Two kits tumbled out of the nursery, sqealing with happiness. One of them wriggled out of the other grasp. the two began to run for the elders den.

"Losteye! Losteye!" One yelled. the other stayed behind, trying to catch up.

"Ah hello kits!" Losteye purred.

"Tell us a story!"

"Yeah tell us the one about Fallen! We've never heard that one before!" The kits begged.

"Fine! fine! Settle down!" Losteye purred. The kits sat down and pricked their ears. Eyes bright.

"There was once a young kit...."

Chapter 1

Sun groaned as she felt a paw prod at her side.

"Sun get up!" Her sister growled. Sun rolled over.

"You don't tell me what do Moon!" Sun hissed back. She yelped as she felt claws go across her shoulder.

"Mother and father are away so I'm in charge!" Sun rolled her eyes. Moon a l w a y s thought just because mother and father are away she was in charge!

"No your not you flea-brain! Mother and Father would have told you and me!" Sun growled and curled back up.

"GET UP YOU WORTHLESS RUNT!" Suns sister finally screeched, Sun growled. She got up and padded off. She felt paws slam into her side.

"What more do you want!? I got up!" Sun hissed Moon growled.

"I said I'm in charge! Now go get me a mouse!" Moon slashed her sisters cheek.

"I refuse!" Sun screeched.

"Get it yourself!" Sun got knocked to the side she was stunned.

"YOur worthless! Useless! I'm surprised mother and father still keep you around!"

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