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Mist looked at her small little kit, Citrine, she had dark grey fur and had just opened her tinted yellow eyes. She was a beautiful kit, but living in BloodClan was harsh, she knew soon Rage, their leader, would kill the tiny bundle of fur. Even though Rage was the father of Citrine, he was still so cruel.

"We need to escape Citrine...." She whispered.

Rage burst into her small den and growled, showing his sharp teeth eyes full with anger.

"Mist." He spat with his raging voice. "You must come with me."

Mist looked to her kit then to Rage with big, fearful eyes. "Rage no!" She said in a deep voice, almost to a growl. "I can't let you kill my kit."

Rage glared at Citrine, suckling milk from one of her mother's teats, warmth flooding in her.

"Then you must come with me." His grin flooded across his face, eyes narrowed evily.

Mist was then dragged by force out of the den by Rage, the little kit shivering slightly in the Leaf-Fall wind.

Cold. Citrine shivered and looked around.

Where was she? And where was her mother?

She waited a long time, almost until moonhigh, until she heard the faint rustle of someone coming into her den. Her father Rage, stood before her, his gloomy black pelt hidden by the red patches of blood. Citrine hid back looking at him with big, horrorable eyes.

What has he done to my mother!

Chapter One- Faint Dreams and Memories

Wetpaw shifted up from her dream glancing around, she was shivering and felt a brush of cold run over her spine. She was only seven moons old, and joined RiverClan a moon ago after escaping her old home, which her old home she no longer remembered, as she was knocked out from a fall after escaping. But yet she had spine-chilling dreams, they were hard to understand, faint and weird.

It was when she was a small kit, there was a warmthing she-cat, and a dark black tom. The she-cat always was tooken away by the tom and Wetpaw always saw the black cat come back, with blood stained on his pelt. It frightened her, yet she had seen the same dream for almost a quarter-moon, but each time she saw it, it was more clearer.

She never got the reason though, never got how these dreams entered her small head, and how she remembered them. She couldn't even remember what she ate for breakfast in the morning.

"Wetpaw?" Her ginger colored mentor Dawnfur, poked her triangular head in the small apprentice den.

Wetpaw looked to her lifting her head, to her bright mentor. "Yes Dawnfur?" She meowed blinking the last bit of sleep from her eyes.

Dawnfur ruffled her pelt from the chilly wind that entered the den. "Some light patches of snow have been spotted on the ground, Sparrowstar says he wants us to check out the river to see if it has iced over yet."

"Wow, snow already...And it's only late Leaf-fall." Wetpaw licked her paw, swiping it over her ear. Her pelt was beautifully groomed.

Dawnfur shrugged. "Late Leaf-fall means early Leaf-Bare." He fur rippled across her spine.

Wetpaw nodded and stretched to her long legs, it was unusual how she was the only apprentice but Leafpelt's kits would be on the way to apprenticeship in three more moons. The two padded out of the den and Wetpaw stepped into some frosted mud. She shivered off the cold dirt and looked at her paw, now brown from the mud.

The weather was cold and the air was moist, the ground damp. Easily it detirmined some snow late this afternoon. She looked to some warriors, Snowheart, Creampelt, and Grayfeather all building some more protection for the dens, looks like they were preparing. Wetpaw finally noticed she was trailing behind Dawnfur and quickly caught up with her. Then the two padded out of camp.

"Wetpaw! Over here!" Wetpaw's mentor called over from the east side of the river.

Wetpaw perked her ears, whiskers twitching and ran over. She saw some patches of ice in the river and saw they had rigged edges, looks like no fish today. She saw the water, her reflection didn't show in the black pit.

Wetpaw raised her head to her mentor. "Should this be alerted to the Clan?" Another chilly wind made Wetpaw wince.

"Yes, definitely." Dawnfur didn't take her eyes off the river, even through the freezing spray of the rushing river. "We need to get to camp now."

Wetpaw's eyes widened, what troubled Dawnfur so much? It was only some thin patches of ice.

Wetpaw sat at the entrance of RiverClan camp, the Clan had just gone out to battle with WindClan, at the lake. Wetpaw, and Grayfeather were left to guard. it was quiet and boring.

"Grayfeather, what are we suppose to do?" Wetpaw groaned after another blow of freezing air made her breath appear. "We've been guarding the camp since Sun-high, now it's almost nighttime."

Grayfeather glanced to Wetpaw who was shivering lightly over by the entrance. "Wetpaw, I guess their attack is going on longer than I thought....I guess you can rest if you want, but I'll be waking you up at Moon-high." His long feathery gray fur blew like a horse's mane in the wind and his light yellow eyes looked amber in the shadowing clouds.

"Really?" Wetpaw's ear flicked up her face brightening, she was very tired after guarding the camp for such a long time. He fur ruffled at her flanks and she stretched to her long limbed legs. "Thanks Grayfeather!" She raced to her den, faster than she even wanted.

Wetpaw lay down in her nest, fluffy up the moss before flattening down a nice spot for her body to lay, she laid her tail tip lightly over her nose and closed her eyes. Now was the time she would rest. She closed her eyes and slowly drifted to sleep, the wind blocked out by the tough pieces of brambles and the on going branches that connected to her den. Then she slowly went into dreaming, another dream.

Wetpaw was startled, she was on her paws running fast. But why? She tried to run the other direction but her paws were glued to were she was going.

What's happening? Wetpaw tried to mew but she couldn't say a word.

She looked behind her and the hair on her neck stood up, there was herself, running from that same black tom, but this time with a white tom by his side. Wetpaw started to run faster, air gasping from her. She felt younger, almost two moons and it was a bit warmer than back at camp.

What do you want from me! Wetpaw still tried to cry out.

She decided just to run faster away from the gloomy, mean, angry cats. The toms ran faster at her but Wetpaw just couldn't stop running, until she tripped. She tripped on a small rock and she saw a pit of sticks and leaves.

YIKES! She still couldn't speak.

"Citrine!" She heard a cry.

She heard another voice. "It's fine, she's probably dead like we wanted."

She gasped, this time out loud. She wasn't in her body, well was she? Everything started to grow blurry, then blurrier until she felt a deep tense in her muscles then everything turned dark, then black. Wetpaw felt uncontrollable spinning, and everything was turning blurry again, figures of some light grey cat that she remembered in the first dreams. She heard a voice.

Wetpaw? It meowed.


Wetpaw was pushed awake by the prodding Grayfeather. "Wha...?" She muttered.

"Wetpaw," Grayfeather meowed, with frost bits on his pelt, making it look grey with white spots. "The Clan is back from the attack."

Wetpaw lifted her small head, eyes brightening. "Really?"

Grayfeather nodded, looking graceful. "We won, they let us over-come the field, the place where they took over."


Chapter Two- The Competition

"Run! Run faster!" Dawnfur ordered, her eyes narrowed.

Wetpaw wanted to win the contest the apprentices were having at the gathering. She felt like her long legs could run for hours, while she rain across the ever-stretching field, she thought about her dream. How she ran, but not from her mind, running from something, that made herself terrified. She kept thinking about it, until she blinked into reality haulting before running into a tree.

Dawnfur ran toward her. "Wetpaw, you could've run into a tree, what were you thinking?" She sighed.

Wetpaw shuffled her feet, the cold wind fluffing her fur. "About my dreams." She said seriously.

Dawnfur's eye whisker raised. "They're getting bad aren't they?"

"Yeah, I had a dream I was running from two, big cats. They were mean and I couldn't move myself, I just kept running...Until I fell into a big pile of sticks and leaves." Wetpaw nodded and looked to her paws, shuddering.

Dawnfur thought for a minute. "We found you in a big pile of sticks and leaves, when we took you into RiverClan." Dawnfur's eyes widened. "It's when you said you had no memory on what happened before."

"You mean...It might not be just a dream?" Wetpaw gasped.

Dawnfur nodded sincerely. "More likely a memory."

Wetpaw glanced to her frail paws. "You mean...I might've got this scar on my flank from falling into that pile?" She looked to her flank, it had a long scar across it.

