside the border.

Three came in,

And two of those left -

The third one came with me.

He treasured the surviving one,

But he never recognized his pain

Of not knowing.

Nine lives were lost

As the leader died,

And blood swept through the forest.

It caused my exile,

Unfair, to say the least,

And my allegiance was changed.

Yet he was exiled,

And I damaged him beyond repair,

As he came there as well.

But soon enough,

I couldn't bear the pain

Of him any longer.

I gave him the truth

Of his heritage

As he died.

I saved my adopted Clan

In a fire that blazed their land.

Now I rest in StarClan,

With the family I had,

Except for the one

That betrayed everyone he knew.

The cat I knew was Raggedstar,

He was the cat I loved,

The traitor was our son,

Brokenstar, who will never be mine again.

And me, the one who started it all?

I am Yellowfang, of ThunderClan.

Author's Note

Yellowfang is my favourite character in the Warriors books, so of course I had to do a poem on her <333333

And that is the end of it - I hoped you enjoyed it! Constructive criticism is appreciated - but please be nice. :D

Until next time,

--Santa Claws 20:34, December 10, 2014 (UTC)

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