Christmas Star



Leader: Rumblestar

Deputy: Thrushwing

Warriors: Braveheart, Thrushwing, Lionfur, Stripeheart, Strikeheart, Mouspelt, Tigertail, Petalfur, Dewpelt,


Apprentices: Grasspaw/Grassfur, Poolpaw/Poolheart, Shiningpaw/Shiningfur, Skypaw/Skystorm, Darkpaw/Darkpelt, Frostpaw/Frostpelt

Medicine Cat: Pebbleleaf

Medicine Cat Apprentice: Adderpaw/Addertail

Queens: Petalfur, Dewpelt

Kits: Longkit, Stormykit, Strongkit, Amberkit, Brookit


I stared, completely intent on what I could hear. A mouse rustled in the undergrowth, but I wasn't interested in hunting. I was completely focused on something else. I felt my fur start to rise, and I unsheathed my claws. A low rumble escaped my throat as I recognized the familiar scent: Shadow.

I snuck along the waters edge, trying  not to be scented by the... thing. I had almost made it to the stepping stones by the river's edge when I heard a low hiss.

"You don't think you'll escape me little kitty, do you? My nose is much better than yours."

I gulped. "Uh, well, I didn't, uh..." I was cut off short when Shadow lept in front of me. His massive black body towering over me. He hissed at me, and I couldn't help but flinch. I felt my fur start to rise. The last thing I saw was Shadow's massive paw flying toward my head.

Chapter 1

Even as a young kit, I knew I was going to be the best warrior in all of Thunderclan. I was going to prove to Rumblestar that I could be warrior ahead of my littermates, and that I could be the most loyal, trustworthy Warrior in all of Thunderclan. And the fact that I didn't have a father that I knew of made that feeling even stronger.

I gave my chestfur a quick lick before getting ready to spring at Skykit. I knew I could win the fight we were in. Skykit lunged at me, but I was too quick. I leapt to the right and watched as Skykit landed with a thud. "Haha Skykit!" I yowled my triumph. But Skykit didn't get up. "Skykit?" I asked. "Skykit, are you ok?" I went over for a closer inspection. I sniffed her; I couldn't smell any blood. Just as I was about to go get Pebbleleaf, the Thunderclan medicine cat, Skykit launched herself at me, knocking all the wind out of me. "Hah! I may be a little slower, but I'm smarter than you, Shiningkit!" she called. "Nice one Skykit! I'll have to remember that one..." I replied. "You should, I call it Fake Death, do you like it?" she asked "Oh yeah, where did you ever come up with that one?" I replied sarcastically. "Oh fine, but at least I came up with it!" replied Skykit. Just then my brother, Adderkit walked up. "Hey Adderkit." I said, "Hi Shiningkit," said Adderkit "You guys fought without me?" He said before lunging himself at me. Again I stepped aside and watched as Adderkit went flying by. I noticed he didn't seem to be really that focused on his attack. "Nice move, Shiningkit." I jumped as I heard the warrior talk to me. "Thanks Swiftclaw!" I exclaimed. "I have to say, you sure are a good little fighter for your size." he said. I beamed with happiness. But as I saw Skykit and her father, Swiftclaw, nuzzle each other, the pain and sadness of not having a dad returned.

"Hey, Shiningkit!" I heard my best friend, Skykit call. Skykit got her name from her light blue, sky colored, eyes. Her sleek silver pelt was nicely groomed, I noticed. "Hey Skykit," I called, "did you groom your fur?" I asked. "Well," said Skykit, "I had too. My mom said I should... she said something about my fur looking like a rats nest, and if I kept it ungroomed for too long rats would come infest me..." I laughed. "Hey! It's not funny." "Sorry," I said, "But it is kind of." Skykit snorted. "So what do you want to do?" I asked, trying to change the subject. "Let's go ask the Apprentices if they'll teach us some moves! I want to be prepared for when I'm an apprentice!" said Skykit. "That's a great idea!" I ran over to the stump where the Apprentices were practicing some fighting moves. "Hey Branchpaw!" "Oh, hey Shiningkit." "Can you show me some of your new moves?" "Oh... well I'm going out with Swiftclaw in a few moments, but I guess I could show you a couple of moves..." said Branchpaw. "Yay! Thanks!" I said. But just then, Swiftclaw called Branchpaw to go out on patrol, "Sorry Shiningkit!" called Branchpaw. "It's ok." I said. Then I saw Skykit observing some moves that Poolpaw was showing off on Grasspaw. Poolpaw reared up on his hinglegs and brought down his sheathed claws onto Grasspaw's exposed belly. Of course, Poolpaw was gentle, and he only demonstrated with Grasspaw's permission. "That's so cool Poolpaw!" I called. I decided I should try working on that move, even though I wasn't an apprentice. Afterall, it never hurt anybody to do a little extra training.

Only 1 more moon I thought, then I can be an apprentice. I was so excited about becoming an apprenctice, as was Skykit. "I can't wait to be an apprentice, can you?" asked Skykit. "Are you kidding?" I asked, "Of course I am!" I had already perfected, in my mind, the move that Poolpaw had shown me and Skykit 3 moons ago. "Shiningkit!" I heard my mom call. "I gotta go." I told Skykit. "I probably should too." she said. I ran to the nursery. I was so sick and tired of the familiar bramble walls; I wanted to sleep in the apprentices den. I sighed as I snuggled against Adderkit to get some sleep.