"Maybe, there's no way we can make sure, I mean if you don't remember much it could've happened when you were younger." Dawnfur meowed flicking her paw.

"I guess you're right, there is no way we can put our paw on it if it might not even me true." Wetpaw shrugged.

Dawnfur nudged her shoulder. "Just keep your eyes on the prize for the gathering, you were the chosen apprentice." Dawnfur grinned.

Wetpaw laughed. "I'm the only apprentice!" She smiled. "I'll race you to camp."

Dawnfur nodded and the two raced to camp.

Wetpaw stretched as she sniffed the prey from the fresh-kill pile. She hardly felt hungry since the gathering was tonight. She decided on a small thrush. It was some of the best prey since the weather turned harsh and cold.

She took a deep breath as Sparrowstar padded toward her, he was a brown tom with a white muzzle and paws.

"Eat up." He smiled. "You need streangh for the competition." He nudged the thrush toward her.

Wetpaw nodded and took a bite, carefully spitting out the feathers. "I know, but Im so excited!" She swallowed the warm meat, licking her lips.

Sparrowstar looked at her. "Well eat as much as you can, when I was an apprentice RiverClan was ruled by a cat named Smokestar, we had a contest amongst RiverClan, we would have competitions with all the RiverClan apprentices. I didn't eat and in the middle of a contest I was so hungry that I lost the contest because of lack of energy." Sparrowstar sighed.

Wetpaw pricked her ears after swallowing another featherless bite. "What was the contest?" She mewed.

"Running." Sparrowstar answered.

Wetpaw swallowed hard. Running was her streangh, expecially in competitions. If she didn't have energy she would surely loose.

"I gotta eat." Wetpaw assured herself as Sparrowstar padded off to call out the people who were going to the gathering.

At the gathering Wetpaw bit her lip, waiting for the competition to start after the leaders talked about their Clans. WindClan said their prey was getting a bit harder to find but they would survive, ShadowClan said they were rich in prey, ThunderClan said their prey was nice but they knew it would get scarcer and RiverClan didn't say much except that the prey was normal. Finally Sparrowstar called onto the apprentices for the competition.

I padded behind Sparrowstar on the split-rock. Spiderpaw, a black tom with grey eyes and brown flecks padded behind ThunderClan's leader, Beetlestar. Hollypaw a black she-cat with white paws and green eyes padded behind the WindClan's leader, Cloudstar. And finally Blackpaw, a black tom with yellow eyes padded behind ShadowClan's leader, Swiftstar.

"Now we will start the Leaf-bare apprentice competition." Beetlestar announced to the Clans.

Meows of encouragment rippled across the cats. Some even cheered for the apprentice that represented their Clan, even Wetpaw heard some cats cheering her name.

She took a deep breath. "Im ready." She murmured.

The other cats looked a tad more confident than Wetpaw, but inside Wetpaw felt like she could win it all. Wetpaw hissed at the other contestants.

"Don't worry about me, I may be small but Im powerful." She growled.

The cats eyed her, expecially Blackpaw. Blackpaw eyed her with more than anger, suspiciousness and something that Wetpaw couldn't put her paw on.

His voice was deep with frightening anger. "Don't bet on it tiny idiot." He snarled.

Wetpaw flinched back.

Finally the competition began. Wetpaw was relieved, first up was the tree climbing contest. Spiderpaw and Blackpaw raced up and down the tree, from Spiderpaw's great climbing skills he won by a mouse-leangh. Next up Hollypaw and Wetpaw.

Wetpaw took a deep breath.

"Ready, set, GO!" Cloudstar called out.

Wetpaw climbed, but her long limbed legs barely let her hold on tightly. Hollypaw climbed like a squirrel and won even before Wetpaw got to climb down. Wetpaw kept calm and congatulated Hollypaw.

As the contests went by, hunting, obstacle courses and even doing rock climbing up a rock hill, Wetpaw lost them all.

"I'm losing..." Wetpaw murmured to Dawnfur.

Dawnfur sighed. "Don't worry, running is up next." She grinned with confidence.

Wetpaw nodded and the Clans were lead to the field for the last challenge.

Wetpaw was in her running stance with all the other apprentices, Blackpaw on her left side, Spiderpaw on her right.

"You're not gonna win shrimp." Blackpaw sneered.

Spiderpaw sighed at Blackpaw's remark along with Hollypaw, obviosly both of them were getting tired of him being such a jerk.

Wetpaw narrowed her eyes. "Let me win, but if I do not win let me be brave in the attempt." She meowed with complete confidence.

"You think that will make you look cooler?" Blackpaw growled.

"GO!" Beetlestar called out.

Wetpaw raced out across the field, everything else blocked from her mind but running. She ran and ran her feet felt like air from how fast she was going, she turned and raced back. Finally she was out of breath and was at the finish line.

Beetlestar nodded in approvel. "Wetpaw wins."

Blackpaw growled clenching his teeth. "Congratulations shrimp." He sneered.

Wetpaw ignored Blackpaw's comment and enjoyed the praises of her clanmates and other cats.

"Good job Wetpaw." Spiderpaw congratulated.

Hollypaw nodded. "Yeah, you did great." She smiled.

Wetpaw finally won, it took awhile but finally she found something she was actually good at. Wetpaw ran over to Dawnfur and grinned brightly.

"Good job Wetpaw, when we get to camp you can have the biggest piece of prey you want." Dawnfur slowly nodded happily.

The Clans said their goodbyes and each padded out to their camps.

Wetpaw lay in her nest after eating the biggest vole she could handle. It was wonderful to be praised by the warriors. She hoped Leafpelt's kits would become apprentices soon, it would only be a moon until they were ready.

I just need to wait for the next gathering and they'll be ready. Wetpaw thought.

There was only three little kits only two moons old when Wetpaw joined MistClan. Two she-kits and one tom. One she-kit named Hazelkit had creamy-brown fur and hazel eyes like her mother, the other she-kit was named Ripplekit, she had blue-grey fur like her father; Grayfeather, her fur looked like ripples and she had blue eyes. The last one, the tom, was named Tigerkit, he had brown fur with black stripes.

Wetpaw kept wondering about the apprentices while she laid on her back. She yawned getting tired, she wondered if how Hazelkit told Wetpaw that Tigerkit liked her was true. She didn't know if she actually liked him back. But then Wetpaw decided she needed some rest. It had been a tough day.

Wetpaw yawned and shut her eyes, her fur shimmered in the moonlight that streamed through the cracks in the roof her den.

Chapter Three- The Apprentice Ceremony

Wetpaw poked the bark of the tree, seeing if the moss was dry enough for the nests.

She stripped it off the tree, thinking about Leafpelt's kits.

"Tomorrow they become apprentices." She meowed to herself.

There was almost some sort of excitement in her mew, Wetpaw was very excited about the kits being apprentices. She wondered what type of apprentices Tigerkit, Ripplekit and Hazelkit would be. Would they be loyal, strong and proud? Wetpaw sighed. Dawnfur had told her all apprentices had a different way of showing the way the were loyal to the Clan. Wetpaw was independent, Tigerkit showed streangh, Hazelkit showed the perfect loyal apprentice, and Ripplekit showed the same thing Wetpaw always wanted, sympathy.

Wetpaw wadded the moss into balls and stuck it into her jaws, then she padded back to camp.

Whitewhisker got up from his nest so Wetpaw could replace the moss. He was the newest elder, and not a very old warrior. He retired early dew to stiffness in his bones, something that made it hard to walk.

Wetpaw gathered up the last of his used nest and replaced it with the springy new moss.

"Good day Wetpaw." He meowed with a deep voice.

Wetpaw turned her head before she grabbed the used moss. "Hey Whitewhisker." She meowed to the white tom with yellow eyes.

Whitewhisker nodded. "Leafpelt's kits are being apprenticed today." He meowed.

"Really? I gotta hurry or Im gonna miss it!" Wetpaw gasped.

