Peak of the Mountain

I sighed as Blaze clumsily thumped onto the soft sand.

'You know, I can't be harsh on you.' I closed my eyes, the first thing that came to my mind was his pale ginger face and orange eyes, rimmed with vermilion and flecked with gold.

He shook out his pelt, sand flying everywhere. Blaze was my best friend since birth- we lived next to each other, our parents were close friends. We stayed really close, even when we had to part because of the boys' Academy and the girls' didn't allow any mixing up, the two Academies were on both ends of the Elite, facing each other.

He paced to and fro, impatient. 'It ain't right, that I'm the weak and you're the strong, my mom was pretty worked up about it already. Now you're helping me? This is unheard of.'

'Shh, who said that,' I purred. 'We aren't even a couple.'

Blaze shot me an icy glare. 'The cats in my academy are already gossiping about the both of us. And, if you didn't know already, your mom thinks we're the perfect match.'

My golden eyes widened. 'My mother who?'

Blaze realized he had said something wrong and he went silent.

'Who? Tell me.' I growled, obviously angered by his 'innocent gaze'.

'Do you remember Dew?' he mewed softly, as if talking to a troubled elder.

'Of course,' I snapped. 'She raised me!'

'She... She brought me to your real mother.'

'Who is she?'

'Her name is Fallenpetal.'


I frowned, wondering where did Carmel go. After going out with her friend, Blaze, she seemed... distracted. She didn't pay attention to anything, not even in her favorite class, fighting.

'Carmel? CARMEL!' Moon yelled in Carmel's ear, but she just flattened her ear and stared into the abyss.

Dear Legendaries, what is she thinking?

'Carmel, please go to this side.' Amber mewed impatiently.

'Carmel!' I hissed. She blinked and went over to me absent-mindedly.

'Celeste,' Frost commanded, ' Go and find yourself a partner other than Song.'

The white she-cat frowned in disapproval as Celeste went over to Mystique.

'Someone that's not your sister, please.'

Celeste was starting to get annoyed. I could tell by her stomping over to Luna.

'Finally!' Frost sighed. Amber snorted. 'Seriously, why would you care?'

I growled in annoyance. Group projects suck, especially when you're paired with an airhead like her, I thought. Carmel narrowed her eyes. 'What did you say?'

Did I just say that out loud?

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