"I can't believe it!" I said to Skykit. "Me neither!" said Skykit. Tonight was the night we were going to be apprentices! I waited anxiously all day until finally our ceremony was to be held. "Let all cats old enough to catch their own prey, gather here beneath the Highrock for a clan meeting!" called Rumblestar. My fur was nicely groomed as a sat beneath the Highrock, waiting for my ceremony to begin. "Skykit, you have reached the age of six moons, and it is time for you to be apprenticed. From this day on, until you recieve your warrior name, you will be known as Skypaw. Your mentor will be Lionfur. I hope Lionfur will pass down all he knows on to you." " Lionfur you are ready to take on an apprentice. You had recieved excellent training from Strikefur, and you have shown yourself to be Loyal and strong. You will be the mentor of Skypaw, and I expect you to pass on all you know to Skypaw.I saw Skypaw touch noses with Lionfur. Skypaw was so lucky; Lionfur was one of the best mentors an apprentice could ask for. I joined in with my clanmates as we proclaimed Skypaw's new name, "Skypaw! Skypaw!". I was so excited for my friend, and for my ceremony!

I was given Stripeheart as my mentor. I was so excited to start my training the next day! I went up to Stripeheart and asked him what we were going to do tomorrow. "Well, after we tour the boundries of Thunderclan, we are going to do some fighting tomorrow." said Stripeheart. As soon as he said that, I was even more glad to have him for my mentor. If fighting was one of the first thing we were going to do, I knew he was going to be a great mentor.

The next day, I lept up, remembering my fighting training. I rushed out just in time; Stripeheart was just calling me for our training. I followed him around the bourders of our territories. I smelled and aweful scent, and Stripheart said it was Shadowclan. He marked the boundry, and then moved on. Next we came to a rive. I didn't need any explanation as to what clan that was. "Riverclan." said Stripeheart. He marked the boundry, and then we walked up closer to the moorlands. For miles and miles there was moorland, and in the distance there was the Moonstone.

Finally, I followed my mentor to the sandy training hollow, where he told me to get ready. I felt my heart pound as I assumed my defensive stance; He lunged at me with all his force. It was a scary sight to my mentor flying at me. Just as I was wondering what to do, I remembered the old move that I had done as a kit. I took a step to the right. I saw a look of shock on Stripehearts face as he flew into the sand with a grunt. Spitting sand out of his mouth he said "Well done! I never saw that one coming. I was expecting you to try and defend." I was so happy.

But my joy was short-lived. The next thing I heard was a roar, and then I saw one thing before it all went black: I saw a giant black cat. When I woke up, I found myself sitting in the medicine cat's clearing. Or at least I assumed it was the medicine cat's clearing, because when I opened my eyes I still couldn't see. I blinked. Still, all was black. I groaned, and instantly Pebbleleaf was by my side. "Shiningpaw? You're awake!" "I can't see!" I wailed. I began to panic, how was I ever going to be a warrior if I couldn't see? "Shiningpaw, you can't see because your tail is over your eyes." "Oh..." I moved my tail. I was never so thankful for my eyes as I was in that moment. But then I remembered the black cat. I couldn't remember much about him, but he was terrifying. Plus he stank so bad, Starclan probably could have smelled him. But there was one thing about the black cat that disturbed me more than any other part about him.

"Hey!" called Skypaw. "Hey." I replied. "Are you ok? I mean, that thing hit your head pretty bad..." "I'm fine. But Skypaw? Can you help me?" "Sure! What do you need?" "I am going back to where I was when I was attaked, and I'm investigating." "But Rumblestar said that if Apprentices went outside the camp, they have to take a warrior. And besides, I don't think Lionfur would approve..." "Oh come on! It's just a small trip. Besides, I know how we could sneak out without anyone knowing." "Well... ok. I'll come, but only a short trip." Yes! I thought.

I led Skypaw out a small hole in the brambles by the Elder's den. We went to the Sandy training hollow where I last saw the cat. Fortunatly there were no apprentices out training today, so we went unnoticed. I could smell the aweful scent of the black cat that had attacked me before. "Ew! What is that!" asked Skypaw. "That's the cat that attacked me." "It doesn't smell like any clan I know." "I think it's a rog..." Suddenly a hiss came from the direction of the horrible smell. "So you don't think I smell good? Well, you Thunderclan cats, as you call yourselves, don't exactly smell good either!" Skypaw and I shrieked in unicine.The cat laughed at us, "Petty kits, always afraid of everything." "We are not kits!" said Skypaw. Oh no! I thought. Here comes Skypaw's temper again! She is going to get us in trouble! "We are well-trained apprentices, you piece of Foxdung!" "Skypaw! Calm down!" I wispered. "Well, I'm certainly not going to be mocked by this mousbrained piece of Foxdung, are you?" Skypaw lunged forward at swatted at the surrounding bushs. I heard a little cry of pain from the rogue. "Take that, you big lumbering badger! How do you like that? I am a great fighter!" "Oh? Is that so? Then lets see if you can handle me!" Suddenly the cat leaped out of wherever he was hiding. My fears came true. I wasn't sure when I woke up if I had gotten an accurate picture of this cat, but now that I saw him up close, I had been right. I was terrified, as was Skypaw. The cat prowled around us in a circle that got ever tighter. I squealed, what were we going to do!

Chapter 2

Stripeheart was extremely suprised when he smelled the strong scent of rogue. But he hadn't expected him to appear so soon. Stripeheart had tried to tell Shiningpaw to run back to camp, but before he could say anything, the cat had pounced on Shiningpaw. Fortunatly, Stripheart had lugged the cat off of Shiningpaw in time. He would never let Shiningpaw get hurt. He would never let his daughter be destroyed by this rogue.