"I can make my own nest, just hurry Wetpaw.." Whitewhisker ordered.

Wetpaw nodded and ran out of the den, she saw Tigerkit, Ripplekit and Hazelkit on the River-rock. By them was Sparrowstar waiting patiently.

Wetpaw didn't notice he already called the Clan meeting. Excitment surged through her, but as she looked at the kits she imagined her being almost in kit form snuggling around her mother from her dreams. She shook away the thought and listened to the apprentice ceremony.

Sparrowstar cleared his throat. "By apprenticing kits we show that RiverClan is strong and will never back down." He called out to the Clan.

Many murmurs of approvement rippled across the clearing.

He continued. "Tigerkit, Ripplekit and Hazelkit, until you have reached the state of warriorship you are now Tigerpaw, Ripplepaw and Hazelpaw. Tigerpaw's mentor is Pebblefoot, Ripplepaw's mentor is Snowheart and Hazelpaw's mentor is Creampelt." His voice rose among the cats.

The three warriors padded up to the rock and the three apprentices jumped down and touched noses with them. Pride and joy exploded inside Wetpaw, she remembered becoming an apprentice, he saying the same speech and Dawnfur padding up to her. It was a memory Wetpaw would never forget.

After the cheering and yells died down the three new apprentices crowded over to Wetpaw.

"Now you won't be alone in the apprentice den!" Ripplepaw cheered.

Hazelpaw had a huge smile. "Will you teach us some stuff that will make us the coolest apprentices around?" Hazelpaw pleaded.

Tigerpaw blushed and looked to his paws. "Can I put my nest next to yours?" He meowed a bit embarrassed.

Wetpaw blushed. "I will teach you some cool stuff, and sure you can put your nest next to mine." She smiled happily.

Leafpelt rushed over to her kits. "Guys, go put up your nests and leave Wetpaw alone. She has her own duties to do." Leafpelt ordered.

Ripplepaw groaned. "Aw mom!" She sighed as the three padded to their new den with their mother trailing behind them.

Wetpaw laughed a bit. It was hilarious to see new apprentices emabarrassed by their own mother.

Dawnfur padded up to Wetpaw, her sleek ginger fur was glossy and shimmering. "Wetpaw, can you come on the patrol with us? The river has froze again and we need to check it out." She bit her lip.

Wetpaw hadn't noticed the cold so much since she was warming herself from running and moving around all the time. But then she noticed patches of frosty snow in the clearing. There was even bits of frost stuck on her fur.

"Okay, I'll join the patrol. Who is all in it?" Wetpaw asked.

"Pebblefoot, Grayfeather, and me." Dawnfur meowed.

Wetpaw nodded and the two ran over to the other cats and set out of camp.

Pebblefoot was talking to Grayfeather and Dawnfur as they padded toward the river. "So do you think it's over frozen?" He meowed.

"Probably, the weather is a bit colder at the river than in the camp from all the cats moving around." Dawnfur nodded.

Grayfeather entered the conversation. "But don't forget there is that rush of fish in the river, it could keep enough warmth." He meowed.

Pebblefoot smirked. "But haven't they all gone to warmer places for leaf-bare?" He asked.

Dawnfur nodded. "We must keep that it mind."

Wetpaw looked from warrior to warrior as they talked about the river, she wondered why she was the only apprentice on the patrol, but then she remembered Tigerpaw, Hazelpaw and Ripplepaw were just settling in to their new lives. It would be hard to go on a patrol just after being apprenticed.

Finally the reached the banks of the river.

"Frozen on the top, yet very thin." Pebblefoot meowed.

The other two nodded, agreeing.

Wetpaw spoke for the first time since they left for the patrol. "Don't you think we should test it? Like throw a rock on it to see how thin or thick it is." Wetpaw introduced her idea.

Grayfeather nodded. "Wetpaw is right, just to make sure we should try doing her idea." He agreed with Wetpaw.

Dawnfur smiled. "Okay, I'll go find a rock." She dissapeared into the undergrowth.

"Good job Wetpaw." Pebblefoot smiled looking to her.

Wetpaw felt happiness rise in her, she finally did something good for the Clan.

Dawnfur came back with a rock and threw it out on the ice of the river. It left a dent in it, but it didn't go through.

Pebblefoot gasped. "It's solid," His eyes widened.

Grayfeather bit his lip. "We should report this to Sparrowstar right now."

The other two nodded and they all padded back to camp.

Chapter Four- True Friend

Wetpaw was snuggled into her nest, she was tired after the long day. After they reported the news to Sparrowstar it was sun-down, and once Wetpaw was finished chatting with the new apprentices and having some prey it was already moon-high. Wetpaw hadn't relized she was pressed against Tigerpaw, since the icy winds blew into her den she was cold and needed more warmth so she just pressed against Tigerpaw. Tigerpaw didn't seem to mind it at all.

Wetpaw smiled as she suddenly relized she was pressed against him. She didn't stop though, she was still a bit cold and Tigerpaw was being nice letting her do this.

She yawned and went back to sleep.

Wetpaw awoke to Tigerpaw still against her. She stretched and slowly crept out of the den, not wanting to wake up the new apprentices. She padded into camp and shivered at the frosty air. Suddenly she heard Tigerpaw come out of the den.

"Hey Wetpaw...I was wondering," He meowed to her.

Wetpaw glanced over and smiled seeing it was Tigerpaw. "Hello Tigerpaw, what is it?" She asked.

Tigerpaw bit his lip. "Can you come training with me in the Pebble hollow?" He blurted out.

"I would love to Tigerpaw." Wetpaw purred.

Tigerpaw let out a breath of relief. "Well we better go now or my sisters are gonna decide to tag along with us." He urged.

Wetpaw nodded and they padded to the Pebble Hollow.

Wetpaw looked at the sandy hollow with pebbles rimmed around the edges. Willow trees swooped around them, it was a nice shady place to train. Yet it gave some warmth that distracted Wetpaw from the constant cold.

Tigerpaw perked his striped ears. "What do we do first?" His breath looked like a puff of smoke from the freezing air.

Wetpaw thought for a moment. "We should learn some blows, they could damage an enemy cat badly." Wetpaw told him.

"Im ready to learn it." Tigerpaw meowed.

Wetpaw spent a long time teaching Tigerpaw the blows, everytime he did something wrong Wetpaw would help him out and make it right. Sometimes both of them even did something wrong which made them laugh.

It was about sun-high when they finished and Wetpaw purred swiping her tail across the ground.

"You were great Tigerpaw, I never thought you could learn so many blows in just a day!" Wetpaw grinned.

Tigerpaw glowed with satifaction. "Thanks Wetpaw, it's only possibly because you taught me." He blushed.

Wetpaw was about to say something until a screech echoed through the forest.

"We better get back to camp!" Wetpaw gasped.

Tigerpaw nodded and they raced to camp.

Wetpaw and Tigerpaw burst into camp, cats turned their heads to face them. The faces Wetpaw could see clearly were Snowheart, Creampelt and Ripplepaw.

"What happened?" Wetpaw meowed shivering as another freezing wind blew.

Ripplepaw shook her head. "ShadowClan happened...They attacked us out of blue, and they wanted out territory. They tried running us out." She choked on some words.

Tigerpaw butted in. "Who screeched? Wetpaw and I heard a screech from the Pebble Hollow." Tigerpaw meowed.

Ripplepaw looked away and Snowheart sighed deeply.

"Tigerpaw, your mother was attacked. She was hit with a killer blow. The last thing she did was screech and she fell to the ground." Snowheart then looked away like Ripplepaw.

Tigerpaw's eyes widened. "Is...Is she dead?" Tigerpaw gasped.

Snowheart slowly nodded.

Tigerpaw wailed. "No!" He ran over to the middle of the clearing where his mother's body lay.

Wetpaw was filled with sorrow and she padded over where Tigerpaw sat, Hazelpaw was beside him. Ripplepaw was too sad even to pad over to her mother and moarn with her siblings.

