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This is for Fuzzy's contest! It stars Ashpaw, an ash gray tom with light green eyes, and Dewpaw, a white she-cat with gray spots and blue eyes. Enjoy!

Chapter 1~Ash

I ran through the forest following my mentor, Elmheart. We were running to the border with the deputy, Wolftail, and Foxpelt on a border patrol. I was made a apprentice a moon ago and extremely hyper today because tomorrow was going to be my first gathering. We made it to the border and I skidded to a stop. We smelled the border marks and made sure that RiverClan had not past it.

"Wolftail!" Foxpelt yowled. "I smell RiverClan! Its fresh too!" I lifted my head and opened my mouth to take in the scents. There it was, RiverClan.

"I smell it too Wolftail!" I said.

"As do I. Elmheart, Foxpelt, Ashpaw come next to me." Wolftail said facing RiverClan territory.

"What are you doing here ThunderClan fox-dung?!"

I saw a blue-gray tom headed towards us with 4 other cats behind him.

"We are on a border patrol Waterbush. What are you doing here?" Wolftail answered with pride.

"We are on a border patrol Wolftail. To make sure none of your filthy ThunderClan scent has crossed the border." He sneered.

"I can assure you that no cat has crossed the border. We are just going to remark the border and leave." Wolftail marked part of the border and nodded for us to do the same. We all marked the border and started padding away.

"Don't think you can get away from me Wolftail! One day. One day." Waterbush and the patrol turned and left.

"That was a close one." I commented as we headed back towards camp.

"Yeah. Now go hunt. The fresh-kill pile is getting low." Elmheart told me.

"Yes Elmheart. Can we go train afterwards?" I asked hopeful.

"If you're not too tired maybe." He smiled and the patrol left.

I ran off. I lifted my head to scent he air and I smelled a squirrel. I followed the scent and saw a squirrel sitting beneath a tree nibbling on a nut. I crouched down low to the ground. I crawled toward the squirrel. I got within pouncing distance before the dumb creature even smelled me. I killed it swiftly with a bite to the neck. I buried it and continued hunting. Soon I had two squirrels, a mouse, and a vole.

I somehow managed to carry it all back to the camp without dropping anything once. I plopped it on the fresh-kill pile but kept a squirrel and took it to the elders. Cindermask greeted me at the entrance.

"Hello Ashpaw. Oh we already ate dear but Treebark hasn't eaten yet. Go ahead and take it to him." Cindermask said with her familiar smile.

"Okay! Have a good day!" I nodded and padded out. I took the squirrel to the medicine cat den where Treebark was sorting herbs.

"Good afternoon Treebark! I heard you haven't eaten today. Do you want this squirrel?" I said cheerily.

"Oh hi Ashpaw. Thanks. I have been too busy sorting my good herbs from my bad herbs to eat today." He stood up and stretched then came over and took the squirrel.

"You are welcome. I have to go now. Elmheart is expecting me for training!" I smiled and padded out.

I came out to see Elmheart, Wolftail, and Foxpelt coming back with three squirrels, four mice, two voles, and a pheasant. They placed it on the fresh-kill pile then Wolftail padded to the leader's den to tell Deerstar about the border patrol. Foxpelt disappeared into the warriors' den while Elmheart padded towards me.

"Ready to go train?" He asked enthusiastically.

"All the time!" I responded bouncing up and down.

"Then let's go!" We stormed out of the camp racing to the training ground.

Chapter 2~Dew

I raced across the clear moor beside my mentor, Onestar. We were going to train for now because we rarely had time to train. I was so excited! I was training today and going to the gathering tomorrow! I slid into the training area ready to begin. Onestar padded in slowly and went to one side.

"I am going to teach you the back flip claw. What you do is scratch your opponent then back flip before you scratch him again. Watch." Onestar demonstrated with graceful movement.

"Onestar that's amazing!! How do you do that?" I exclaimed bouncing up and down.

"Moons of practice, Dewpaw. I can teach you but you must be patient." He explained.

"Of course!"

"Okay. First crouch like you are hunting. Then jump and throw your head and chest backwards. Land on your feet." Onestar instructed.

"Okay. Can I try it now?"

"Whenever you want. Just don't hit your head. It hurts a lot." He smiled.

"Do you know this from experience? I think you did it too."

Onestar laughed, "We all did. I have to go but if you want to continue training I can send Crowfeather to come watch you."

"No thanks. I can come back with you." I figured I could hunt and then clean the dens. "I am going to go hunt okay? We needed more fresh-kill when we left."

"Sure Dewpaw. Thanks." Onestar bounded off while I proceeded to hunt.