When Stripeheart had been chosen to be Shiningpaw's mentor, he had been filled with joy. Shiningpaw didn't know that he was her father, at the time of her birth things had... happened. But now he was determined that he would tell her. He'd had a heavy wait on him ever since she had been born, and he didn't want to carry it anymore. In fact, he decided to tell her right now. He set about attempting to find his apprentice. He popped his head into the apprentice den, but she wasn't there. He checked the Elder's den to see if she was listening to the elders. But Shiningpaw still wasn't there. He checked the Warrior's den to see if any of the warriors had taken her out on a patrol. He spotted Stripeheart, Lionfur, Tigertail, Mousepelt, Thrushwing, and Strikeheart's brother, Braveheart. Since none of the warriors were out, Stripeheart knew that either his apprentice was disobeying orders, or was more hurt than he realized and was still at the medicine cat's den. He ran over to the medicine cat's clearing and asked Pebbleleaf if Shiningpaw was still here. "No, she left a while ago." Stripeheart became nervous. He began sniffing around. He came close to the Elder's den and caught Shiningpaw's scent. Then he spotted a hole in the brambles. Oh no! Sripheart thought. She's gone off looking for the rogue hasn't she? He hurried out of the camp, and refound Shiningpaw's trail. _____________________________________________________________________________________

What are we going to do? I was just beginning to wonder if I was going to die before I became a Warrior when, out of nowhere, my mentor leapt out of the bushes. He took the rogue by suprise as he landed on top of him. Seeing that my mentor wasn't enough to take down this enemy, I lunged at him. I grabbed on to his hind leg and he yoweled in pain. But just as I was tasting his blood, he kicked with such force I was thrown 15 tail lengths away. He reared up on his hind legs and shook Stripeheart of. I saw Skypaw leap on the rogue, and give a triumphant mrow of laughter as she raked her claws down the rogue's back. He howled in pain, before shaking Skystorm off. He gave Stripeheart and Skypaw each a blow on the head before turning and calling out "Remember the Shadow!" and bounding away. "Shadow?" asked Stripheart. "Well, now we know, but what on earth were you two doing outside of camp without a warrior!" "Well... um... we were investigating." I said sheepishly. "You disobeyed orders from Rumblestar. You are going to have to be punished." "Yes, Stripeheart." I said. I knew I deserved to be punished, but I didn't like it. And even though "Shadow" had run away, I was sure this wasn't the last I was going to see of him, and that one thing about him was still bothering me.

"This is so unfair!" said Skypaw. I sighed, this was the fifteenth time Skypaw had said that. "I know," I said, "but we deserve it." "No! You deserve it!" I sighed again. This was also the fifteenth time Skypaw had said that I was the one who got her in trouble. "I know, and I'm sorry. There are you happy?" "Fine." said Skypaw. "But it's still your fault I'm here." We were gathering dry moss for the elder's bedding. After we were done with the Elder's bedding, we had to get the ticks out of the elders. Then we had to repair the hole in the wall by the Elder's den. We had so much work to do, I wondered if I would be able to train with Stripeheart at all.

I eventually finished all my chores, and Stripheart said that we would go hunting. "You've had enough fighting practice for today." he said. I smelled the familiar scent of mouse. I assumed the hunter's crounch and crept forward. I saw the tail of the mouse and licked my lips. I got in position to leap, before pouncing on my prey. I killed it in one swift bite, and sent a prayer of thanks to Starclan. "Well done!" Stripeheart praised.

That evening, while I was sitting by my favorite stump eating a mouse, Stripeheart asked me if we could talk. He led me behind a bush. "Shiningpaw, I need to tell you something." "Yes?" I asked. "Umm, you're doing really well with your training." He sighed. That sure didn't seem to be what he wanted to tell me. "Er... thanks." I said. "Uh, I'll just get back to my rabbit..." "Yeah. And keep up the good work."

My nose was hurting after that puny apprentice scratched it. But I would get my revenge. I would get that, what was her name, Scrawnypaw or something like that. I would get my revenge. How dare she stand up to me like that! Well... at least the little brat doesn't know about my friends...

Chapter 3

Stripeheart and I went out for another hunting session. "What do you smell?" he asked. I opened my mouth and tested the air. "I smell rabbit." I licked my lips. The scent was mouthwatering. "Good. Now what else?" asked my mentor. I sniffed again, and this time I smelled the rank scent of fox. I growled, "Fox." "Right." I quickly added "But it's stale," I sniffed, "maybe 1 day old." "Nicely done!" We set out to catch some prey before heading back to camp with 1 rabbit, and 2 mice.

"Skypaw!" Skypaw was happy. When Skypaw is happy she is very happy. "Yes Shiningpaw?" "I caught my first rabbit today!" "Wow Shiningpaw! That's great!" I settled down at my favorite spot by the stump to eat my first rabbit with Skypaw. I was starving from all the hard work I had been doing that day, so I devoured my half of the rabbit. All of a sudden I thought of my brother, Adderpaw. He was training to be a medicine cat, and Pebbleleleaf said that he had a strong connection to Starclan. I wondered if Adderpaw had already had a dream or sign from Starclan or something.


Adderpaw woke up to find himself at fourtrees. He saw Firestar, a Thundercland Leader from many moons ago, standing infront of him. "Adderpaw, welcome." The Thunderclan Leader said. "I have a message for you." "F For me?" Adderpaw stuttered. "But I'm just an apprentice!" "That hasn't stopped Starclan before." Said Firestar. "Darkness will come, that only the brightest star can destroy." Adderpaw looked out at the forest. The moon was bright, but the forest was covered in darkness. There seemed to be a black mist covering the forest. Adderpaw shuttered. Suddenly everything faded and Adderpaw found himself waking up in his cozy nest. Adderpaw wondered what his prophecy had meant, and whether he should tell his mentor about it. A Darkness will come that only a shining star can destroy.


