just like you guys wanted, mistclan and flarepaw! taking a break from the colony to get to know some background characters!

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flarepaw finds herself in quite a mess.

from being placed in a clan not of her own, to being raised by flamestar of all cats.

but what happens when shes offered an escape? a chance to change the tides of fate and set the stars in her favor? a chance to start over on new paws?

and what happens when she takes it?

chapter 1

Flarepaw finished up her training session with her temporary mentor, rockfall.

her usual mentor was busy fixing camp so rockfall and a few other cats where tasked with training the spiritclan apprentices.

of course flarepaw didnt mind this, her usual mentor was a piece of mouse dung.

this mentor bing flamestar and then sharpfang. flarepaw counts these two as one mentor because there training style was exactly the same!

don't know what were learning? get clawed.

did the move wrong? get clawed

do anything that isn't exactly perfect? GET CLAWED

and they didn't even make it noticeable to the clan! at least sharpfang didn't, he didn't want to get in trouble as tinystar, starclan bless her soul, made clawing of apprentices against the rules so sharpfang never hurt her to bad. but it didn't mean she would prefer him over flamestar.

they both sucked.

so flarepaw was happy for the change. she could mess up, ask questions, have time to process commands. ACTUALLY LEARN SOMETHING.

in short it was amazing, though of course she wouldn't let rockfall hear that.

she had kinda made a name for herself in spiritclan, and quite quickly actually. after she became an apprentice she had unintentionally made herself a leader of sorts. so the other apprentices liked her quite a bit. if she did anything out of the ordinary then she would loose that and this was kinda all she had going for her.

after the training session the apprentices were told to go hunt and bring back what they could.

no daily quota? that was strange yet relieving to flarepaw. though she was still gonna try and fill it.

in spiritclan, apprentices where supposed to bring back three items of prey a day, four if the prey is extra scrawny.

flarepaw ran of to the plains surrounding the cave, it had been fun learning to hunt in a new territory.

it wasn't long before flarepaw spotted a raven nesting in a dead bush. flarepaw rushed out to it, knowing there was no use trying to go stealthy in a place with no coverage to hide.

swiftly she caught the black bird holding it in her jaws triumphantly. she turned to bury her prey and come back to it later

she suddenly felt the presence of another cat, a few others actually.

flarepaw turned to see three large ginger tabbies, two toms and a she-cat.

"who are you? and what are you doing on colony territory?" flarepaw asked. getting into her best defensive stance, though she new if it came to a fight then she would be doomed

"oh? you dont know who we are? because we know exactly who you are, flarepaw" the head Tom stated, his blue gaze piercing through flarepaw like claws to bone

chapter 2

(because of the lack of mistclan characters present your getting a character you've never heard of lol. um also, if the users who made these cats see this, uh, sorry if i completely changed your character or there background story, kode pu the characters in allegenes and i just plucked afew from that for the story)

Topazleaf had been sorting herbs all day, trying to find what could have possibly sickened mintstar.

the sickness was definitely fatal, but slow.

mintsrar would have spasms and nightmares, she constantly had a fever and her fur was pale beyond recognition.

nothing like Topazleaf had ever seen before.

none of the herbs she had used were working and mintstar had already lost a life.

Topazleaf had heard of cat mixing sicknesses by accident, maybe that had happened? afew cats in mistclan might be unknowingly sick and their disease mixed and spread to mintstar.

maybe, but low chance.

"TOPAZLEAF" she heard a cat, Fawnstripe in particular, yell her name and Topazleaf fell from her trance

"oh! um, yeah Fawnstripe?" Topazleaf replied

"i swear to starclan ive been calling your name for five minutes. i think its about time you get an apprentice to do some work for you and lower your stress." Fawnstripe said to the young medicine cat.

"here, tell me what herb lowers fever, maplekits got one" Fawnstripe sat next to Topazleaf who couldnt help but blush being so close to the pretty she-cat.

though, Topazleaf couldnt help but think of Maplekit too. she was far past the age for apprentice ship, though had never shown interest in becoming a warrior.