I lifted my head to scent the air and smelled a rabbit. I ran off towards the scent, sprinting across the moor. I soon came across the rabbit. I charged after it and quickly killed it before it could get away. I kept hunting for a while until I had four rabbits and a mouse. I padded back to camp with my jaws full of prey. I set it down on the pile and selected a rabbit to give to the elders. I walked into their den and set it down.

"Hello Hareleap. Have you eaten yet?" I asked the kind tom.

"No we haven't. Thank you Dewpaw." Hareleap accepted the rabbit as I left.

I padded back to the fresh-kill pile and grabbed another rabbit. I walked into the nursery and plopped the rabbit on the ground.

"Anyone hungry?" I asked quietly so I would wake the kits.

"I am Dewpaw." Duskleaf answered.

"Here you go Duskleaf." I gave it to her and padded out to eat a mouse.

"Thanks Dewpaw." She answered on my way out.

I grabbed the mouse off of the fresh-kill pile and padded to the apprentices' den to eat. I took a few bites and finished it. I saw my best friend, Runningpaw, padding my way with a mouse in her jaws.

"Hey Runningpaw!" I greeted her.

She set down her fresh-kill and sat down next to me. "Hey Dewpaw! Did you hunt today?"

"Yeah. Four rabbits and a mouse. I fed the elders and the queens. I ate my mouse. I also learned a new move. You?"

"I went for fighting practice and spent most of the morning there. I then went to hunt. I caught two rabbits and a mouse. I can't wait for the gathering tomorrow!" Runningpaw had finished her kill and now was licking her fur clean. Soon we were sharing tongues.

It was soon moonrise and we went to bed. I dreamnt of the gathering. I felt Runningpaw stir beside me and I knew she was too.

Chapter 3~Ash

I couldn't believe it! Today was the gathering and I was going! I was running through the forest again hunting so I could prove that I could go to the gathering. I had been hunting all day and was now chasing the scent of the rare rabbit. I already had three squirrels, a vole, and two mice. I caught up to the rabbit and was about to pounce. The rabbit lifted its head and I knew it smelled me. I pounced but missed before I chased it down. I padded back to the hole where the rest of my prey was buried with my kill.

"Ashpaw! Are you out here?!" I heard a voice come from somewhere behind me. I turned around and saw Elmheart coming towards me.

"Oh there you are! Are you done hunting? Deerstar is going to announce who gets to go to the gathering." Elmheart claimed grabbing the squirrels to carry.

"Really? Let's go then!" I grabbed my prey and led the way back. I slid into camp and placed my fresh-kill on the pile before sitting down to listen to Deerstar.

"ThunderClan! I have called you together to announce who is coming to the gathering. This gathering all four elders are coming. They haven't been to a gathering in quite a while." Deerstar smiled at the elders before continuing. "The five apprentices as well. Wolftail, our deputy, Berrytail, our medicine cat, and Elmheart, Pinepelt, Fireglaze, Whitemane, Swanfur, Lionclaw, Owltree, and Treeear, our warriors are coming as well. That is all!" Deerstar dismissed us and I padded to the apprentices' den to talk with my friends.

"Ashpaw! Have you eaten yet?" My best friend, Wolfpaw, said coming towards me. He is Wolftail's son but doesn't boast too much. He is a handsome ginger tom with blue eyes. Everyone she-cat likes him.

"Hey Wolfpaw! Yeah I ate. I also fed Treebark. The elders had already eaten." I replied.

"Lucky! I have been out training all day. I just got back when Deerstar started speaking." Wolfpaw responded picking a squirrel off of the pile.

"Well how about you eat then we can go train some more?! I was hunting all day and I want to kick your butt with some moves."

"Sure! I doubt that you will defeat me though. I learned some sweet new moves today!" Wolfpaw quickly ate well I cleaned his pelt a bit.

We raced out of the camp at each others' sides. As we got closer to the training ground, we slowed down. I slowed down more than Wolfpaw and tackled him from behind. I pinned him on his back. Before he could retaliate I hit his face with claws sheathed and raced into the small dip in the ground considered the training ground.

"Not fair!" Wolfpaw yowled in frustration.

"Completely fair! All warriors are always on their guard!" I yowled back with laughter.

"Fine. Unless you have been training you won't know this move!" Wolfpaw leaped into the air.

Expecting him to drop on top of me, I rolled forward and turned around to watch him land. As I turned, I saw nothing. I knew I had been tricked. I looked up and sure enough, there he was coming straight at me. I tried to leap away, but it was too late.

I was on the ground with Wolfpaw on top of me hitting my back. I flipped over and threw all my weight up to throw him off of me. As Wolfpaw went flying, I got up and flew after him. I pinned him again and knew it was over when he gave up.

