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E-mail Types (For LakeClan cats only) (For Deputies only) (For StarClan cats only) (For EarthClan cats only) (For CrackedClan cats only) (For Leaders only) (For Medicine Cats only)


Kindlestar walked into the clearing. She walked over to the newest den in the camp; the Computer Den. Larkshine was on her e-mail, She had just gotten an e-mail from There was also a forwarded e-mail from "I need to check my e-mail." mumbled Kindlestar. She logged on to and logged in. LOADING it said. When her e-mail came up, she had a new e-mail from Hi Kindlestar. I want you to know that EarthClan is being pushed back toward the border by CrackedClan, but we're managing. When Kindlestar finished reading the e-mail, she almost panicked, but calmed down, knowing EarthClan was tough and would fight off CrackedClan.
Splashfrost logged on to his e-mail. Loading: Splashfrost checked his newest e-mail from StarClan of StarClan the StarClanny StarClanners of StarClan Stars! (Forward this to 3 people, or the spirit of Longclaw will come and kill you in 5 moons!) Splashfrost reminded himself to tell Sorrelfur that the chain mail was annoying. He hit Forward and typed in,, and
"I'm glad I was able to hack into Windstar's email," Darkstar said, "and figure out that their border patrols are containing less cats because they're sick. I wonder what precious secrets Kindlestar has for me..."
"Kindlestar, there's something out there..." Swiftspring repeated. He kept insisting that something was prowling through their territory, but Kindlestar wouldn't believe him. "Fine, I'm going to get some sleep." Swiftspring said. Kindlestar was turning around when the cats burst from the bushes.
Molepoppy shot from the bushes, followed by Strawberryfur. The fight was brutal, with cats spraying blood everywhere. After an hour, the fight stopped, and CrackedClan fled. "I think we need to stop with the e-mails." Kindlestar said. Everyone agreed, after checking there's one last time. Strawberryfur logged in. LOADING Strawberryfur accidentally opened a spam message, which said the following: Hi! Try our product today! Strawberryfur hit the "try" button, and the camp burst into flames.