This is my first spoof (or set of spoofs, whatever you want to call it).

A/N: If you want to have one of your OC's featured in this, just comment it below with his or her name, gender, and personality.

The Wizard of Oz!


Firestar as The Wizard of Oz!

Spottedleaf as Dorothy!

Sandstorm as The Wicked Witch of the West!

Lionheart as Lion!

Mousefur as Tin Man! (Makes no sense, but whatever)

Brambleclaw as Scarecrow!

A Walking Deathberry as Toto!

Tigerstar, Darkstripe, and Scourge as Flying Monkeys!

Various WindClan cats as Weird Tiny People!

(At a random farm)

Spottedleaf: Lalalalalalalalalalala! (Pats pig on head)

Pig: SQUEEEEAAAALLLL! (Slams Spottedleaf into mud, starts trampling)


(Announcer cat appears out of nowhere)

Announcer cat: You are now about to be saved by the one, the only, everyone's favorite daddy, JAAAAAKE!

Jake: I am here.

Spottedleaf: GACK! SAVE ME!!!!!

Jake: My Spidey Sense tells me that you are trapped in a pigpen.

Tigerstar, Darkstripe, and Scourge: Hahahaha! This is gonna be good!

(Jake turns pigs into unicorns which fire rainbows everywhere)

Tigerstar, Darkstripe, and Scourge: NUUUUUUUUU!!! RAINBOW MAGIC!!!!!! GAAAAH!!!! (They disintegrate)

Sandstorm: (Grabs Spottedleaf) I've got you, my cuddly toy!

(Walking deathberry stuffs itself into Sandstorm's mouth)

Sandstorm: NUUUUUU! I'M MELTING! (Dies)

(WindClan cats dance out and start cheering)

Firestar: I never got used. So sad.


Mousefur: Grumpity Grump Grumpeh!

Lionheart: Let's get a pizza.

(Everyone leaves)

The End!!! :)

Battle for the Admin Castle!

I think that the admin castle is some old joke, but I'm gonna write about it anyway.

Firestar: I'm bored! I wanna kill something!

Awesome: I'm more bored! (Ties a banana to a fireworks rocket and lights it).

Firestar: Nooooo! My banana!

Awesome: (Uses magical author powers) You shall do the chicken dance for a week straight!

Firestar: (Does chicken dance) I shall get you for this! ATTACK!

(Cats jump from bushes)

Awesome: *Yawn* (Teleports away)

Firestar: Now what? I still wanna kill something!

Whitestorm: Why don't we attack that castle?

Firestar: CHAAARGE!

Bananaface: We are the admins of! Stand down and you will not be eliminated!

Brambleclaw: (Blasts chicken nuggets into Bananaface's face with a cannon)

Bananaface: GAAAH!

(Awesome appears)

Awesome: (Strikes heroic pose) I am here.

Bananaface: (Chicken nuggets stuck on eyeballs) SAVE ME!

Awesome: (Playing Binding of Isaac) Yay! Ipecac!

(Barfs up giant green ball, explodes Jayfeather's cyborg)

Jayfeather: GRUMPEH


Firestar's Evil Clone: Fight! (Throws pickle)

Brambleclaw: GAH! I'm allergic to pickles!

Firestar: You are?

Brambleclaw: *Jumps off cliff* I hate pickles!

Picklemaster: I am offended! (Mauls Bananaface)

Bananaface: We're on the same team, you twit! (dies)

Firestar's Evil Clone: *Presses button* Hehehe!

(Ronald McDonald appears)

Ronald: (Walks up to Whitestorm) Buy a happy meal!

Whitestorm: No.

Ronald: Buy a quarter pounder!

Whitestorm: No.

Ronald: Buy a big mac!

Whitestorm: Shut up and take my money! (Throws money)

Ronald: (Takes money) Buy a smoothie!

Whitestorm: GAAAAAAH! (Jumps off cliff)

Firestar's Evil Clone: Wahahahahahahahahaha! Yes! Yes! Everyone is falling before my epicness!

Hollyleaf: *Gasps* Epicness isn't a real word! Must follow correct grammar! Malfunction! (Rips up tree and smashes Firestar's Evil Clone)

Firestar's Evil Clone: (Loses life) I'm still ali- (Hollyleaf smashes with tree again)

Firestar's Evil Clone (After 9 smashes with tree): NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! (Dies)

Awesome: (Still playing Binding of Isaac) Don't you just love Doctor's Remote?