"You win Ashpaw! I give up!" Wolfpaw cried out.

"That's what I thought." I got off of him triumphantly and padded a little bit away.

"Never turn your back on your enemy!"

I turned around and again, it was too late. Wolfpaw pinned me down as I tried to shove him off. I failed. He had always been stronger than me but I had always been faster. I would have to use that to my advantage. I gave a last ditch effort and relaxed to give the illusion that I gave up. He relaxed his grip and I took the opportunity. I surprised him and before he reacted, I raced around him in circles to bother him. He never liked me teasing him.

I suddenly stopped and pounced at him catching him by surprise. I pinned him the third and final time.

"You win. For real this time." Wolfpaw gave in.

"Good. I knew I would win!" I was triumphant and got up. I circled a few times with large strides.

"Come on Ashpaw. It's almost time for the gathering!" Wolfpaw said looking up at the sky.

"I agree. Let's go!" I looked at the sky and led the way back towards camp. I was ecstatic for my first gathering!!

Chapter 4~Dew

I was following my leader, Froststar, as we trotted to the gathering. Next to me was Runningpaw and on my other side was my brother, Fleetpaw.

"Hello Deerstar! Your clan may cross first."

I looked towards Froststar and saw her talking to Deerstar.

"Thank you Froststar. That's very kind of you." ThunderClan padded across the tree. I saw a ash gray tom with a ginger tom next to him. I had never seen them before on patrols. I wonder if this is their first gathering too.

"See you there Deerstar." Froststar motioned for us to cross so we crossed. Runningpaw went in front of me but soon we were on the island.

It was beautiful. The were trees surrounding the perimeter but with one large tree a little bit out of line. I knew that the leaders sat up there with the deputies and medicine cats at the foot. During my kithood the elders had told me stories of famous gatherings, so I was prepared.

As soon as WindClan was settled in, Deerstar began. "Welcome! Sit down. The gathering is about to begin!"

I sat down towards the front of the group with Runningpaw. In front of ThunderClan's group was that same ash gray tom. Before I knew it, our eyes had locked. I couldn't pull myself away until Froststar's voice pulled me back to the present. I looked away embarrassed and listened to Froststar without interest.

"WindClan is prospering this greenleaf! We have two new apprentices! Dewpaw and Runningpaw!"

The Clans chanted our names as I ducked my head and Runningpaw puffed her chest with pride.

"That is all!" Froststar stepped back and Marshstar of ShadowClan padded forward.

"ShadowClan is doing quite well! Our only problem is that ThunderClan has been stealing our prey." Marshstar snarled at ThunderClan and the cats in each Clan faced each other with growls.

"For now though, we have no concrete proof so we are not accusing anyone. I am finished!" Marshstar backed up while Stonestar. The gray tom nodded to Marshstar but the brown tom didn't acknowledge him.

"RiverClan is all well! The only thing to report is that some warriors chased off a badger earlier. It was headed toward ThunderClan territory." Stonestar nodded at Deerstar who dipped his head in reply. Stonestar padded back a little to give Deerstar the front.

"Thank you Stonestar. ThunderClan is well fed too. We are ready to defend ourselves against any threats." Deerstar directed this at Marshstar who glared at him. "We have two new apprentices as well. Ashpaw and Wolfpaw!"

The Clans chanted again. I joined them and found that the gray tom and the ginger tom that I had first seen were Ashpaw and Wolfpaw. I saw them puffing their chests out. Toms! I thought.

The Clans dispersed to talk with their friends. Runningpaw and I headed towards a group of apprentices. I scanned their faces and pelts and there were five cats. A tortoiseshell she-cat, a brown tabby tom, and a tuxedo tom. Who were the last two cats? Of course. Ashpaw and Wolfpaw with their perfect gray and ginger pelts.

"Hi...Dewpaw was it? Congrats on being an apprentice." Ashpaw said.

I was surprised at first. "Uh..thanks. You too."

"Hi Wolfpaw. Hi Ashpaw. What are everyone else's names?" Runningpaw asked without fear.

"I am Skypaw! Hello!" The tortoiseshell exclaimed.

"I am Mudpaw." The brown tabby muttered.

"My name is Penguinpaw! Nice to meet you!" The tuxedo cat was ecstatic.

"Hello Skypaw, Mudpaw, and Penguinpaw! How are you?" Runningpaw replied.

"I am great! I am from RiverClan and so is Penguinpaw. Where are you from?" Skypaw quickly answered.

"Dewpaw and I are from WindClan. My name is Runningpaw. What about you Mudpaw?"