"Im so sorry Tigerpaw..." Wetpaw murmured.

Tigerpaw looked to her and smiled weakly. "It's okay Wetpaw." He licked her cheek. "I still have my sisters my father and you..."

Wetpaw blushed but she could still see the pain and sadness In Tigerpaw's eyes. "You shouldn't have to go through this..." She muttered looking back at the body, anger exploded in her heart.

I need to get back at those ShadowClan low lifes... Wetpaw growled to herself.

Tigerpaw had tears running down his eyes, he was truly sad. Nothing could compare to the loves his mother gave him, not even Wetpaw could cheer him up.

Wetpaw sighed and watched some she-cats take Leafpelt away to put rosemary and other sweet smelling herbs to block off the scent of death for the vigil for her.

Wetpaw could still scent the stench of death, it filled the clearing. The only thing that made this day worse is that even Tigerpaw was sad.

"Wetpaw..." Tigerpaw whispered to her.

Wetpaw looked up. "Yes Tigerpaw?" She whispered back.

Tigerpaw sighed and looked to the sunset. "Im gonna have to use those blows you taught me on some ShadowClan cats." He narrowed his eyes.

Wetpaw slowly nodded. Right now she wanted to fight.

Wetpaw was picked with Tigerpaw and Hazelpaw as the only three apprentices along with a bunch of warriors to fight at the edge of the border with ShadowClan. This battle was called on when Sparrowstar and two other warriors went out to ShadowClan to ask why they attacked, tthey came back saying ShadowClan wanted to battle at the border the bridged their Clans.

The deputy, Flamefall was leading the patrol. His orange tabby fur looked dim in the clouded sunlight. The cats were very quiet. Ever since the death of Leafpelt the cats just wanted to attack ShadowClan.

The cats finally got to the border, there was ShadowClan just waiting for them.

"It'd about time." A black tom sneered.

Sparrowstar narrowed his eyes. "Where's Swiftstar?" He growled.

The tom smirked. "He died, I came in and I was chosen to be leader. My name Is Ragestar and I want to end this battle and take your territory." He hissed.

Wetpaw looked at his eyes, and how he looked. She gasped. This was no ordinary tom from ShadowClan and Wetpaw knew who he was.

This was the tom named Rage from her dreams.

Chapter Five- Extrodinary Battle

Before Sparrowstar could call on the battle Wetpaw ran in front of Sparrowstar and Ragestar.

"Wait!" She yowled. "We can't fight! This cat isn't suppose to be leader! He use to be a murderer!" She growled at Ragestar.

Ragestar narrowed his eyes. "Im gonna kill you first." He hissed in her ear and looked to the cats. "She is obviously misunderstood, Im not a murderer." He meowed.

Wetpaw clenched her teeth. "Look at me Rage." She hissed.

Ragestar stared at Wetpaw, his eyes widening. "Citrine?" He gasped.

"Who?" Sparrowstar said confused.

"I thought you died! When we were chasing you....You fell into a pile of sticks and rocks! You could've never survived!" He snarled.

Wetpaw narrowed her eyes. "I did Rage, and you understand that I know your secrets! You killed my mother!" She looked away before a tear ran across her face.

Sparrowstar growled, now knowing what had happened. Dawnfur must've told him about Wetpaw's weird dreams.

"So you're just a killer? I think you killed Swiftstar so you could become leader!" Sparrowstar hissed.

Ragestar curled his lip. "No," Ragestar sneered. "I killed his deputy too."

Sparrowstar gasped.

Wetpaw dug her claws into the ground. "You killed my mother!" Tears streamed down her face. "I was so small, and you...You took her! Then you wanted me to die!" Wetpaw cried.

Ragestar spat in her face. "I don't allow kits Citrine, and I never did. All kits must die! I made it a rule in BloodClan!" He yelled.

The cats became silent, it was then so clear.

Sparrowstar looked to Wetpaw. "You're from...BloodClan?" His eyes widened.

"You're darn right she is!" Ragestar growled. "Citrine has BloodClan blood in her."

Wetpaw tore the grass from beneath her paws "Im not Citrine! Im Wetpaw!" Wetpaw hissed and clawed at Ragestar's eyes.

Ragestar snarled and pinned Wetpaw down by the chest with one paw. Wetpaw held her breath, the cold wind made it even harder to breathe. But then suddenly the pressure on her chest was thrown off.

Wetpaw struggled up and saw that the three apprentices, Ripplepaw, Hazelpaw and Tigerpaw all attacked Ragestar at the same time. But soon were thrown off, luckily Ragestar was hurt pretty bad from the strong blows the three made.

Sparrowstar then attacked Ragestar and the battle had begun, claws to claws and teeth to teeth. A large warrior jumped aiming for Wetpaw. Wetpaw gasped and dodged it starting to run.

Something held down her tail and Wetpaw looked up. She gasped to see Ragestar holding down her tail. She bit Ragestar's paw and aimed at his throat. She slashed but missed and only slashed at his shoulder.

She imagined him with the coating of blood that she had memories about. She shook the memory away from her head and focused on running. She was terrified that Rage would come and kill her.

Wetpaw looked at Rage. "You won't kill me Rage!" She spat and ran.

Ragestar narrowed his eyes and just sat there, in the middle of the splattering blood. Wetpaw hadn't relized her dark grey fur was turned scarlet red, half of it was other cat's blood that hit her instead. Wetpaw bit her lip and closed her eyes hoping nobody would attack her.

She felt somebody brush against her pelt.

"Tigerpaw!" She sounded relieved, yet the blood and clumps of fur were everywhere.

Tigerpaw purred. "It's okay...If we just stay hidden in the undergrowth nobody will get us." He looked around.

Wetpaw sighed. "I must get out of here!" She shuddered.

Tigerpaw looked at the battling cats. "I will come back Wetpaw. Go back to camp, when the battle is over I promise I'll pad into that camp." He dipped his head.

Wetpaw heasitated but she knew she had to go. She looked at Tigerpaw sadly and scurried to camp hidden by the undergrowth.

Wetpaw sat by Ripplepaw, Ripplepaw looked to Wetpaw.

"Are you okay? You seem troubled." She meowed.

Wetpaw looked to Ripplepaw, she was a little smaller than she was but yet Ripplepaw was younger.

She sighed. "It's Tigerpaw, he let me escape while he told me he had to stay in battle." Wetpaw twitched her tail.

Ripplepaw looked to the setting sun as the first star came out. "He is brave...If he dies, his death will be avenged." She sat up settling her look to her paws.

"He will make It, he promised me." Wetpaw held back the tears that were behind her eyes.

"Wetpaw, I may be younger but I know this. Promises in battle can be broken, not by the cat who promised but by the cat why broke it." Ripplepaw closed her eyes sadly.

Wetpaw looked to her. "So, he might not make it?" Wetpaw's fur rose.

Ripplepaw nodded. "If a cat is so cruel enough just to fight for the kill." Ripplepaw sighed.

Wetpaw looked to the rising moon.

Please come back Tigerpaw...Please. Wetpaw pleaded to herself.

Hazelpaw prodded Wetpaw in the middle of the night. Wetpaw opened her eyes and yawned sleepily.

"What is it Hazelpaw?" Wetpaw meowed groggily.

Hazelpaw purred. "Wetpaw, ShadowClan was forced to retreat. But it was almost dawn when they decided to quit." She looked tired.

Wetpaw saw it was light out. "Did you get any sleep?" She asked.

Hazelpaw shook her head. "Nor did Tigerpaw, we came in here to tell you the good news. Well I did, Tigerpaw is snoozing outside." She yawned.

"He's alive?" Wetpaw's eyes brightened.

Hazelpaw nodded, still wanting to end the conversation. "Yeah, he barely made it out. Sunnywhisker tended to his wounds when it was almost dawn and we came back. I'm telling you, being the only one that hid from the battle was pretty weak." She moaned thinking about it.