When I woke up the next day, I could see Stripeheart staring at me through the tunnel to the Apprentices den. When he noticed I was awake, he quickly looked away. I got up and headed out to say goodmorning to my mentor. "Hey Stripheart. What are we going to do today?" I asked. "We are going to do some more fighting." He said. I noticed he looked a little lost in thought, and for a moment he just stood there thinking. "Stripheart?" I prodded him back to the real world. "Oh, yes. Let's go." We headed out to the sandy training hollow. "Now I want you to practice fighting." he said. "Attack me." I bunched my hind legs under me and sprang at him. He rolled over and kicked my off as I landed on his hind legs.  I flew into the sand with a thump. "Now you try." He jumped at my, I rolled over, but I couldn't throw him very far because of how heavy he was. He made a quick recovery and lunged at me again, pinning me to the ground. "You need to work on the throw. It helps if you position your paw like this." he said as he moved my hind legs into a different position. "Try again like that." He sprang at me again, and this time I threw him far enough to knock the wind out of him. "Well done!" he said, panting. "Now we'll learn how to combat that move. If you jump at someone, and you see them roll over, then rake your claws along their belly while you fly by." He said. We practiced this move with sheathed claws, and then continued on to several other fighting techniques, before heading back to camp. Although I wasn't able to master all the moves that Stripheart taught me, I was glad that I had learned some.

When I came back Skypaw was bouncing with joy. "What's up, Skypaw?" I asked. "Haven't you heard? Adderpaw's had a sign from Starclan!" "What! And he didn't tell me first? What was it?" "Something about stars and darkness, you might want to ask him. I never got to hear the full prophecy." I dashed to the medicine clearing and called out "Adderpaw!" Adderpaw walked out of the medicine cat's den with a mouthfull of herbs. "Yes Shiningful?" he asked, his voice muffled by all the herbs. "You had a prophecy from Starclan!" Adderpaw spat his mouthful of herbs out. "You think I didn't already no that? But yes, I did have one." "What was it?" I asked, ignoring his sarcasm. "It said, A Darkness will come that only the brightest star can destroy. Any idea of what it means?" I thought for a moment. "Hmm, maybe it means a star clan warrior will come down and defeat the darkness?" "No, I don't think that's what it means. Why would they tell us the prophecy if they were the ones handling it?" "Oh, yeah. I don't know then." "Well I'll keep thinking about it." Said Adderpaw. A Darkness will come that only the brightest star can destroy...

Chapter 4

As I went to bed that night, I thought about the prophecy. Darkness is coming that only the brightest star can destroy... I drifted off to sleep. I woke up to find myself staring at Leafpool, a Thunderclan medicine cat from a long time ago. "Leafpool? Is that you?" "Yes Shiningpaw." Leafpool replied. "Why are you here?" I asked. "I am here to watch over you, Shiningpaw. And from now on, I will be by your side forever." She said, before fading away. "Wait! Don't leave!" I called, but it was too late. "Are you done yet?" asked Whitepaw. "Sorry. It was just a dream." "Really? Was it about Shadowclan attacking? Because you were moving around so much a hibernating badger probably couldn't sleep." "Sorry." I apologized again. I saw Foxpaw staring at me. Foxpaw got his name for his fox colored tail, but he was often teased about his name. I din't think it was fair that he should be teased about it, and I liked his tail. Besides, he was one of the best apprentices here. "Shiningpaw!" I heard Stripeheart calling my name. I quickly left the Apprentices den and bounded over to Stripeheart. "Time to go out on patrol." Stripheart said. I followed him to a group of Warriors; Strikeheart, Braveheart, and Mousepelt. I followed my mentor out of the camp, and around the borders. We were just turning around at the Windclan border, which was the last one we were marking, when we smelled an aweful scent. "That's not Windclan." I heard Mouspelt say. "Whose there?" Called my mentor. I heard an evil laughing noise befoe I saw the rogue, Shadow, step forward. "Get back!" Yelled Braveheart. "You may be bigger than us, but there are more of us!" "Oh really? That's what you think! Hawk! Fear! Go back to camp, I'll be there soon." "What do you want?" Asked Stripheart. "Oh nothing really. But remember puny kits, we will be back, and then there will be one clan!" Shadow bounded away. I saw Mouspelt shiver, and Braveheart growled. "What did he mean by one clan?" I asked. "There have always been four clans. And who are Hawk and Fear?" "I don't know." Said Stripheart, "But I think it's best we warn Rumblestar about Shadow's friends." The other Warriors agreed, and we headed back to camp to Rumblestar.

"What happened?" asked Skypaw, when she noticed how worried I looked. "Well..." I started, but I was cut off by the sound of Rumblestar's yowl, "Let all cats old enough to catch their own prey gather here beneath the highrock for a clan meeting." "I'm sure Rumblestar is about to tell us." I finished. "There have been some... complications in the forest," began Rumblestar, "but we're are going to work on fixing it pronto. It appears there are some other... cats... in the forest, and they appear to be threatening us." I heard the noise of distressed cats. "Calm down!" I heard the deputy, Thrushwing, say. Thrushwing was a very aggressive cat, and this wasn't making things any better. "I'm sure Rumblestar will be able to get everything back to normal." Rumblestar looked a little uncertain, but he nodded and then turned and padded off to his den. "He sounded so confident." said Skypaw sarcastically. Unfortunately for Skypaw, Thrushwing overheard. "Skypaw, come here!" Thrushwing called. Oh no, I thought, two hot heads in an argument. "I heard that comment! Go check the elders for ticks!" "Oh come on, Thrushwing!' Skypaw objected. "I only mumbled a comment!" she said. "No buts!' I heard Thrushwing say. "You are cleaning the elders right now." I heard Skypaw give a long sigh before she turned and headed to the elder's den.