"ShadowClan. I should go." Mudpaw left and I didn't see him again that night.

"Anyway, Penguinpaw? That's an awesome name! I wish I had a name that cool!" Runningpaw continued talking and that's how I spent my night. Glancing at Ashpaw a few times I noticed he was glancing at me too. We met eyes only once. That night, I couldn't stop thinking about the gathering. Not the gathering in general though...

I woke up and opted for a walk. I groomed and stretched before racing out of camp with Runningpaw by my side.

"To the lake!" I yowled to the wind.

Chapter 5~Ash

I woke up the morning after the gathering. I thought about many things last night and, for some reason, Dewpaw was the theme. I decided to go for a walk and hunt a little. I stretched and groomed my fur before stepping out into the sunlight. The camp was in full swing with cats bustling around.

I calmly padded out the entrance before I began to sprint. I headed towards the lake and slowed down to take a drink. As I lowered my head I smelled something. A mix of fox, WindClan and blood. I raced towards the smell and took in the scene.

A fox, a vixen by the smell, had cornered two cats. I recognized their pelts.

Dewpaw and Runningpaw.

I charged forward, yowling a battle cry to distract the fox.

I leaped onto its back and bit its ear. Dewpaw gained confidence and pounced for the fox's throat. She latched on and, determined to keep her hold, dug her claws in too. Runningpaw ran behind the fox and grabbed its tail and pulled backwards. I heard another battle cry.


I didn't look for Wolftail because if I looked away for one second, the fox would throw me. I clawed the fox's head more while still gripping its ear. Moments later, my grip on the ear was gone. I looked at it and I had ripped the entire top of the ear off! Soon after, Someone shoved me off of the fox. I landed on the ground without much more than a scratch.

"Ashpaw! Are you okay?!"

I turned my head towards the sound and saw Elmheart standing over me. I quickly stood up, shaking my pelt. The fox was gone.

"Yes Elmheart! I am fine! That was great!" I was ecstatic for my first battle.

I looked for Dewpaw and Runningpaw. Runningpaw was standing over something.


I pushed past Elmheart and ran over to the still body. I looked for signs of movement and finally saw her chest rising and falling with shallow, quick breaths.

"Elmheart!!" I yowled. "Dewpaw needs help now!"

Elmheart raced over. "She won't make it to WindClan. Wolftail! Dewpaw needs help now. We must take her back!"

Wolftail took in the situation before barking orders. "Elmheart and Ashpaw, carry her back to camp. Fireglaze, race ahead to camp and explain the situation. Runningpaw, go back to your camp and explain what happened. Tell them that until she is allowed to travel, we will take great care of her."

Fireglaze nodded and raced back to camp. Runningpaw slowly nodded and sprinted to tell Froststar. I nudged Dewpaw up a bit while Elmheart started lifting her up on the other side. Soon she was on both of our shoulders and we started back to camp with Wolftail watching over us.

Chapter 6~Dew

As I came to, I noticed that I was not in the WindClan camp. There were WAY too many trees! I glanced around before realizing it. I was in the ThunderClan camp.

I quickly tried to stand up but felt a bolt of pain go through me. I yowled and laid back down. I looked down to my belly and saw a poultice of herbs and cobwebs soaked in blood. No wonder it hurt! My leg was bound in cobwebs as well.

"Dewpaw? You're awake! How are you feeling?" A ginger tom with white rosettes spotting his body padded closer.

"I guess I am okay. Who are you?" I figured it was the ThunderClan medicine cat but I figured I should check.

"I am ThunderClan's medicine cat, Berrytail. I had a nasty fight with a fox. Your belly was clawed open quite badly, your face was scratched, and your leg is broken. I have patched you up but only time will heal you completely. Ashpaw carried you half way back by himself. He swore that if he let you die it would be his fault so he made Elmheart let him carry you by himself." Berrytail explained everything that had happened since I had passed out.

Apparently, Ashpaw had been taking care of Berrytail and I without any help. He guarded all night, hunted all day, and made sure the nests were clean. To add to that he had kept the stock of herbs needed to care for me full. Ashpaw and Wolfpaw checked on me three times a day and groomed my fur daily.

"Ashpaw must be really nice. Why would he want to take of a WindClan apprentice?" I asked.

"Do you want my opinion or what everyone else thinks?" Berrytail joked.


"Everyone thinks that he is doing this because you are his responsibility. He always has had a strong sense of honor, loyalty, and responsibility. I believe that he has a crush that he wants to impress." Berrytail winked as she grabbed more cobwebs and herbs to change my poultice.

"Really? You believe that Ashpaw, a ThunderClan cat that's all about loyalty, has a crush on me, a WindClan cat? That's..that's..well it is possible..." I mutter the last bit to myself in deep thought.