Wetpaw thought about Hazelpaw. "You are a young apprentice. Don't worry, I mean the worst battle I've been through was the one when we battled WindClan and I was just guarding camp! Now just get some rest." Wetpaw nodded her head to Hazelpaw's nest and headed out of the den.

Some of the scratches on her pelt still stung a bit but it didn't compare to what Tigerpaw's state was in. She saw him laying by one pine tree, shading under the little flecks of snow that drizzled down.

Wetpaw shook off the frosty bits as she ran toward him, he had cobwebs all around his two hind-legs, and seemed to keep those two stretched out, it looked as if his legs hurt more than the scratches and wounds on his side.

"Are you okay?" Wetpaw sat by his side.

Tigerpaw lifted his head. "Wetpaw?" He yawned.

Wetpaw nodded. "Tigerpaw, what happened to your legs!" She meowed.

Tigerpaw looked to his cobwebbed legs. "My first severe battle wound." He laughed and looked to her. "Some ShadowClan warrior threw me across some rocks and my legs got like hurt badly. Sunnywhisker told me they aren't broken but yet they hurt like nuts." He smirked.

Wetpaw licked his ear. "It was brave of you to stay in battle so I could escape." She smiled.

Tigerpaw blushed. "It was nothing..." He bit his lip.

Wetpaw shook her head. "No Tigerpaw, you were wounded for me. It takes a true friend to do that." She purred.

As Wetpaw started to pad away Tigerpaw looked to her. "Hey Wetpaw, thanks for being my friend." He looked to his paws.

Wetpaw nodded and padded off smiling.

Chapter Six- The Beginning Of Them

Wetpaw felt the snow come down on the white forest floor, it was a beautiful sight. The banks of the trees were white and the bark on the trees had flecks of frost. All topped off by the white blanket of snow that rested on the forest floor.

Wetpaw thought about Rage, she knew her dreams were real. But she was called Citrine and the last she saw of Rage in those so called memories is when he was chasing her almost over five moons ago. She looked to see that the rest of the teaching patrol was with her, Hazelpaw, Ripplepaw, and Sparrowstar was with the three apprentices.

Sparrowstar looked to them. "Halt and sit." He meowed to them.

Wetpaw swatted her tail and the snow making it melt down so she could see on solid ground. Hazelpaw fluffed her fur up, she had that thicker fur since she was still new to being an apprentice. Wetpaw knew it took time fur her fur to become glossy. Though she still had some fluffy areas here and there.

Sparrowstar nodded to them. "Since the lake has iced over we can't train. But in three more moons the lake will melt then we may train, but for now we'll use the snow as a substance." He meowed.

"How can we use it Sparrowstar?" Ripplepaw asked flicking her tail. "I mean, it's freezing!" She shivered.

Sparrowstar sighed. "I guess you're right, If I was you trudge hard in the snow you might get white-cough." She meowed.

Hazelpaw shrugged. "So do we call off training today?" She mused.

Sparrowstar shook his head. "We will hunt instead. With the lowness on prey we need all we can catch." He looked to the distance ears perking for the slightest sound of a mouse scurrying around.

Wetpaw felt her stomach grumble and she nodded, they desperatly needed prey. Not only for her but the elders, even Whitewhisker seemed almost too old the bare, since the moons had passed he seemed to care even less about taking care of himself.

She shook the thought from her head and looked back and Sparrowstar nodding. She looked to the iced over ferns and sighed. Today it would be harder to catch prey than any other day in Leaf-bare. Instead of hunting Wetpaw dodged those patrols and went on the border ones. Which were way easier even with the snowy border markings.

Wetpaw slipped through the ferns and sniffed around for the slightest scent of prey in this snow full area. There was nothing, it looked like the Clan would become hungry once again.

Wetpaw came back to camp empty pawed, Hazelpaw and Ripplepaw both got a mouse but sadly Wetpaw kept searching but never found anything.

Tigerpaw ran to her. "Wetpaw! Dawnfur ran off, she told me she was going to the river! But it's iced over!" He breathed.

"Oh no!" Wetpaw gasped. "I need to find her, you stay here!" Wetpaw ran out of camp.

Wetpaw ran threw the snow. "Dawnfur!" She cried.

There was no site on the ginger warrior, where was she?

She could've already got to the river so Wetpaw ran in the direction of the river, she kept running ignoring the frosty pain in her feet from the freezing snow.

Finally, she caught site of a ginger color in the bright whiteness that covered the land.

"Dawnfur!" She yowled and ran to her.

Dawnfur slowly turned and looked at Wetpaw pain in her eyes. "Wetpaw...Leave now."

"But...Why Dawnfur? The river is iced over, what are you doing?" She murmured.

Dawnfur shook her head and dissapeared in the ferns.

Wetpaw gasped and heard ice crack, she ran into the ferns and saw Dawnfur sputtering and splashing in the water.

"NO! Dawnfur!" Wetpaw cried loudly and ran to the edge of the river.

When the current pushed Dawnfur closer to her Wetpaw grabbed her scruff and heaved her up.

Wetpaw looked at the wet ginger warrior.

"Dawnfur...Why did you go over the river? You knew it was iced over..." Wetpaw's lip quivered.

Dawnfur heaved in a heap of air. "Wetpaw, I need to tell you something....I wanted to die, I needed to. So you didn't now what I did. But it's time I tell you the truth...When your mother was taken by your father, It was me who killed her. I nver told you because I left, I never wanted to kill her, I was forced to. But I left to here for a new start, but then I met you and you became my apprentice...Im so sorry Wetpaw...But this is a start of a new goodbye."

Wetpaw gasped. "Dawnfur...No please, don't go...I will avenge this, Rage will die....." Wetpaw cried.

Wetpaw looked at the soaked body, she couldn't believe her own mentor had killed her own mother. But why Dawnfur? How could this happen? But she knew this was bad, Ragestar was killing too many cats, and not from claw and teeth.

The dawn light bursted into the apprentice den as Wetpaw woke up. Grief tugged at her pelt as she felt anxiousness churn in her belly. Her new mentor was Flamefall, it was an honor to be mentored by the deputy but Wetpaw was sad from the loss of Dawnfur. Nothing could compare to her, she was with Wetpaw even in the gathering competition. But when Wetpaw had to tell Sparrowstar she said she saw Dawnfur accidently fall into the river while trying to fish over the iced river. But that lie would linger in her mind forever.

She shook away the thought when she saw Tigerpaw pad to her.

"Hey Wetpaw..." He meowed softly, just like when he became an apprentice.

Wetpaw looked to him and she faked a smile. "What's up?" She meowed.

Tigerpaw bit his lip. "Well you're gonna become a warrior in two moons...Then I have to wait three moons after you become a warrior so I can..." He sighed.

"So? What's wrong about that?" Wetpaw looked confused.

"I wanted us to be warrior together..." He shuffled his paws looking down.

Wetpaw blushed. "Oh...I may be able to squeeze some things by Sparrowstar so you and your sisters can become...Well, warriors with me." She smiled.

Tigerpaw's eyes widened. "R-really! That would be great Wetpaw! Thank you! Thank you!" He purred.

Wetpaw nodded but then stopped. "Tigerpaw..." She whispered.

Tigerpaw looked to her. "What is it Wetpaw?" He asked.

"We can't deny it any longer Tigerpaw! I love you!" She cried out.

Tigerpaw looked stunned. "Are...Are you serious?" He meowed softly.

Wetpaw nodded blushing.

"Wetpaw...So it's true, I love you too." He meowed smiling.

Wetpaw grinned. "Then in a moon we can be together." She closed her eyes purring.

Flamefall shivered against the bits of snow that stuck to his fur. "Wetpaw, have you learned the water combat moves?" He asked, even though the lake still was frozen over along with the river they practiced some of the water moves in the snow since the snow had died down.

Wetpaw nodded. "Dawnfur taught me some and you taught me the rest." She choked a bit saying Dawnfur.

"Good good. And all the regular basic moves?" He flicked his tail.

Wetpaw nodded once more. "Yes Flamefall. I learned those in the my first three moons of training."