"actually, bring Maplekit here, i wanna talk to her" Topazleaf stated.

Fawnstripe nodded briefly and left the den, soon returning with the kit.

she seemed fine. Topazleaf felt the young cat for a feever. ah, yes, only slight but it was there.

Topazleaf grabbed some borage and came back, the kit took the herbs without complaint despite not really feeling to sick.

"while you eat that, i have a question for you." Topazleaf stated "it would definitely take longer than a warriors training and you wouldnt be able to have kits but."

Topazleaf looked to the young cat, the moment 'i have a question for you' was said, maplekit seemed excited

"would you like to be my apprentice?" Topazleaf asked.

Maplekit nodded excitedly. she didn't seem to talk much.

"then its settled. you go back to your den, ill tell mossfur and mintstar, though mintstar doesn't seem much in the right mind right now, being deathly sick and all."

maplekit ran off, definitely more pep in her step as she went to tell the apprentices who, despite being older than Maplekit, had grown quite fond of her quite company.

chapter 3

flarepaw followed the three gingers. they had stated to be a clan in the making, flameclan, and be distant relatives of flowerclan.

"its spiritclan now actually" flarepaw had corrected but the three only shook there heads.

"when that changed so did our relation to them, im Blaze by the way, this is Tavern and Spark" Blaze, the obvious leader flicked his tail to the two others, Tavern, a thin she-cat with large ears and pretty brown eyes and Spark, who was a bit more bulked up and had a piercing green gaze, though flarepaw couldn't help but notice his white socks that made him look ever slightly royal.

Flarepaw nodded "what do you want with me?" she had asked

"our mother once told us of how you were tragically separated from your own mother, must be terrible not having such a figure" Spark had stated, he and Blaze circling slowly.

"well, cant miss something i never had. so it doesn't really bother me" it was half true, she had often wondered if her life would be better if mossfur had never lost her, though she couldn't complain, milkstep had been a loving foster mom who flarepaw looked up to for her care towards others, and flamestar, while a terrible parental figure, had taught her many things in fighting and defense before she died. flarepaw still had much to learn but she could handle herself quite well thanks to her.

"don't you ever wonder what it would be like, if all the clans and the colony became one? no cat ever having to split from family and no cat ever feeling the hardships of war?" Blaze questioned. flarepaw coulnt help but notice Tavern hadn't said a word and didn't look like she was going to.

"yeah, i do wonder that,but its not like it would ever happen. cats like it how it is, and i like where i am." flarepaw replied

"well, we plan to unite all groups of cats, under one, nobody goes hungry, nobody has to worry about the next meal, all cats happy under one ruler" Spark stated

"and who would that be" flarepaw asked, twitching her tail, looking to the two toms.

"me" Tavern unexpectedly said. "mother left me incharge upon her leave and i plan to take my role."

Flarepaw couldn't help but be surprised. she had definitely expected one of the toms to take charge.

"and we want you to join us"

so now here was flarepaw, following the three strangers to there camp.

flarepaw didn't know what she was expecting, but definitely not this.

the cats had taken her behind a waterfall near the edge of mistclan territory. inside was a large dome shaped cave flarepaw could only assume was 20 times the size of the colony's cave. she could spot cats sitting on large ledges a cat had enough room to pace the floor on, thick vines hanging from each, she watched as one cat used these vines to get to a very high up ledge.

looking up flarepaw could see a large hole in the top of the cave, letting light shine through and illuminate the whole place.

overall there were maybe ten cats here, but each one was busy, two kits where play fighting, flarepaw spotted three she-cats sorting herbs and the rest of the cats where climbing or fetching water.

but flarepaw couldn't help but notice there were no elders. then again, spiritclan didn't have any either.

flarepaw was cut off from her thinking when a familiar cat found himself talking about routines and things that needed to be done with Blaze.


chapter 4

Maplekit ran up to the apprentices. snowpaw and lightpaw, the two were her close friends and had gotten quite fond of maplekit, even if she never spoke.

its not a problem of inability, she could speak if she wanted to, but she doesn't. she doesn't know why, just that shes mute. nobody seemed to mind though.

maplekit had learned to communicate through other means, developing her own sign language.

light. snow. news

she signed, lightpaw was quite good at deciphering maplekits code, snowpaw, not so much, and depended on lightpaw to translate.