"Well yeah. All cats have crushes from other Clans. Don't tell me you don't find a single cat that you like. That's impossible."

"Berrytail! You never told me she was awake!" A voice came from the den entrance and I turned my head to look.

What I saw was the most beautiful cat in the entire world. An ash gray tom that had a perfect background history. He looked extremely good on the sunlight shining in through the moss cover entrance. His friend was not too bad looking either but not nearly as cute in my mind.

"I was going to tell you but she just woke up. I was asking her a few questions and telling her some information about what happened since she passed out." Berrytail answered Ashpaw with a bit of an attitude.

"Well fine. Are you hungry? Wolfpaw and I just caught a huge rabbit!" Ashpaw said with pride. Wolfpaw puffed out his chest.

"I could eat. Dewpaw?" Berrytail pondered.

"Sure! Wanna eat with me Ashpaw? I would like more company since I have been passed out for who knows how long." I joked hoping for a yes.

"Of course. You haven't been out too long, five sunrise isn't too bad right?" Ashpaw joked back as Wolfpaw padded out and came back with a rabbit, a squirrel, and a mouse. He set the rabbit in front of me, gave the squirrel to Berrytail, and settled down to eat the mouse near by.

"Welcome back to the living Dewpaw." Wolfpaw joked.

Chapter 7~Ash

I couldn't believe it! Dewpaw might actually have some interest in me! I didn't want to push my luck though. I would gladly eat with her any day though.

"Ashpaw? Could you please help me sit up to eat?" I broke out of my reverie and padded over to help her up.

I sat down and nudged the rabbit towards her. "You get first bite."

"Thank you Ashpaw." Dewpaw took a bite then nudged it over. "Your turn. I wish I could go out and get my own..."

I took a bite, "You will!" I said with enthusiasm. "Soon. Just not today or tomorrow. I'll bet you will back up and chasing down rabbits before the next full moon!"

"Whatever. I just hope I heal at all. What do you think Berrytail?"

"Of course! Ashpaw is right. Your injuries aren't fatal nor can they paralyze you. Trust me!" Berrytail flicked her tail. "Now if you will excuse me, I want to take a walk. Ashpaw don't let Dewpaw leave the den or stay alone."

"Yes Berrytail!" We had finished the rabbit. "Do you want to try and stand? I could help and I am sure Wolfpaw would too."

"Quite honestly, I would love to. The only problem is that I could even sit up without help. I don't want to push it too far." Dewpaw looked at her paws.

"No of course. I understand."

"Ashpaw! Wolfpaw!" I heard a voice call me from outside the den.

Wolfpaw raced out but came back, "Elmheart and Whitemane want us for training. I explained what Berrytail told us and Elmheart said that you can catch up later but I should leave now. Sorry." Wolfpaw raced out as I nodded my farewell.

"I am sure Berrytail would understand if you wanted to go with him." Dewpaw offered.

"Nah. I promised Berrytail I would keep you company and I would much rather been known as sweet, kind, and responsible compared to mean, bold, and untrustworthy." I joked.

"Haha, very funny!" Dewpaw said sarcastically.

Berrytail came padding back in, "I heard your mentor wants you Ashpaw. You can go now. I can take care of Dewpaw."

I nodded. "Thanks! See ya later Dewpaw!" I raced out and flew out the entrance.


I shook my head and looked around. Elmheart was standing in front of me not looking too happy.

"Sorry Elmheart! I don't know why I can't focus today. Can I try again tomorrow?" I begged looking at my paws.

Elmheart's gaze softened, "Sure. How about you and Wolfpaw go for a hunt and come back to the camp before sundown.

"Thanks Elmheart. We will." I glanced and Wolfpaw and he raced out of the training grounds. I followed him.

"About time we get to go hunt! I have wanted to stretch my legs and just run since we ate." Wolfpaw said still slightly ahead.

"Nice. At least we got to train for a bit. Too bad I failed today." I muttered.

"Oh come on Ashpaw! We all know why you are unfocused. You like Dewpaw!"

I stopped in shock. Wolfpaw wheeled around.

"You do don't you!!" Wolfpaw looked at my face which was now facing the ground. "You do!"

"Maybe...What's it to you?!" I retorted, face still at my paws.

"Whatever. Just know that I will help you cover if needed. That's what friends are for!" Wolfpaw raced off with a  spring in his step and I followed, ready to hunt for Dewpaw.

Chapter 8~Dew

I sat in the medicine den pouting because I couldn't do anything. Sure Berrytail was in here with me, but she was sorting herbs and had disappeared into her own world about ten minutes ago.