Flamefall stiffled a purr. "You will be a wonderful warrior."

"Thanks Flamefall." Wetpaw dipped her head. "You were a good mentor."

"And you were a good learner." He meowed.

Wetpaw looked up. "When will I take my final assisment?" She asked, curiousity in her eyes.

"Soon my apprentice. When the time comes you will know and I will know." He closed his eyes.

"Okay." Wetpaw nodded, wishing with anticiapation that her assisment would be tomorrow.

Flamefall looked to the setting sun, the air getting colder as the sun went closer to the horizon. "Go back to camp Wetpaw, I'll stay here and hunt." He looked back to her.

Wetpaw perked her frost studded ears. "Shouldn't I stay and hunt to?" She mew sounded sad.

"No. It's getting cold and I need you to check up on Grayfeather and Ripplepaw." He bit his lip. "They're both in Sunnywhisker's den, they've been coughing all day." Then he murmured something else to himself.

Wetpaw flinched. What if they have green-cough? She thought frightened.

She nodded and headed to the closest path to camp.

Wetpaw skidded to a stop at the entrance to RiverClan camp. She slowly rustled in through the ferns that guarded the scent of RiverClan so intruders couldn't scent RiverClan camp so easily. The burst into camp, seeing Tigerpaw sleeping under a tree, a new bundle of cobwebs wrapped up his legs.

She turned her head over to the medicine den, seeing faint shadows from inside. She slowly padded to the medicine den, and saw Sunnywhisker looking over two cats. Grayfeather and Ripplepaw.

Wetpaw gasped. "A-are they okay?" She swallowed hard.

Sunnywhisker's fur was dull and she looked sad. "No...They're both very sick, and I don't think I can save them."

"Is there any hope?" Wetpaw pleaded.

Sunnywhisker stayed silent until she shook her head.

Wetpaw closed her eyes, no wonder the den seemed dimmed and dark. StarClan was trying to tell them that these cats weren't going to survive.

Wetpaw turned her head when Ripplepaw sniffed, her nose runny. Wetpaw winced, she couldn't bare loosing one of her denmates, and she knew Tigerpaw and Hazelpaw wouldn't bare loosing two members of their family.

Grayfeather flicked his tail in his sleep, he murmured, "ShadowClan has fallen..." Then he murmured other words in his rest that were too low to understand.

Those words stung in Wetpaw's mind, then she remembered what ShadowClan's leader had done to her Clan, Rage or so called "Ragestar" had almost crippled Tigerpaw, had killed Dawnfur and put her Clan into battle once two many times. She knew her promise to herself, she needed to find a way to kill that horrible leader, and she would have Tigerpaw by her side.

"Thank you Sunnywhisker." Wetpaw dipped her head and padded out of the medicine den.

Chapter Seven- The Time Begins

Wetpaw slowly trotted through the snow, it came belly high on her. A white kit would surely be lost in this ocean of snow forever if it got loose.

She was following after the clan. Tonight was the gathering. She was scared, would Rage follow the gathering rules? She bit her lip hard. Then she realized, Rage might not even come to the gathering, and if he did, no matter how bad she wanted to kill him, she couldn't. Even though Rage was a rogue, he became leader and has control over ShadowClan. How come the deputy didn't take Swiftstar's place? And who was that over black tom by Rage's side...The yellow eyes seemed so familiar, and his strong body made him look bigger than he was, he was hiding a small body under the muscle. And just so swiftly she remember the scent on him...

Blackpaw! Wetpaw bit back the words while they padded to the gathering.

Why didn't she think of this earlier! Blackpaw was surely a scheming cat, so selfish and cruel. She should've known why he was at Rage's side. They were a perfect match of evil and darkness, sent straight from the Dark Forest. She remembered when Blackpaw was so angry and full of complete hatred when Wetpaw had won the apprentice competition moons before. Blackpaw was very ignorant and selfish, he didn't even truly congratulate Wetpaw after she won, he was just so angry he didn't win himself.

"Wetpaw? Are you okay?" Wetpaw flinched as Hazelpaw nudged her as she walked. "You're stumbling every few minutes."

Wetpaw lifted her head, no realizing she had it straight to her paws, she was so lost in thought. But when she saw Hazelpaw's usually bright and pretty hazel eyes, they were dull. Very dull, almost grey. Wetpaw gaped in awe, and remembered that Hazelpaw's sister, Ripplepaw, was in the medicine den, sick as a squirrel.

"Wetpaw?" Hazelpaw interrupted her thoughts again. "You're acting stranger than usual today."

Wetpaw shook her head. "It's nothing," She soothed. "Really, just thinking about what Dawnfur is going to teach me tomorrow that's all." Wetpaw suddenly stopped, her talking wouldn't just tumble out of her mouth, tears formed in her eyes and she looked away from Hazelpaw, and stopped walking.

Hazelpaw gasped, "Wetpaw!" She nuzzled her her friend. "Don't worry, she's watching you from StarClan...Don't be sad."

Wetpaw looked up and made a fake smile.

But she was the one who killed my mother...

Wetpaw stared up at the Splitrock, the leaders sat their, it was divided into four sections for each Clan. She stared at the spot where Swiftstar use to sit, she felt a pang of grief, Rage probably killed him...Like he did with her mother. Then she remembered when he first came here, to the Clans, he admitted he killed the leader and his deputy.

The spot stayed empty....For only minutes felt like days. Beetlestar and Cloudstar sat on the pieces of the Splitrock along with RiverClan's leader Sparrowstar. RiverClan's deputy, Flamefall, sat near the rock, his nose almost about to touch the frost covered stone. Wetpaw looked to her mentor, anxiety drenched in his scent. His eyes were drawn to the spot the ShadowClan leader was suppose to sit, Wetpaw suddenly felt a pang of anger, but almost as if there were wounds on her that could not be healed. She thought of Rage as an...An enemy. But something hit her, Rage's blood was in her. Rage was her father, not just a horrible enemy, her father.

To Wetpaw's relief, ShadowClan never came. They walked back to camp in complete silence, not even Hazelpaw spoke. Wetpaw padded noisly as she walked, the ground squished each time she lay her paw down. She was exhausted when they got back to camp, she padded into her den and looked at Tigerpaw's nest.

Empty. She thought he must be in the medicine den, hoping Ripplepaw and Grayfeather would survive the harsh sickness that lurked in their bodies.

Wetpaw collapsed in her nest, but her eyes wouldn't shut. Hazelpaw sat upright. Wetpaw's eyes rolled to her, Hazelpaw's honey colored fur ruffled, looking at the walls of the den. Wetpaw staggered to her paws then half-crawling, made her way to Hazelpaw. Hazelpaw looked down to Wetpaw, her hazel eyes covering more than the clouds covering the sky. She looked away fast as soon as Wetpaw caught a small glimpse of her cloudy eyes.

"Hazelpaw?" Wetpaw coughed out from exhaustion. "Are you okay?" She yawned, fur on her neck puffing up.

Hazelpaw shook her head. "Wetpaw...I-I can't tell you." She looked away, fur growing dull. "There's some things...Not even best friends can know..." She managed to choke out the last words with all her streangth.

Wetpaw looked up hurt, Hazelpaw had been one of her good friends. She could tell Wetpaw anything, and by the way Hazelpaw was acting, the secret wasn't about her...

Wetpaw went straight onto her paws and slowly settled into her nest. She didn't know what happened after she slowly closed her eyes and faded into the dizzyness of a dreamless sleep, but Hazelpaw was seen in a corner swirly vision before she fully closed her eyes...

Wetpaw opened her eyes to the forest around her, stars glinted overhead and the reflection appeared wonderfully on her almost black fur. Her tinted yellow eyes looked from one place to another, amazement covering them over. The turned around almost by instinct to RiverClan around her.

"RiverClan," She spoke intentially. "I, your leader, is leading you into the battle of ShadowClan." She said amused with how broadly she spoke.

