Mystique hunched in the shadows, her frustration clouding her thoughts. The Elite will never understand.

It's so weird, how people follow the latest fashion trends but have such old-schooled thoughts.

I started this show just to let everyone see a queer character's POV in a society.

In Season 1, Mystique and Moon are both lesbian, Kiana is bisexual, Aika is demisexual, Carmel and Blaze are trans (like, their characteristics because I can't make feral cats trans), Madrid is pansexual, Celeste is asexual, Song, Coral and Luna are allies.

In Season 2, it will introduce new characters who will come along and help the LGBTQ+ community to grow.

Many people in the society hates the LGBTQ+ community with banners like 'God H8s F*gs' or 'God H8s Gays'. I mean, I understand how you have your thoughts. But please, try to respect us.

Born in a pious family, (just like the cats, whose parents believe in the Legendaries, also another form of StarClan) it's hard to accept that I'm queer myself, even if my mom doesn't care and my good friends support me all the way.

I like to call myslef bisex-bian as I'm bi, but more to the lesbian side. Just look at it: I have cushes on girls and boys on a 6:2 ratio. I don't think I could be straight ever again.


The story soon turns into these cats finding what they really want as they escape the Academy, just for love.


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