"Catmint...goes here, cobwebs in this pile..." Berrytail muttered to herself.

I sigh and try to get up. I manage to struggle to stand. I have no weight on my right hind leg but I can manage some hopping. I hop to the entrance.

"Dewpaw? What are you doing?" I turn and see Berrytail padding over.

"Um..I'm..going to get some fresh air! I am not use to so much herb smell." I randomly say.

"Oh okay. I guess that's okay. If you need help or you fall, I have told all the cats to help you."

"Oh thanks Berrytail." I sarcastically say.

I finally pad out and breath in fresh air. My excuse was right! I needed fresh air. I sit down and glance around the camp.

Over by what I assume is the nursery, there are kits playing. On the opposite side, there are elders sunbathing. There are about five apprentices and warriors eating.

"Who are you?" I quickly turn my head and see a gray kit with blie eyes standing next to me.

"My name is Dewpaw. What is yours?" I reply to the curious kit.

"I am Bearkit! Nice to meet you Dewpaw. Might I ask, why are you alone when you should be training?"

"You too Bearkit. I am not training because I am injured and I am a WindClan apprentice. ThunderClan is only helping me."

"WindClan? Cool! I have always wondered about the other Clans. I am sorry you are injured. What is WindClan's territory like?" Bearkit wiggles his tail in excitment.

"Well the camp sits in a dip in the ground with only a few dens. We WindClan like to sleep under the sky. The rest of the land is a moor with only one or two trees. We usually catch rabbits while here you catch squirrels, mice, voles, and thrushes." I smile at Bearkit. I see another cat come up from behind him.

"Bearkit! What did I tell you about wandering off! Why are you bugging this cat?"

Bearkit turns around, "Sorry Leafwave. Dewpaw was lonely and I wanted to give her company. I didn't think I was bugging her..." Bearkit stared at his paws.

"Hello Leafwave. I am Dewpaw. Bearkit wasn't bothering me. I am grateful of the company. I was telling him about WindClan. He is such a curious kit!" I smile at Leafwave and Bearkit who lifts his head a bit.

"Hello Dewpaw. I am glad he had fun and wasn't bothering anyone, but it's time for food. Maybe Bearkit can come say hi later with his sister. Good bye." Leafwave turned and took Bearkit with her.

"Good bye Leafwave! Good bye Bearkit!" I smile as I see the kit flick his tail.

As I turn to go back inside I glance around the camp again. I see the entrance and who is coming back. Of course, Wolfpaw and Ashpaw.

Chapter 9~Ash

I saw Dewpaw sitting outside the medicine cat den and instantly my heart started beating twice as fast. I hoped I had caught enough to impress her. I did catch a pheasent though!

"Hey Dewpaw!" I said dropping my prey on the fresh-kill pile. "Did you get out here by yourself?"

"Hi Ashpaw," She said it with a tone that tingled my spine for a second. "Yeah! Berrytail almost stopped me, but I wanted to see if you were back yet. I met Bearkit. He is so cute!"

"Yeah? He's my brother. He was born almost immediately after I was made an apprentice. He will be apprenticed in about two moons." I curled his tail around my paws as I sat down.

"Really? No wonder you look so alike! If i may ask, who's your dad?"

"Deerstar. He doesn't pick favorites. I admire that."

Dewpaw looked at her paws like she was sad or embarrassed about something.

"Dewpaw? What's wrong?" I knew my tone was concerned as I sat next to her.

"It's...it's nothing." I could tell by her voice that she was lying.

"Dewpaw, I am not going to pry but if you need to talk you can tell me. I swear I wouldn't tell another cat."

"It's kinda private...can we go for a walk?" She looked up at me with pleading blue eyes.

"Of course. I will tell Berrytail where we are going. I will be right back." I padded into the den and found Berrytail sorting through herbs.

"Hey Berrytail. Dewpaw and I are going to take a walk. That's okay right?"

"Yeah sure whatever." Berrytail sounded distracted but I went with it.

"Okay. Thanks!" I went back outside and Dewpaw was standing, ready to go.

"We are in the clear. Do you want to go to the stream? I find it really relaxing and you could see your territory if you wanted." I was nervous even though I couldn't find a reason to be.

"Ashpaw, that would be amazing." I was shocked for a minute but quickly recovered.

I led her out through the entrance but stayed next to her just in case she needed support. We took a little longer than usual, but we got there in good time.

I looked out over the stream and saw WindClan territory stretching beyond it. It really was a beautiful place. Especially if you wanted to impress a she-cat.

Dewpaw padded up to the stream and sat down before bending her head down to take a drink. She looked back up and sat in a reverie for a moment before she looked back at me.