Mrrows of agreement and hisses of anger for ShadowClan rose up from the cats about, almost every apprentice was there, along with the warriors. Their muscles shone beneath their fur more than any other Clan, beside Wetpaw was Hazelpaw, looking stronger and more mature then she ever had. Her eyes shone with complete hatred for the Clan they were about to battle. But to Wetpaw's complete dismay, Tigerpaw was nowhere in sight.

"Tigerpaw?" She meowed her eyes blinking in confusion.

Hazelpaw gasped, her mouth gaping as she looked up to Wetpaw. "Wetstar, you said to never speak of Tigereyes, the traitor." She whispered to her as if saying the name was a crime.

Wetpaw felt almost as if the name was a curse, and she was to be swallowed into the darkness for even saying it, she kept back a emotional mutter and looked to Hazelpaw. "Hazelpaw, why is Tigerpaw a traitor?"

Hazelpaw looked at Wetpaw in more shock, "Wetstar, my leader, I haven't been called Hazelpaw since our past leader Sparrowstar gave me my warriors name, Hazelstream." Hazelpaw blinked in surprise.

"You didn't answer my question Hazelpa- err....Hazelstream." Wetpaw felt a bit snappy from this suprising conversation.

Hazelpaw shook her head, looking down to her light paws in complete depression. She opened her mouth the say something but then her whole body turned into sand that blew into the wind. Wetpaw gasped, her eyes were as wide as the moon. A chorus of voices boomed- There's some things not even best friends can know...

Wetpaw looked around, all of RiverClan was turning to sand of their former selves. Wetpaw looked around for any cat that didn't just turn into dust or sand that was faded into the wind, all she saw made her horrified.

Tigerpaw was in a vision, he was being chased by RiverClan.

Wetpaw was leading them.

The sun rose like a scarlet gem off the horizon, Tigerpaw, his green eyes glinting of the bright red that grew from the sun. He shook his head, feeling dizzy.

"Agh..." He murmured quietly as he sat in the field, the borders lay far from where he sat. His eyes shone only from the sun, trying to hide the lies laying beneath him.

The memories came to him like a bomb, the cold stare of Rage that was hot beneath Tigerpaw's fur. Tigerpaw ruffled his pelt, trying to keep the memory from entering his mind again. But he couldn't make it stop, it was too strong for him to forget. A headache rose into his head and he swiped the sweat from his forehead, he bit his tongue added a bit of blood to his taste.

He was a traitor.

Tigerpaw imagined what had happened, he was running...Fast and strong, trying to get back to RiverClan camp. A screech hit his ears and he turned his head straight to the direction of ShadowClan. His breath was taken away when the scent of blood exploded into his nostrils. Tigerpaw raced to the ShadowClan border, his ears and eyes were alarmed at the screeches that tried to be hushed coldly by someone...The whispers were loud, clearly loud enough to be heard even by a field mouse. Tigerpaw ran past the border and looked about, blood patched the ground that lead a trail near the center of the marshes. Holding his breath Tigerpaw took another run about to where the blood trailed to, his eyes widened as his muscles urged him to go on. But his running stopped as he almost fainted from the horrible site he saw.

Swiftstar lay motionless on the ground, one leg was stripped of all the meat all you could see was the blood stained bone. Tigerpaw gasped and almost stopped breathing on the spot, his eyes stared at Ragestar, or Rage was what Wetpaw called him. Ragestar was ripping the fur from a now dead deputy, the deputy of ShadowClan. Tigerpaw felt confused but his eyes showed a different story, such streangth and power. Itching his way to leadership, making a new era of wonder and life!

Tigerpaw walked up from the shadows and meowed darkly and coldly as Ragestar would. "Ragestar." He meowed as broad as he could. "You have power and only a leader could wonder about your streangth." The words tumbled from his mouth as a smirky grin rose. He didn't know the darkness that was coming over him, like wielding hatred and shadows together to put into his mind. "You want leadership, but you can have leadership over all the Clans."

Ragestar looked to Tigerpaw and grinned. "Tigerpaw isn't it?" He closed his eyes. "I see how you admire my complete hunger for power. But what is your plan?"

Tigerpaw gasped and shook the memory away, it was horrible. Plotting with Ragestar just to take over all the Clans with him, he didn't know what happened after that. But again he did, but didn't want himself to know. It was too blood-thristy and so much pain for him.

He was plotting against all the Clans. Just to get power.

He was a traitor, no matter how many times to tried to claw away the memory. He had no idea what came over his tongue, what darkness lurked in his mind. He suddenly felt so stupid, but how would he tell Wetpaw? That he just plotted against her with her own father! How could he even do that...


The words entered his mind, Hazelpaw knew. Hazelpaw could keep little secrets, but this secret...She would suffer trying to keep it from anyone. Tigerpaw begged Hazelpaw not to, even though he was his sister she knew she wanted him to stop. Tigerpaw couldn't, no matter his love for his Clan, Ragestar was very convincing, very...Well, Tigerpaw guessed his eyes could just persuade yourself into joining him.

Tigerpaw looked as he realized the sun rose high in the sky, sunhigh warmth hit his tiger like pelt. His eyes glared and he sighed, what...What would Wetpaw think? He almost got lost in thought thinking about the pain and anger in her eyes. Ragestar, or how she called him, Rage, was her father. Wetpaw had nothing but hatred for him, for taking away her mother.

"Well who cares!" Tigerpaw spat baring his thorn like teeth. "I lost my mother too-...." His voice trailed off.

ShadowClan killed his mother.

Rage almost killed him.

Wetpaw stared at the sun, raised high in the sky. Tigerpaw had gone, Hazelpaw said he was out hunting. Hunting for almost a half moon? What a mousebrained lie. Something happened, and her dream told all. Tigerpaw was a traitor, but...Why? And how did Hazelpaw involve in it?

Wetpaw gasped and whipped around, hazel eyes met hers.

"Hazelpaw!" She breathed. "StarClan, you scared the Dark Forest out of me!" She shook her head, tail lashing.

Hazelpaw looked like a ghost, her eyes were wild and her fur looked ungroomed. "W-w....Wetpaw!"

Wetpaw was suprised, Hazelpaw never had been this scared or aware in her life. "What....What is it Hazelpaw?" She barely spoke.

"He's a....He's a...."

"Who! And what is he!" Wetpaw demanded, neck fur raising.


Wetpaw practically fell over, her legs went stiff and her eyes felt like they came out of her head. "T-Tigerpaw? R-right?" She stuttered, almost out of breath that very second.

"How did you...." Hazelpaw lowered her voice to a quavery whisper. "How did you know?"

Wetpaw didn't feel like keeping all her secrets bundled in her mind, she knew she could trust Hazelpaw. "I had...I had a dream." Wetpaw began feeling more confident each word she spoke. "I was leader, and I think you were deputy."

Hazelpaw blinked in suprise.

Wetpaw continued, "Well, it ended up using Tigerpaw's name was a crime," She shook the dream away for a moment, "And well, then I was shocked, I asked you why he was one...Then a voice, a chorus of voices sad what you said to me yesterday...There's somethings not even-..." She stopped then continued, cutting off her sentance. "Well, then I saw...Tigerpaw, being chased by, RiverClan. Led by..."

"By who?" Hazelpaw tilted her head, eyes clouded in thought.


Hazelpaw almost burst into sobs, but her streangth held as she only let out two tears. "Tigerpaw...He, he is a traitor. He told me, he...Plotted." The word rung in Wetpaw's ears like a terrible screech that made her blood turn ice cold.

"With...W-with who?" Wetpaw dared to ask with all her might.

"Ragestar, I mean Rage....Your father." Her voice whispered almost hissing into Wetpaw's ears.

"Rage!" Wetpaw spat, her eyes turning firey. "No...This cannot be! He isn't...He isn't like that!" Wetpaw shook her head, her ears turning hot.

"It's...It's true..." Hazelpaw began telling Wetpaw the story about what happened.

Wetpaw shook her head, "But...He knows!" She cried. "I...I gotta find him!" She looked around then raced off, out of camp into the darkness of the morning.