"snowpaw!" lightpaw said to his friend "maplekit has news!"

"what is it?" snowpaw asked, leaving the apprentice den to sit next to lightpaw.

me. apprentice. maplepaw replied

"wait really? your finally becoming an apprentice?" lightpaw mewed happily "to who?"

topaz. medicine maplekit replied, bouncing happily after

"it here gave you the news?" fawnstep said, maplekit turned to her and nodded excitedly

cant wait! she signed repeatedly lightpaw laughed at the kits excitement.

"im so happy for you!" snowpaw stated, tail lifted with glee.

"have fun learning medicine maplekit, kinda wish you could be in the apprentices den though." lightpaw replied

maplekit secretly wished the same but was still excited to finally be an apprentice!

Chapter 5

”darkcloud?” Flarepaw turned to the lean Tom. “Oh hi flamepaw! By the way, while we are here my names Storm. Has a nice ring to it don’t you think?” Flarepaw looked confused “you got rid of your colony name?” She asked “they make you do that?” Flarepaw looked to Darkcloud with concern

“kind of. But I like it. I’ll always like my colony name but, this is a new step, and I can’t exactly do all this stuck in my colony ways”

flarepaw couldn’t help but see this as wrong. Wasn’t the policy for the colony ‘once a member always a member, even if you leave?’ Yeah, during the clans stay with the colony one of the cats had told her about it. Was flameclan gonna take away her warrior name when she got it? Something didn’t sit right about this, but flamepaw decided to drop it. If she said she wanted to keep her warrior name surely they would let her?

flarepaw shook her head to clear her thoughts. This is gonna be fine

Sorry this chapters a bit short. I’ve been writing a TomTord fanfic as well as other smaller projects I don’t plan to make public any time soon and it’s been a little draining

chapter 6

Topazleafe looked down to her apprentice, it was the half moon gathering and it was time Maplekit became an official apprentice.

"are you ready Maplekit?" Topazleaf asked

Maplekit nodded excitedly and bounced to the mistclan entrance.

"stay close!" Topazleaf warned. "you have yet to memorize this territory!"

Maplekit nodded and slowed down, sticking next to Topazleaf. Maplekit Stared in awe at the wide expanse of territory. The ground was damp underpaw and, it being early in the morning, you could hardly see two tail lengths in front of you due to the mist, but Topazleaf new this path quite well and didnt have trouble navigating the area. pretty soon they were at the moonstone entrance. they had a bit of time so they waited there for ashwing to show up.

despite the clans being kind of at war, Topazleaf and Ashwing were good friends, often times when a clan was low on a certain herb the two medicine cats would trade for what they need and share gossip about there respective clans.

pretty soon Topazleaf spotted Ashwing who quickly made her way to the moonstoone cave.

"hello ashwing" Topazleaf greeted. "its good to see you, this is my new apprentice, Maplekit" Topazleaf greeted her friend.

Maplekit signed a hello and smiled. she was keeping calm but Topazleaf could tell he wanted to bounce up and down excitedly.

"whats she doing?" Ashwing asked, gesturing to Maplekits movements.

"oh! Maplekit is mute. she uses her paws to speak" Topazleaf explained

Ashwing only nodded "lets go in to the moonstone"

chapter 7

Maplekit stared in awe at the moonstone. she wasn't gonna lie, she had expected to rush right in to sharing dreams with starclan, but Topazleaf stopped Maplekit at the last second.

"don't rush, Maplekit, we have to do the ceremony first" Topazleaf told her, slightly amused by the the kits eagerness.

Maplekit sat down, tail twitching excitedly.

"Maplekit, is it your wish to enter the mysteries of StarClan as a medicine cat?" Topazleaf asked her.