“Thank you so much for bringing me out here Ashpaw. I really missed open ground.” Dewpaw licked my cheek. I was surprised my face wasn’t super red. Not that I didn’t like it…

“You’re welcome Dewpaw. Anytime. It’s nice to be out here anyway. It’s relaxing.” I slyly replied.

“Ashpaw what I was going to say back there…uhhh...” She trailed off.

“Dewpaw if you don’t want to tell me it’s okay. I don’t mind. It’s great just to be out here with you.” I quickly regretted what I said but I hoped she didn’t catch on.

“I enjoy this time too it’s just...I told you I would tell you, and I will, but it’s hard because I haven’t told anyone. Ever.”

“I understand. It’s really okay. Do you want to walk for a bit to straighten things out before you tell me though?” I didn’t want to push her but I really wanted to know what her secret was.

“Sure. I would like that.” Dewpaw shook her head. “Anyway, besides Bearkit, do you have any other littermates?”

“Yeah. I had a sister. Her name was Redkit. She died only three moons after we were born though. It was leafbare and greencough came around. Redkit was the only victim.” I lowered my head in remembrance of my beloved sister.

“Oh Ashpaw I am so sorry. I had no idea.” Dewpaw stopped and sat by me and nuzzled me a little.

“It’s okay. It’s not your fault. Not many cats know. I have a brother too. Shockpaw. He is a dark gray tabby with amber eyes. He is extremely proud of being the leader’s son and is quite arrogant. He is usually training because he can’t keep still for more than five minutes.” I chuckle and start walking again. Dewpaw does the same and comes up next to me again.

Our pelts brush for a few moments before Dewpaw speaks again as we stop, at the end of the stream, near RiverClan.

“I am ready to tell you but keep in mind that I have never tried to hurt anyone. I love my Clan and brother and would never hurt them. I warn you, this is a long story.” Dewpaw looks at her paws for a split second before looking me in the eyes.

“I have been in the Clan my entire life but I am not Clan-born. I was born to the two leaders of the rogues that attacked the Clans almost a season ago. Fleetpaw and I were born and slept and ate for a day. Next thing I knew, the warm mother and milk were gone. They didn’t want us so they left us at the WindClan border. I never knew the difference until Froststar told Fleetpaw and I at our apprenticeship. No one knows but the warriors who found us and Froststar.” Dewpaw laid down and cover her face with her paws.

I immediately crawled over next to her to comfort her, "Dewpaw I completely understand. I would never tease you or hurt you about your history Dewpaw. I actually like you." I finally admitted it. I like Dewpaw. I search her face for a reaction.

Dewpaw looks up at me with puffy, blue eyes, "I like you too Ashpaw. I have been terrified to admit it. Can we go back to camp now?"

I purr, "Of course Dewpaw. Of course."

We pad back to camp together with our pelts brushing and leaning against each other the entire time.

Chapter 10~Dew

--a quarter moon later--

I had gotten much better over the past quarter moon. I was sad now though because I would have to leave soon. Ashpaw and I were together almost all the time. Only one cat knew the truth, Berrytail. To make matters worse, ThunderClan and WindClan were about to go to war over prey when truly, no prey was stolen.

I rolled over and saw Ashpaw curled up close to me, still asleep. I slowly stood up and padded out of the apprentices' den. I was allowed to sleep in there now because I couldn't stay in the medicine den forever.

I saw Bearkit outside the nursery, "Hi Bearkit!"

Bearkit turns his head and looks at me, "Good morning Dewpaw! How are you this morning?"

"Very good. How about you?" I sit by him and lick his head.

"Amazing! I get to be an apprentice today!! At sunhigh!" Bearkit bounced up and down happily.

"Congratulations! I can't wait! Who do you want to be your mentor?"

" I really want Deerstar but I probably won't get him. He is way too busy." Bearkit hung his head.

"Bearkit all leaders are busy but all of them have an apprentice as a leader. You may be it!" I lifted his head with my tail.

"I might. I need to go Dewpaw. Leafgaze said to go back in five minutes. See ya later!" He waved his tail and disappeared into the nursery.

I laugh at his disappearing tail. I pad over to the fresh-kill pile and grab a squirrel. I take it back to the medicine cat den and find Ashpaw just waking up.

"Good morning Ashpaw. I brought breakfast." I smile and set the squirrel in front of his stretching pelt.

"Thanks Dewpaw," Ashpaw licked my cheek and I got tingles down my back.

"Of course. Wanna share it?" I asked shyly.

"Sure! Would you like to go for a walk after this?" Ashpaw came up next to me and I felt his pelt against mine.