The next moon went by in a blur of training and hunting patrols. "Burr!" I said, "Icicles are practically hanging from my whiskers!" "I know! It's so cold!" Skypaw replied. I heard Falconpaw cough inside the medicine cat's den. "I've got to get to Falconpaw!" said Skypaw, "I need to know how he's doing." "But you aren't allowed, you might get whatever he's got." I replied. Pebbleleaf came out looking worried. "What's wrong?" asked Skypaw. "It's... it's greencough." Pebbleleaf said, "Foxpaw has it too." "What! No!" I cried along with Skypaw. "I have to tell Rumblestar." said Pebbleleaf, before padding away Rumblestar. "Let all cats old enough to catch their own prey gather here beneath the highrock for a clan meeting!" called Rumblestar. "No one is to go into the Medicine Cat's den; there is too much sickness in there. If you need Pebbleleaf, just call to her. And no cat is to leave the medicine clearing if they are sick. Also, no cat is to go out alone, and Apprentices are to take a warrior with them." Oh great. Now I have to ask one of the warriors if I want to go out. I thought. "Pebbleleaf?" I called. "Do you think they'll make it?" "Well, I'll do my best. I don't have the catmint I need, but I'll do my best." "Okay..." I was worried about Foxpaw.

The next day, Foxpaw was no better. I knew that Catmint grew in twoleg gardens, so I decided it would be okay if I went out just to help the sick cats. I raced through the forest on the way to the twoleg nests. I lept a log, and felt the sting of brambles smacking into my face, but I kept running, until I finally reached the nest. I leapt the fence of a twoleg nest in one bound. I noticed a kittypet staring out the window, and I saw his eyes widen in suprise as he saw me fly over the fence. He started yowling loudly for his twolegs to come. "Shhh!" I hissed at him, but that only made him yowl all the louder. I started to grab the Catmint as fast as I could. The twoleg came rushing to the kittypet's side and looked out the window. It saw me and quickly rushed out the door. It made these disgusting cooing noises, and reached it's giant paws toward me. I grabbed a few more leaves of Catmint until I was full. I saw the twoleg coming closer and closer while I ripped at the catmint. I scrambled up the fence jumped down and flew as fast as I could away from the twoleg. I snuck back into camp, and crept along toward Pebbleleaf's den. I spat out the leaves and called, "Pebbleleaf!" Pebbleleaf came out looking nervouse and said, "You aren't getting sick, are you Shininpaw?" "No. I just brought you these." I said nervousely. "You won't tell Rumblestar, will you?" I asked. "You went out of camp to get catmint?" "Yes, Pebbleleaf." I said bowing my head in shame. "But I only wanted to help!" Pebbleleaf sighed. "I won't tell Rumblestar this once. Thank you Shiningpaw." "Thank you Pebbleleaf!" I bounded away before anyone could see what I'd done, and watched Pebbleleaf take the catmint into her den. "Wait! Pebbleleaf?" I called. "Yes Shiningpaw?" "Is Foxpaw okay?" I asked. "He is just as bad as the others, but with this catmint I'm sure they'll do a little better." she replied. I was getting really worried for Foxpaw. He was a strong cat, but greencough was a serious illness. I gazed into the medicine clearing, and saw, just barely, Foxpaw coughing in his nest. He was an orange tabby, with a fox colored tail. I sighed as I stared at him while he coughed, and I sent a prayer to Starclan that he would be okay.

I woke up the next day shivering. Skypaw, who I normally curl up next to, must have had dawn patrol because she wasn't there. I walked out of the apprentices den, yawning. I blinked as the sun hit my eyes. Once my vision cleared I saw Foxpaw heading out of the Medicine clearing. "Foxpaw!" I called. "Oh, hi Shiningpaw." said Foxpaw. "You're better?" I asked. "Yeah, Pebbleleaf said I was good enough to leave the medicine cat's clearing." He replied. I stared at his tabby pelt; muscles rippling underneath. "Shiningpaw?" he brought me back to consciousness. I shook my head to clear it and said, "Umm... sorry, I, err, like your pelt." I replied. "Oh... um, thanks. Uh... yours is nice to." he said. "Thanks." we stood around awkewordly for a few moments before I saw Skypaw and said, "Oh, I've got to go, my friends back." "Okay, see you later then?" He replied. "Sure!" I said, before bounding off to greet Skypaw. As I bounded away I heard Darkpaw sneer at Foxpaw, "So, Fox, have you caught any mice yet? Oh wait, you're such a bad hunter you couldn't catch a mouce if it landed on your feet!' I jumped in between Darkpaw and Foxpaw, and said, "Foxpaw is a great hunter! And he is lucky to have a Fox colored tail; it makes him special, like the old Thunderclan deputy of Blustar, Redtail. So what if he's special?" Darkpaw stared at me as if he didn't have anything to say before remarking hautily, "Well he is still a bad hunter." before stalking off to the Apprentices den. "Um, Shiningpaw, you didn't need to talk to Darkpaw like that; I can speak for myself." said Foxpaw, "Oh, um, sorry Foxpaw. It just makes me so angry to see him treating anyone like that." I said. "Shiningpaw?" called Skypaw. I suddenly realized that I had just ignored Skypaw! "Oh Skypaw! I'm sorry, I forgot about you." I said, before realizing I had phrased it the wrong way. "What! Some friend!" said Skypaw. "If you're going to be caught up in Foxpaw all the time, then consider me your friend no longer." she said. I knew Skypaw had a temper, but I was suprised at her reaction. "Wait!" I called as Skypaw stalked off. Braveheart walked up to me and said, "She had a bad day, but I'm sure she'll get over it soon." "I hope so." I said. I felt horrible. I had already made an enemy with one apprentice, and the last thing I needed was to loose my best friend.

