It was the middle of the night. Shadows blanketed the forest with ominousness. A barely visible sliver of moon and a few stars were the only things shedding light over the two cats sitting on the edge of a rocky cliff.

Silk twined her tail around her mate, Boulderstar's. The pretty black she-cat was gazing down at the plentiful pines and swift flowing river below the mountains. The place that her mate, and soon herself, called home.

"It's a nice night tonight, ain't it Silk." The black and silver tom nudged her affectionately with his broad shoulder, causing her to jump with surprise and untangle her tail.

"Huh- Wha? Oh right, the night. Yeah, it sure is. No full moon for the wolves to howl at, but not quite a new moon just yet. I mean, I would love to see a gryphon, but from what you've told me... Clearly you don't want the same."

Boulderstar rested his weary, drooping head on his massive paws. "What you're saying is true, but that's not the main reason why. You're the reason why this night is perfect."

Silk rested her soft, silky head against Boulderstar. Within heartbeats she was asleep, purring away in dreams.

Despite the fact that he had been on his paws all day, patrolling his Clan's borders, hunting and other stuff that leaders usually do, Boulderstar couldn't sleep. There seemed to be something... wrong in his mind. A feeling that he couldn't describe in words.

He stretched his jaws wide in a massive yawn. It was nothing to worry about. He would sleep, and in the morning the feeling would be gone. Little did he know that he was wrong. Very wrong.


The mountains. The place that GlareClan called home. The only place that they knew as well as the back of their paw. The place where no intruders were tolerated.

That was until Boulderstar met Silk. It was just an ordinary day. He was hunting on The Northern Ridge, keen to bring back a tasty deer for his friends. He had spotted one. He crouched, making sure that the wind was blowing his scent away from the helpless creature, then tensed his muscles, ready to spring. Just as he leaped into the air, a shadowed shape crashed into him. They both tumbled to the ground, a tangle of grey and black fur. Then Boulderstar scrambled back onto his paws. The stranger did so as well. He looked at the black cat's luminous yellow eyes.

"I- I'm very sorry for crashing into you. I didn't realise-"

"It's alright." Boulderstar gazed down at the smaller cat, his heart thumping in his throat. How can this be happening? Surely I'm not feeling this way...

The look the cat gave him, the kindness that spilled out at every word. It was clearer than crystal.

These two cats were destined to have a future together.


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