A young apprentice named Petalpaw had powers from the moment she was born. She was an intelligent kit, but something was different about her. She could read the thoughts of others. When she became an apprentice, her dreams were always visited by a strange cat. When a cat is found dead at a Gathering, Petalpaw is convinced her powers can help her solve the murder. Now, she must find the cat that walks in her dreams, before the murderer strikes again.

Prologue: A Fallen Warrior

The dreams were so vivid, Petalpaw felt they were real. The smoky gray cat visited her every night in her dreams, watching her but not speaking. Even when she was awake, he haunted her thoughts. She heard faint voices in her head, saying things she did not understand. The voices in her head always sounded honest, like they were coming straight from the heart of another cat. Petalpaw lay awake for many nights, trying to understand why she could hear the voices, why she saw the gray cat in her dreams. But she couldn’t think for long, as she was an apprentice of RiverClan. But she always thought about the gray cat. Who was it? Was it a warrior in StarClan? But Petalpaw never knew the answer. Who was the gray cat?

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