I curled up in my nest that night next to no one, because Skypaw had moved her nest away from mine. I felt deep sorrow as I saw Skypaw turn her back on me that night. I drifted off into an uncomfortable sleep; my mind full of distressing thoughts about Skypaw. I figured that I had done nothing wrong, and that if Skypaw didn't want to be friends that was her decision. It was all her fault that we ween't friends, so I wouldn't try to stop it. So I snuggled into my nest by myself, and drifted off to sleep. I woke up to find myself at fourtrees. Leafpool was by my side and she had a look of sorrow in her eyes. "Shiningpaw," she said, "a Shining star is nothing without the Sky to hold it." she said sorrowfully, before fading away. I woke up with a start to see both Skypaw and Darkpaw staring at me in disgust. I sneered at them before turning my back on them, but I was being called for the dawn patrol. I came out quite upsetedly. I saw Thrushwing, Lionfur, and Tigertail getting ready for the dawn patrol. I was in a bad mood when I reached them. I heard Tigertail whisper to Lionfur, "Some apprentice woke up on the wrong side of the nest." I glared at him before saying, "I heard that." Thrushwing, who had ignored our argument, called us to leave. The whole morning was dreary, and things didn't seem to be getting any better between Skypaw and I by that night. She ate her mouse with her back turned away from me, and then chose the nest farthest away from me. I decided to sit next to Foxpaw while I ate, since he was sitting alone. "Hey Foxpaw." I said. "Hi Shininpaw." "Do you mind if I eat my mouse with you?" I asked. "Sure." he said. After we ate we started to share tongues, something I used to do with Skypaw. No, I told myself, I'm done with Skypaw. If she doesn't want to be friends, then fine. I shook my head to clear it, and then continued to share tongues.

That night, Foxpaw chose the nest next to mine. I curled up against him, and settled into a very comfortable sleep. Once again, I woke up to find myself at fourtrees. Leafpool was there, and the sorrow in her eyes was very great. "Shiningpaw," she said, "there is a hole in your heart that only one cat can fill. That cat is not Foxpaw." she said. She started to disapear, and I woke up to find myself next to Foxpaw. Unlike Skypaw, Foxpaw seemed fine with my squirming. I yawned and stetched, and decided to think about what Leafpool had said. A hole in my heart? A shining star and a sky? It was all so confusing, I decided to ask Adderpaw about it. I stood up and headed to the medicine clearing and called, "Adderpaw?" Adderpaw came out with a mouthful of herbs. "Yesh Shiningpaw?" he asked in a muffled voice. He spat out the herbs and said, "What do you need?" "I had a dream..." I said. Of course this made Adderpaw extremely intrigued, "Who came to you? What did they say? Are we going to be attacked or something? Why didn't I get the dream?" he aksed. "Adderpaw!" I yelled. "Oh, sorry, continue." he said before sitting down to listen. "Leafpool told me, A shining star is nothing without the sky to hold it." I told him. His eyes grew wide and he said, "I don't know anything right off paw, but I'll think about it." He said. "Thanks. I guess I'm just feeling bad today because of Skypaw." I said. "Skypaw?" he asked. "Yeah, we had an argument. I said something wrong and she stomped off." I explained. "Oh." he said. After I explained, he looked completely lost in thought, and he seemed to have an idea before rushing off with his mouthful of herbs.


Adderpaw was completely baffled that Shiningpaw had had a cat from Starclan visit her. At first Adderpaw had no idea what she meant, but after Shiningpaw explained about her and Skypaw, Adderpaw had an idea. He decided he would think about it a little more, but he was pretty sure he knew what it meant. That night Adderpaw felt sleep overtake him quickly. When he woke up, though, he found himself not in the Medicine clearing. He found himself in a clearing with hundreds of cats that all had stars in their fur. One cat was beside him, and she looked a lot like Shiningpaw. But Shiningpaw doesn't have green eyes, she has amber eyes. He thought. This cat motioned for him to follow her down into the clearing. He saw Firestar standing in the middle. "Adderpaw," said Firestar, "it is of utmost importance that you tell Shiningpaw what you know." "What do you mean?" asked Adderpaw. "You are right about Shiningpaw and Skypaw, and even though it doesn't  seem like it is important to get them to be friends, it is. If they are enemies for too long..." Firestar said. "What will happen?" asked Adderpaw. "Let's just put it this way," said Firestar, "Very bad things will happen." "Okay, I'll do my best Firestar." Adderpaw said. He felt everything fading away, and he woke up to find himself back in the medicine clearing.