Maplekit signed a 'yes' it was about the easiest word to sign, just one foot stamp.

"then come forward and touch your nose to the moonstone" Topazleaf told her apprentice, who could hardly stop herself from leaping towards the giant glowing rock.

"Warriors of StarClan, I present you with this apprentice. They have chosen the path of a medicine cat. Grant them your wisdom and insight so that they may understand your ways and heal their Clan in accordance with your will." Topazleaf repeated the words starclan had chosen for the ceremony, from back when the clans were first made.

Maplekit touched her nose to the moonstone and instantly felt the presence of starclan. she turned and she was in a forest, it was like her own but everything had a more pastel-like color and you could see stars in every pawstep.

"maplekit" she heard a voice from behind, one that had been very prominent in her life if only for a few moons.

'fox?' Maplekit signed, turning to see a muscular dark ginger who looked almost like the animal he was named after. "Maplekit! oh how ive missed seeing you." the Tom curled up around Maplekit. "h-hi... d-dad" Maplekit muttered, not having spoke since Foxfurs death.

Maplkit had always claimed to not know why she never spoke, but she knew why. her fathers death had been very hard on her. Mistclan was known for being peacefull but, with no other kits, she had felt alone once Foxfur was killed by that Floweclan warrior. patroles had said he died at the paws of a warrior known as Darkflash.

now she was in her fathers embrace she couldn't help but feel tears form in her eyes. this moment was all Maplekit had longed for, for such a long time.

"so your becoming a medicine cat?" Foxfur asked Maplekit, who nodded happily. "its a big responsability, my little sapling. bigger than any warriors" he warned. "you have to be one hundred percent ready for it"

Maplekit nodded again, 'ready' she signed. "w-wait, you p-prob-bab-l l y d-dont kno-w s-sighn lan-guage" Maplekit had to slow down her words, not having used her voice, she was stuttering like crazy, as if she had only just opened her eyes and was still learning what every word sounded like.

"dont worry, ive been watching you and i know your paw stamps and nose twitches by heart" Foxfur replied.

Maplekit nodded, glad she didn't have to speak.

"now let me show you the rest of starclan"

chapter 8

Flarepaw followed as Tavern showed her around the Flamclan camp. though it didnt seem like much of a clan.

Tavern had explained that Flameclan had a power hierarchy, cats are ranked based on their power, the more power you had the more you received. and you gain ranks by challenging others in fights, if you win you trade ranks.

"so, someone at the bottom of the ranks could challenge someone at the top and basically become the leader if they win?" Flarepaw asked.

Tavern just shook her head. "i am the only one who cannot be challenged, i am far to important" she stated.

'so, while the rest of us are clawing our way up, your in no threat of defeat. your on top' Flarepaw had enough sense not to speak this out loud.

"the only way a cat can advance ranks without a challenge is if i move them up." Tavern continued to explain. "its why my brothers are next to me on top, but of course if someone were to challenge them, that would change"

"what are these ranks?" Flarepaw asked. "mainly just numbers, we have seven of them. i am at the seventh rank, you will be starting at the first like all newcomers" Tavern explained. "and here is your den, you will be sharing it with two other cats, they should be in there now. June will explain or rules to you. ive got business to tend to"

Flarepaw nodded and went inside, the den wasn't to big, afew nests and little stretching room. "um, hi?" the den was quite dark, but she could see two figures.

one of them was a black Tom with yellow eyes, he was batting a moss ball between his paws while the other one was a red she-cat that was curled into a ball.

the one with the moss ball perked up. "yay! new denmate!" he said, mostly to himself "hi! im Mouser! and the lazy lump over there is June!"

"oh, Hi Mouser." Flarepaw greeted, suddenly feeling really shy. "um, June, Tavern said you'd explain the rules to me?"

the Red she-cat sat up with a groan, muttering something about always explaining these things to newbies. "there are three rules, dont defy Tavern and do as higher ranks tell you." June got up, about to leave.

"and the third one?" Flarepaw asked.

"dont die" June muttered, just lud enough for everyone to hear, and left the den

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