(Missile falls on castle drawbridge)

Picklemaster: NOOOO! (Explodes into burst of pickles)

Every cat: NOOOOOOOO!!!!! PICKLES!!!!! (Every cat dies)

Firestar: (Comes back to life) I WIN!

Awesome: I'm still alive! And it's time for you to die! (Pulls out ninja katana)

Firestar: En Garde! (Draws lightsaber)

(Lightsaber slices through katana)

Awesome: Hey! No fair! (Kicks lightsaber off of cliff)

(Both Firestar and Awesome slip on pickles and falls off cliff)

Awesome: (Teleports with author powers)

Awesome: (Looks down cliff, shrugs) Whatever. (Leaves)

Thus ends the great battle of stupidity for the admin castle.

Leader Powers!

I can tell that this is not going to end well for any cat...

Firestar: (Walking along) Ladadumdeedee!

(Firestar gets struck by lightning and dies)

In dream...

(Bananaface appears)

Firestar: Who are you?

Bananaface: I am the ghost of Christmas past.

Producer: Wrong script!

Bananaface: Ah, yes. Now where was I? I am the ghost of Christmas present!

Producer: Grrrrrr. (Tosses different script)

Bananaface: (Fumbles with script) I'm the Prince of Bel-Air!

Producer: DIE! (Slices Bananaface in half with chainsaw)

Janitor: I hate my life. (Sweeps up halves of Bananaface)

Broom: I hate your life too.

Stagehand: (Brings in Mosskit) Continue.

Mosskit: Um, Imma Starclan kitty and you get leader powers like lightning and stuff.

(Snowfur appears)

Snowfur: Kit, time to go back to Starclan!

Mosskit: DON'T CALL ME KIT!!!!!!! (Morphs into giant dog)

Snowfur: AHHHHHHH!!!!!! (Runs away from Mosskit/Giant dog)

(Firestar wakes up)

Graystripe: (Runs up) Tigerstar just killed a cat.

Firestar: That's not nice! (Lightning strikes in distance)

Tigerstar: YAAAAAAAAAHH!!!!! *dies*

Firestar: (Evil grin) All cats gather for a clan meeting, yada yada, get over here.

Every cat: What is it?

Firestar: You are all my slaves!

Dustpelt: No, we're not!

(Lightning strikes Dustpelt)

Firestar: Anyone else object?


Firestar: Good. Now eat this maggot!

Sorrelkit: Why?

Firestar: Because I told you.

Sorrelkit: Why?

Firestar: Because I'm awesome.

Awesome: No, I'm Awesome!

(Lightning strikes Awesome)

Awesome: NOOOOOOOO!!!!! (Disappears)


Sorrelkit: Or else what?

Firestar: Or else you shall pay!

Sorrelkit: Why?

Firestar: Because I am the supreme ruler of the forest!!!

Sorrelkit: Why?

Firestar: Because I am!

Sorrelkit: Why?

Firestar: ARRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!! (Stuffs deathberries in Sorrelkit's mouth)

Graystripe: FIGHT!

Awesome: You can't fight! That would be copying The Darkest Hour! (Turns Firestar into sandwich) Oooh! Lunch!

Graystripe: The sandwich is mine! (Grabs sandwich)

Awesome: NEVER! (Uses author powers to take sandwich)

Graystripe: There's only one way to settle this...

Bananastar: A food eating contest!

Firestar sandwich: Wait, Bananaface?

Bananastar: It's Bananastar now, and... AHHHHHHHH!!! TALKING SANDWICH!!!!! RUN!!!! (Jumps off ravine)

Awesome: (Adds 'hire more competent staff' to his to-do list) LUNCH! (Eats Firestar sandwich)

(Anvil falls on Awesome)

Firestar: (Pops out) HA!

Awesome: (Levitates anvil onto Firestar) NANANANANA!

Firestar: (Summons T-Rex) YAAAH! (T-Rex lands on Awesome's head).

Awesome: (Squeezes out from under T-Rex) THAT'S IT! I CONFINE YOU TO THE DARK VOID WHERE THERE ARE NO BANANAS! (Summons black hole)

Every Cat: NUUUUUUU! I WANT MY BANANA!!!!!! (Gets sucked into void)

Awesome: Ahhh, that's over with

T-Rex: I am officer T-Rex, and I arrest you on the charges of sucking cats into dark voids, using way to much capitalization and exclamation marks, and generally being a prat. (Sticks Awesome into cage)

Awesome: NUUUUUUUU!!!!!! GET ME OUT!!!!!