I woke up the next day to find Foxpaw gone. He must have had dawn patrol. I thought. I stretched and headed out of the apprentices den, just to see Adderpaw come rushing up to me. "Shiningpaw!" he called, and he barely missed barreling me over. "What?" I asked. "I know what your prophecy means!" he yowled triumphently, causing several of the warriors to give him awkeward glances. "Sorry." he told them, "But listen," he said to me, "It means that you and Skypaw need to be friends! You were meant to be friends!" he said. "Are you sure?" I asked. "I'm postive. Last night I had a dream where Firestar told me!" He seemed to be hiding something, but it didn't matter right then. I began to think about Skypaw, and I felt deep sorrow overtake me. How could I be so stupid as to consider us done with out friendship? Skypaw was just coming back from the dawn patrol with Foxpaw. I bounded over to her. She had caught two mice and a squirrel. "Nice catch!" I said. Skypaw looked suprised. "Err, thanks." she said. "Look, Skypaw, can we talk?" I asked. "Um, sure." she said. We walked over to the stump by the apprentices den. "Skypaw, I'm really sorry." I said. "I just realized what a stupid furball I've been just ignoring you like that." For once, Skypaw looked completely sad. She looked like she was about to wail. "Shiningpaw, I'm so sorry. I missed you so much, and Darkpaw is so not a replacement for you." she said. "I'm so sorry." I said. "I missed you so much too. Can we be friends again?" I asked. "Of course!" said Skypaw. We nuzzled each other. I sighed. "What's wrong?" asked Skypaw. "Do you really not want me to talk to Foxpaw?" I asked. "I was just being jealous. It's fine if you have a crush on Foxpaw." "What! I do not have a crush on Foxpaw!" I said. "Sure, sure. Tell me that when you have kits." She said. We laughed together, and began to share tongues. It was me and Skypaw once again.

I woke up the next day because a paw was poking me in the side. I groaned. "What is it Skypaw?" "Thrushwing wants us to go on patrol together, he said he had something to tell us." Skypaw replied. I walked out to where Thrushwing was standing, followed by Skypaw. "As you know," Thrushwing began when we arrived. "The Gathering is tonight at fourtrees. I'm just letting you know that you two have been chosen to go the Gathering." I looked at Skypaw excitedly. We were going to the gathering, instead of the older apprentices like Darkpaw!

After the patrol, I heard Thrushwing talking to a group of warriors he had gathered to take to the Gathering. I was happy to see that both Lionfur and Stripeheart were going. "Hey Skypaw," I asked, "do you want to go hunting tomorrow? Now that we are allowed to go out with a warrior." "I would love to, but Lionfur is taking me out training tomorrow." "Okay," I said, "I'll find someone else. Maybe we can go some other time." "Okay." said Skypaw. I looked around for a cat who I could ask to go hunting tomorrow; Tigertail was stretching out on a sunny rock, Falconpaw was licking himself by the stump, Mousepelt was sharing tongues with Bravheart, and there was no way I was going to ask Darkpaw. Then I spotted Foxpaw showing some moves to Longkit. "Hey Foxpaw!" I called. "Hi Shiningpaw!" Foxpaw responded. "Do you want to go hunting with me tomorrow?" I asked. "Sure!" said Foxpaw. "Are you going to the Gathering?" he asked. "Yeah!" I said, "Are you?" "Not this time." Foxpaw said. "Aww, I'm sorry." I said. "It's fine, I went last time." He said. "Well, I'll see you later, then." I said. "Yeah, see you later!" I thought about hunting with Foxpaw, it was going to be fun. I also couldn't wait to go to the Gathering. Everything is going great. 

That night at the Gathering, Stripheart told me I could go talk to the other Apprentices. I saw a black she cat, who looked like a Windclan cat. "Hi," I said, "my name is Shiningpaw. What's your name?" I asked. "Hi Shiningpaw," she replied in a friendly way, "my name is Whispaw." she said. "Nice to meet you, Whispaw." There were a few tense moments before she asked, "Have you... seen a... cat around?" she asked. I knew excactly who she was talking about: Shadow. "Yeah... did he tell you his name?" I asked. Whispaw nodded and said, "Did he tell you?" I nodded. We sat around in awkeward silence, before she changed the subject, "Umm, I like your fur, it's pretty." "Thanks," I said, "Yours is pretty too." "Thanks." Just then Skypaw walked up, and I felt much more at ease with her cheery attitude around. Whispaw looked more comfortable too. "Hi guys!" said Skypaw. "My name is Skypaw." she told Whispaw. "My name is Whispaw. Nice to meet you Skypaw." she said. Then I heard a loud yowl from the Great Rock as Speedstar called the meeting together. "Windclan is well." he said. "We have two new apprentices and one new warrior!" he called. Then Speedstar stepped aside for Shadpelt to step forward. Shadepelt said, "All is well with Shadowclan too. We have no new warriors, and one new apprentice." There seemed to be a tense attitude over the Leaders. Greystar stepped forward and announced three new apprentices, and that all was well. Finally Rumblestar stepped forward, and said, "Thunderclan has two new apprentices, and no warriors." Just when everyone was beginning to think the Gathering was over, Rumblestar let out another yowl. "I wasn't sure if I should say anything about it, but I've decided that I should." He turned to address the other Leaders. "Have you seen a large black cat named Shadow?" he asked. The Leaders exchanged glances before all nodding at Rumblestar. "Then he is a common enemy to us all." Rumblestar announced. "Be on the lookout for him." He said, before dissmissing the Gathering.

The next day, I woke up to Skypaw poking me in the side. "Shiningpaw," she said, "Stripeheart wants you for training." I sighed and yawned. I padded out of the den and over to where Stripheart was standing. "Ready to do some training?" he asked. I nodded, and followed him out of camp. "Attack me." Stripheart told me, once we reached the training hollow. I crouched down low and jumped at my mentor. Just before I hit him, I switched positions, so that I went under him instead of over. This suprised Stripheart, so that I was able to rake my sheathed claws over his belly. Still Stripheart, being one of the best warriors, was able to combat this move. He raked his sheathed claws accross me while I slid under him. Stripeheart stood staring at me for a few moments, lost in thought. "Shiningpaw," he said, "I... I'm... really glad I'm your mentor." He finished the sentance quickly. I still got the feeling that that wasn't what he had wanted to tell me. "Er... I'm glad to be your apprentice." I said uncertainly.

