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Authors note

Hey guys Flameheeart A.K.A Flameypoo (cocopelt gave me that one) A.K.A Flameheart the orange cat (Hollytuft gave me that one) A.K,A Flame (everyones nickname for me!!!)

Here with not just another story but a series we got a good book to get writin in today so lets get started!

Chapter 1

Ambers hands shook as she slammed the door behind her. Another fight with her sister about school, Amber let out an outraged scream.

"SO WHAT IF I'M HALF CAT I DON'T CARE!!!" Amber yelled out of fury she down out the den trying to resist the urge to claw it to pieces. She heard the door open she looked up to see her sister. Her sister sighed and sat down beside Amber. Amber scooted away. Her sister let out another sigh.

"Hey look Amber I know I totally lost it back there. I'm sorry....ok i'm gonna admit something but if you tell anyone i'll deny it. It's just been me and us and, i'll admit life has been a jerk. But hey as long as your a "warrior" You'll be fine." Her sister teased the last part But Amber got the message.

"Thanks Laura." Amber sighed Laura walked out of the room.

Amber pulled her Laptop out from under the bed...

"M-maybe some music will do..."

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