Officer T-Rex: See, you did it again! (Throws off ravine)

Awesome: DIE! (Makes world collapse into itself)

1 moon later...

Bugs Bunny: (In void) Eh, what's up doc?

Firestar: NUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!

The End :)

All Because of a Baloney Sandwich

(Awesome eating baloney sandwich)

Awesome: Yum. (Drops baloney sandwich, sandwich falls off ravine) NUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!

Officer T-Rex: What did I tell you? (Stuffs Awesome into cage)

Awesome: I hate my life.

(Baloney sandwich hits car)

Car: Vroom, vroom! (Drives into camp)

A Random Kit: AHHHHH!!!!!! MONSTER!!!!!

Officer T-Rex: That's it, Awesome, you've gone too far!

Awesome: Go and boil your head! (Summons black hole)

Officer T-Rex: NUUUUUUUUUUUUU! (Gets sucked into black hole)

Bugs Bunny: Eh, What's up, doc?

Officer T-Rex: Ugh.

Car: Vroom vroom! (Runs over Jayfeather's herb garden)


Random Pirate: That's my line!

(Jayfeather mauls pirate)

Jayfeather: I need somebody to kill! (Sees Brambleclaw) DIE! (Kills Brambleclaw)

Brambleclaw's ghost: I will haunt you until the end of time!

Awesome: Nope. (Kills everyone)

Bananaface: (Brings everyone back) I think that we need these people to finish this.

Awesome: Ah, yes.

Firestar: All you seem to care about is finishing this spoof. Don't you like us at all?

Awesome: No.

Brambleclaw's ghost: WAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!! I'M SAD! (Runs away)

A hedgehog: You are about to be destroyed by the great army of the bugs bunny!

Awesome: Uh, What?

(Void portal opens and 10,000 bugs bunny clones pop out)

All the bugs bunny clones: Eh, what's up, doc?

(Bugs bunny clones start eating Brambleclaw's ghost)

Brambleclaw's ghost: NUUUUUU!!!!! SAVE ME!!!!!

Picklemaster: I know of the only way to stop the bugs bunny clones.

Firestar: How?

(Picklemaster throws carrot into void portal)

Bugs bunny clones: Eh, what's up, doc?

(Bugs bunny clones walk back into void portal and disappear)

Awesome: All right, I'm starting to get bored of this.

(Giants bugs bunny robot climbs out of ravine)

Bugs bunny robot: Eh, what's up, doc? (Stomps on Picklemaster)

Picklemaster: NOOOOOOO!!!!! (Explodes into burst of pickles)

Every cat: NUUUUUUUU!!!!! NOT AGAIN!!!! (Every cat dies)

Firestar: (Comes back to life) GRRRRR!

Bugs bunny robot: Are you the one who makes random spoofs that get increasingly more stupid as they go on?

Awesome: Ummm, Yes?

Bugs bunny robot: YOU MUST DIE! (Fires carrot missile)

Awesome: (To Firestar) We must fight back with the power of...

Both: Stupidity!

Bugs bunny robot: You fools! Do you really think that you can defeat me?

Awesome: Take this! (Throws chicken nuggets at robot)

Bugs bunny robot: NUUUUUUUUU!!!! YOU HAVE FOUND MY ONLY WEAKNESS!!!!! WHY? (Explodes)

Announcer: VICTORY!

The end!

Death to All the Berries

Bananaface: YUM! (Eats blackberries)

Berrynose: All berries are mine, because I am the LORD OF BERRIES!

Bananaface: (Eats Berrynose's nose) YUM!

Berrynose: YOU SHALL DIE!!!! (Mauls Bananaface)

Bananaface: WAAAAAAAAAAH! (Runs away)

Berrynose: Hmmmm… Yum. (Eats blackberries)


Bananaface: (Rips up tree) I HATE EVERYTHING! (Smashes berry bush) I MUST DESTROY ALL THE BERRIES!

Berryheart: Um... What?

Bananaface: DIE!

1 hour later...

Bananaface: The whole ShadowClan camp is made of yew bushes... and they have berries on them! DIE! (Jumps into camp)

Rowanstar: Who are you and what are you doing here?

Bananaface: (Starts smashing dens) I MUST DESTROY ALL THE BERRIES!

Rowanstar: (Makes cuckoo sign and points at Bananaface)

Bananaface: DIE! (Smashes Rowanstar)

Announcer Cat: And... We need to end this spoof early because Bananaface is chasing after Awesome with a tree. Okay bye!