As we headed back to camp, I was wondering what to do with the rest of my day, when I remember Foxpaw. I rushed back into camp and saw Foxpaw licking himself by the stump. "Oh, there you are Shiningpaw!" he said. "Ready to go hunting?" he asked. I nodded eagerly, and followed Foxpaw out of camp. We walked alongside each other scenting the air every-now-and-then. All of a sudden, we both heard whispers. We exchanged a glance before quickly climbing a tree. Whoever these cats were, they had been upwind of us, so we couldn't smell them. I peered out of the tree to see who it was. I never expected who I saw: Shadow. The huge cat was walking along with two other cats very similar to him. Too similar I thought. "So, Shadow, how do you plan on desposing of these kits?" Asked the larger of the other two. Why do they keep referring to us as kits? I wondered. "Well, Fear, I thought that part was rather obvious!" Shadow hissed. "Well," said Fear, "do you have a specific plan?" Shadow seemed very exhasperhated. He unsheathed his giant claws and swiped Fear across the face. Fear let out a yowl of pain, and held his nose in his paw. "You are such a wimp!" said Shadow. "Obviously we are going to take them one, clan, at a time." he said he word clan with distaste in his mouth. "He had better not be late." Shadow continued. Who had better not be late? I wondered. Then I saw another cat, a clan cat, but I couldn't make him out, because he stayed in the shadows. "Shadow, our deal is clear, correct?" The cat asked. "Yes it is very clear, puny kit. You  help us destroy your clan, and we let you live among us." "Of course." said the clan cat. Just then, a shaft of sunshine filtered onto the clan cat's face. I gasped in unicine with Foxpaw as I recognized who it was: Thruhwing.

Chapter 5

Thrushwing quickly stepped back into the shadows. "We have to tell Rumblestar!" I heard Foxpaw hiss in my ear. "Come on!" he said, before quietly leaping down the tree. I followed, and soon we were racing through the forest as fast as we could. Soon, we were bursting through the camp entrance, and flying toward Rumblestar's den. "Rumblestar!" Foxpaw yowled as he flew into the lichen hangin over the entrance. I came crashing into him, wondering why he had stopped so suddenly. It wasn't until I looked into Rumblestar's den, that I saw what the problem was. Thrushwing was already inside chatting with Rumblestar. "I met with the giant rogue named 'Shadow'. He thinks I'm making a deal with him." I heard Thrushwing say. "Why would he think that?" asked Rumblestar. Thrushwing looked as if he didn't expect that question. "Oh, well, I thought if I told them I made a deal, I could get some inside information about there group." said Thrushwing. "Very clever." said Rumblestar. "Have you gotten any information?" Thrushwing shifted uncomfortably. "Oh, err, no. I haven't gotten any information at all. They haven't revealed any plans to do anything yet." Thrushwing said, still looking uncomfortable. "Shadow did reveal plans to attack Thunderclan!" I heard Foxpaw whisper in my ear, maybe too loudly. Thrushwing shot a sideways glance at Foxpaw. "Shhh!" I hissed at him. Foxpaw and I backed away slowely. "Well, we can't tell Rumblestar now. He'll just think we were spying!" I said. Foxpaw nodded. "I still don't believe Thrushwing, though." he said. "Come on. Let's just go hunting." I said. "Maybe Thrushwing really is telling the truth. Maybe he just forgot about what Shadow said." I commented. "Maybe." said Foxpaw.

As Foxpaw and I walked through the forest, keeping watch for any prey, we began to talk. "Shiningpaw," Foxpaw began, "if Thrushwing really is just trying to get information, then why would he lie to Rumblestar about it?" he asked. "I don't know." I said. "But if Thrushwing really is planning something with Shadow, then that would explain why he lied, and why he looked so uncomfortable when he was talking about it." Foxpaw said. "Well, maybe he just forgot about it or something." I replied. "I don't know whether Thrushwing is or isn't really planning something with Shadow, but what I do know is that the clan needs prey." I continued. Foxpaw nodded, before opening his mouth to take a deep breath. He froze and dropped into the hunters crouch. I opened my mouth and took a deep breath. I caught the scent of Starling, and I looked up. I saw the bird sitting on a low branch, before I felt Foxpaw leap up into the tree. I killed it with a swift bite, before falling gracefully on his feet. "Nice catch!" I said. "Thanks." Foxpaw replied in a muffled voice. As we continued our hunt, I still wondered if Thrushwing had really forgotten what Shadow had said, or if he actually was planning something with the rogue.

When Foxpaw and I arrived back at camp, Thrushwing was sitting near the fresh kill pile, feasting on a mouse. When we walked through the gorse tunnel, he eyed us suspiciously, before continuing with his mouse. I heard Foxpaw give a low growl, and he sheathed and unsheathed his claws. "Calm down." I whispered. Foxpaw sighed, and forced his fur flat again. I bounded over to the fresh kill pile, and dragged a rabbit back to where he had laid down. "Do you want to share it with me?" I asked. "Sure." he said, before taking a bite out of the rabbit. I glanced around, noticing that Skypaw hadn't come to greet me when I got back. "Hmm, I wonder where Skypaw is." I thought out loud. Foxpaw swallowed his bite of rabbit, before replying, "She could be training with Lionfur, or she could be out on hunting patrol." I nodded, but something didn't feel right.

Note from Author. I'm going to try a different, more accurate writing style, without all the paragraphs.

Skypaw was never late getting back from hunting patrol, or training with Lionfur. 

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