"I would love to. This could be my last night here. Tomorrow is the gathering."

Ashpaw's head fell, "I guess so..."

"Don't worry. We will still see each other. My only problem is how will we avoid each other in a battle. RiverClan and ThunderClan are going to go to war. WindClan has to pick a side."

"Let's put that aside for now. We will find a way. I promise." Ashpaw set his tail on my back. "Now let's eat. If we ever want to go for a walk, we have to hurry!"

I took a bite of the squirrel and tasted the warm meat as it flooded my mouth. Not as good as rabbit, but pretty tasty. We quickly ate and then raced out the entrance of the camp, sprinting as if our very lives depended on it.

"This has been amazing Dewpaw, but I need to tell you some things." Ashpaw led me towards the ancient oak tree.

"What is it Ashpaw?" I asked, extremely curious.

"Before you left, I needed to admit my feelings to you. Dewpaw, I truly love you. You are my soul mate. I want to spend my life with you but there is a problem. We are from different clans. Before I go on, do you have a response?" He twined his tail with mine and waited for my response.

"Ashpaw, I love you too. I fell in love with you the first few days I was here. I never knew how you felt until now." I pressed my muzzle into his neck.

"If nothing can work between us, I will join Wind-"

"No." I interrupted. "I won't let you do that to yourself. You belong here with Leafgaze and Bearkit. You belong under the trees. You would be miserable in WindClan."

"I don't care. I could put all of it behind me, for you. If you feel that strongly about it though, we can try to stay in our clans." Ashpaw licked my ear.

"Of course. Let's head back. We must see who goes to the gathering!" I flick him with my tail and bound away before he catches up and we calmly pad back to camp, together.

Chapter 11~Ash

"Let all those old enough to catch their own prey, gather here beneath Highrock for a clan meeting!" I heard Deerstar's call from the den where Dewpaw and I were resting. I nudged her awake and we padded out to sit down close to the Highrock. Soon all of ThunderClan was gathered.

"ThunderClan! I have called you together to announce who is coming to the gathering. This gathering Greengaze and Winterheart are joining us. Ashpaw and Wolfpaw will represent the apprentices. Wolftail, Berrytail, Elmheart, Icepelt, Fireglaze, Whitemane, Swanfur, Lionclaw, Bluestone, and Treeear, are coming as well. Before you all leave, I have a ceremony to perform. I asked Onestar and he agreed. Dewpaw, Ashpaw. Come forward."

Shocked, we padded forward together matching our steps.

"I, Deerstar, leader of ThunderClan, call upon my warrior ancestors to look down on this apprentice. She has trained hard to understand the ways of your noble code, and I commend her to you as a warrior in her turn. Dewpaw, do you promise to uphold the warrior code and to protect and defend your Clan, even at the cost of your life?"

"I do." Dewpaw confidently says.

"Then by the powers of StarClan, I give you your warrior name. Dewpaw, from this moment you will be known as Dewdrop. StarClan honors your courage and patience, and we welcome you as a full warrior of WindClan."

Dewpaw padded forward and touched Deerstar's nose. I noticed that her face was a little disappointed that her mentor was not bestowing this honor on her.

"Dewpaw! Dewpaw!" The clan chanted, my voice the loudest of them all.

"Ashpaw, please step forward." I took a step towards Deerstar.

"I, Deerstar, leader of ThunderClan, call upon my warrior ancestors to look down on this apprentice. He has trained hard to understand the ways of your noble code, and I commend him to you as a warrior in his turn. Ashpaw, do you promise to uphold the warrior code and to protect and defend your Clan, even at the cost of your life?"

"I do." I say nervously.

"Then by the powers of StarClan, I give you your warrior name. Ashpaw, from this moment you will be known as Ashheart. StarClan honors your energy and kindness, and we welcome you as a full warrior of ThunderClan."

We touch noses and I have to resist the urge to bounce up and down.

"Ashheart! Ashheart!" The clan chants my new name, but I hear Dewdrop yowling the most.

The clan disperses, leaving Dewdrop and I surrounded by my family. Leafgaze is proudly licking my pelt, while Bearkit is jumping around Dewdrop's feet.

"Do you want to go hunt?" I ask Dewdrop.

"Of course. I will be back Bearkit!" Dewdrop replies.

We bounded off and I slowed to a stop at the border with WindClan. I gazed into the distance as worry flooded my body because I would soon lose Dewdrop.

"Ashheart! What did we stop here for?" She came up behind me and laid her tail on my back, breaking me out of my reverie.

"Uh..no reason. Let's go." I tear my eyes away from WindClan's territory and pad beside Dewdrop.

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