Star Cats I: The Attack of the Evil Kitties

(On the Cat Star)

Darth Firestar: So, Emperor Bananaface, what are the secret plans for world domination?

Hooded cat who is totally not Emperor Bananaface: What did I tell you about not saying my name with that... TWOLEG in the room. (To producer) Can't we get rid of him?

Producer: Nope.

Awesome: Neener, neener, you can't get rid of me!

Producer: Now continue. (Presses restart button)


(On the Cat Star)

Darth Firestar: So, Emperor Bananaface, what are the secret plans for world domination?

Emperor Bananaface: How many times do I have to tell you, CALL ME MASTER!

Producer: *Sigh*

Emperor Bananaface: DON'T YOU SIGH AT ME! (Uses force bananas to kill producer)

Producer: (Head lands on restart button)


(On the Cat Star)

Darth Firestar: So, MASTER, what are the secret plans to take over the universe?

Emperor Bananaface: We sit here on this random super weapon and blow everything up.

Darth Firestar: (Applause) INSPIRED!

Emperor Bananaface: Hey look, it's Mars. Lets blow it up.

Cat Star: (Blows up Mars)


Cat Star: (Blows up producer)


Meanwhile, on a random planet with a bunch of sand on it which I can't call Tatooine without copying the original Star Wars so I'm just going to call it sandy planet.

Brackenfur the Jedi Master: (In monotone) I. Will. Make. Sure. That. I. Do. Not. Die. (Muttering) I'm not getting paid enough.

Producer: The auditions are going really badly. NEXT!

Brambleclaw the Jedi Master: WAAAAHHH! I'M SCARED! I DON'T WANNA DIE!

Producer: NEXT!

Cinderpelt the Jedi Master: (Limps onto stage)

Producer: NEXT!

Cinderpelt: HEY! I wanted to audition!

Producer: TOO BAD!

Bananaface the Jedi Master: I AM AWESOME! I AM SO AWESOME!

Producer: Aren't you already the evil emperor?

Bananaface: Oh, yeah! (Leaves)

Producer: (Muttering) I'll do it myself. (Louder) Alright, people, let's start!

Random Cat from crowd: You still need a Luke Skywalker Rip-off!

Producer: (Bangs head against wall)

The Committee for Movies Having Good Producers (a.k.a. TCFMHGP): Due to popular demand, you have been kicked off the staff. Go away.

Producer: Who is the 'popular demand'?

TCFMHGP: (Points at Brackenfur, Brambleclaw, and Cinderpelt) Them.

Producer: (Takes out chainsaw)

TCFMHGP: (Punches producer) You have gone over your chainsaw minutes for the series.

Producer: HEY! (Takes out battle axe)

TCFMHGP: (Backing away slowly) Uh-oh...

Producer: DIE! (Charges)


(Producer destroys TCFMHGP and charges toward Brackenfur)

Brackenfur: Oh. No. I. Cannot. Run. Because. I. Am. A. Cardboard. Cutout.

Producer: Wahahahahahaha! (Slices Brackenfur in half)

Brambleclaw: (Running) I'm gonna make it, I'm gonna- (Falls into tiger trap and dies)

Producer: (Charges towards Cinderpelt)

Cinderpelt: Yikes. (Eats chicken nuggets and disappears)


Cinderpelt: (Reappears) Haha!

Producer: (Smiles) They were Wendy's.

Cinderpelt: (Chokes) NOOOOOOOO!!!! (Cough cough) NOT WENDY'S!!!! (Dies)

Jayfeather: (Appears) Can I be Luke Skywalker?

Producer: (Slaps Jayfeather) No.

Jayfeather: (Flies into the air and starts glowing) HOW DARE YOU SLAP THE GREAT JAYFEATHER!

Producer: Um, help?

Jayfeather: DIE!! (Boulders fall on Producer's head)

Producer: GAAAAHHH!! (Dies)

Jayfeather: I am now the ruler of this production, and I will bring back the cats to play a role! Brackenfur will be stormtroopers (duh), Brambleclaw will be Luke Skywalker because he is too noble for his own good, and Cinderpelt will be an ewok because I feel like it.

Star Cats II: The Producer Strikes Back

Firestar: (Mutters) I hate my life. (Louder) Dun dun dun!

Jayfeather: That's not the right sound!

Firestar: Why do I need to be the sound effects?

Jayfeather: Because I will release the Brackenfur clones if you don't.

To Be Continued...

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