The moonlight shone into a make shift camp. A tawny pelt shifted in the shadows.

"Gold, are you there?" the tiger said.

The tigress left her soft nest to find her mate. Outside the make shift camp sat two orange pelts with there tails intertwined.

"G-Gold?" She studded, not believing what she saw.

"Amber, its not what it looks like.." Gold tried to explained.

"Your such a cheater! Get out! Take your new mate and get out!" Amber cried.

Amber stalked off and little did she know a small white tiger kit was watching the whole ordeal.

Chapter one

Moon pounced onto the deer sinking her ivory colored fangs into the deer's rust colored fur. She carefully dragged her kill into the shade of a tree to enjoy her fresh kill. Before she could eat her deer a tawny pelt slipped into view. A tomcats sent filled her nose. Moon dropped the deer and gathered her strength and got ready to leap. Before she could react a bulky shape plowed into her. The tiger pinned Moon to the earth.

"Who are you? What are you doing on TigerClan territory?" He snarled.

"Shadowthorn, is there a problem?"

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