Chapter Eight- Traitor Speaks

Wetpaw tripped upon her paws, her face hit straight into the ground, she got to her paws and shook the muddy brown snow from her face. A brown tiger-like cat ran to her, almost collapsing at her paws.

"Wetpaw? Is...Is that you?" A whispering mrowed from the cat.

Wetpaw looked up dizzly then with alarm, scrambled to her paws. "How...How could you!" Wetpaw screamed out, her lungs hurting from how hard she yowled.

Tigerpaw backed up, his green eyes gleaming with almost...Fear. "Wetpaw....No...No!" He turned around backing her, his fur glistening ever so slightly.

"I expect an answer traitor!" Wetpaw snarled.

Tigerpaw lifted his head then turned back to her, fur standing on end. "Calling me a traitor?" He hissed. "You're the one with BloodClan blood!" He spat.

Wetpaw backed up, her eyes froze into his and she looked away. "Tigerpaw...." She whispered with slight anger. "It's over. Never again will...Will I forgive you." She shook her head, then padded off, her pawprings shining in the snow.

Wetpaw looked back into her memories remembering that time....The time when Tigerpaw told her he loved her and she loved him back.


"What is it Wetpaw?"

"We can't deny it any longer Tigerpaw! I love you!"

"Are...Are you serious?".

"Wetpaw...So it's true, I love you too."

"Then in a moon we can be together."

Her breath turned into small clouds of fog as she closed her eyes, then finally she started to cry. She just cried, collapsing in the snow, her tears stopped as she laid, freezing cold in the white deathly frost, she lay there until Hazelpaw and a patrol found her and took her back to camp.

Tigerpaw sat in the snow covered field, flurries of snow hit his eyes, he rapidly blinked melting the droplets. His eyes glanced to the almost faded pawprints. He knew what happened, and the only soul who knew what happened that day was Wetpaw. The only others were along the bows of StarClan.

His eyes glinted the sunset off the surface of his pupils.

There was no choice, he had to go back to the Clan. He must face what Sparrowstar was going to give him. Even if it was the horrible thing he dreaded most.


Wetpaw breathed out, her breath turning to fog and looked to the medicine den, Hazelpaw was peeking inside. The medicine den. When she looked back to Wetpaw she had known Hazelpaw had been crying earlier.

"It doesn't look too good..." Hazelpaw swallowed, eyes red and puffy. "Ripplepaw is getting stronger but..." Hazelpaw cut off her words almost as if they slipped from her mind.

Wetpaw bit her lip. "W-what...?" Her voice quivered.

"Grayfeather is getting worse," Hazelpaw padded closer to Wetpaw, her voice going down to a whisper. "They're going to move him to a small den of his own, Sunnywhisker...She said she doesn't want me near him even." Hazelpaw looked as if she was about to burst into sobs.

"That's horrible! Why is he being moved?" Wetpaw felt guilt bring her down, she didn't know why though, she couldn't have made Grayfeather sick.

Hazelpaw choked back tears. "He has Green-cough, worse than Green-cough. He has something so horrible, he's so sick and his eyes just let streams of tears without will, he's loosing fur....Coughing up blood...." Hazelpaw starting to get a high tearful voice. "Sunnywhisker said she needs to make a new name for the sickness even....She calls it-..." Hazelpaw swallowed back the tears. "Blackchest."

The name grabbed Wetpaw's heart and dragged it into the ice, it made her feel cold and even like she was caught with the sickness. The name seemed so cruel and dark, like swallowing ice and feeling it land hard in your belly.

"B-blackchest....?" She let her voice lower to a very low whisper.

Hazelpaw glanced back to the entrance of the den. "Yeah...That...."

Wetpaw followed Hazelpaw's eyes to the medicine den. "Will Sunnywhisker let me visit Ripplepaw?"

"She said tomorrow," Hazelpaw replied. "They need to get Grayfeather into his own den..." Her words were dim, and lifeless. Almost as if she had even gave up on life.

Wetpaw blinked, if almost loosing two more family members was as hard to take as dying yourself to Hazelpaw, what would she think when Tigerpaw would come back? Wetpaw knew he wouldn't even dare to try if she was around, all the feelings, everything she had for him had vanished. Or had they, was the question Wetpaw would ask to herself at night before slowly letting her eyelids sweep over her sleepy eyes.

Clashing claws, biting...Tearing....Destroying....

A monster breaking down, letting toxic fluids flow away from a puncture in it's back.

And explosion, two sisters, fighting along eachother. Fire blazing.


Wetpaw struck awake, Hazelpaw sleeping merrily beside her. Her claws flexed, she realized she was still alive. She faintly remembered the dream that made her shoot awake, she turned her head to the entrance of the den and realized it was almost dawn.

The dream....An explosion, caused by...A monster's blood? How was that near possible? And those two cats...They looked like two she knew, but who were they...It was extremely painful in her mind to struggle to even remember that half of the dream.

"Wetpaw?" A yawn came from beside her. Wetpaw turned her head to see Hazelpaw, droopy eyes, obviously tired.

"Oh, morning Hazelpaw. I'm going to go to the clearing." Wetpaw decided.

Hazelpaw nodding, without hesitation, went back to sleep. Wetpaw creeped into the clearing, looking to the small hole where the fresh-kill was kept, Sparrowstar and Flamefall were talking beside it, in somewhat hushed voices.

Wetpaw sprinted over and started looking through the fresh-kill pile, perking her ears intently on the conversation.

"The road that seperates RiverClan and ShadowClan has become awefully crowded with plenty of cars." Flamefall meowed.

Wetpaw's eyes widened in surprise for those words Flamefall spoke, as she picked through the fresh-kill, making sure she didn't look like and eavesdropper.

Sparrowstar's whiskers twitched. "I know you were raised by your mother by the language of the two-legs, but it doesn't been kittypet slang should be used around...The Clan..." His voice dropped, eyes glancing towards Wetpaw who looked like she was intently searching for a good piece of prey.

Sparrowstar's words put Wetpaw in a moment of shock, two-leg, kittypet....Did this mean Flamefall, RiverClan deputy, was originally a kittypet?

"Well, scrap that. But have you been talked to by StarClan?" Flamefall blinked, shuffling his paws against the snowy ground.

Sparrowstar sighed. "Last night, a dream that seemed very real." He looked straight toward Wetpaw. "You have spent enough time looking through the prey Wetpaw, pick one and go." His voice was flat and blank.

Wetpaw could've jumped with surprise, she grabbed a scrawny vole by mistake and padding to a tree near the medicine den. She swallowed the vole in a few bites, feeling almost less full then before. She coughed, clearing her throat, wondering if Sunnywhisker was awake. Gaining confidence she padded in, to a great deal of surprise, Ripplepaw was the only one there, sitting up, scarfing down a mouse, she probably hadn't eaten for a while.

She swallowed, eyes lighting up at Wetpaw. "Wetpaw!" She mrowed, her voice normal, unlike her last visit in the medicine den.

Wetpaw gave a smile. "Hey Ripplepaw, how are you?" She asked padding up to her nest.

"Really good," Ripplepaw tossed the bones of mouse aside, and purred as she stretched out her back. "Sunnywhisker says I might be able to visit the clearing today," She paused. "Maybe even out of camp if I'm lucky."

"Hey," Wetpaw dimmed her voice. "Can I talk to you about something? Friend to friend?" Wetpaw breathed.

Ripplepaw blinked curiously. "Sure, what is it?"

Wetpaw's thoughts brought pain to her head, as if her dream was flashing toward her. "You're one of the sisters!" She gasped.

Ripplepaw's tail shot up. "W-what...?" She seemed out of breath.

"In my dream last night," Wetpaw began. "A monster's back was punctured, it seemed that it would bleeding...And there was fighting, a pair of sister's were fighting alongside eachother, when an explosion brought fire." Wetpaw looked to her paws.

"D-do you think it was a sign from StarClan?" Ripplepaw's eyes widened.

Wetpaw tried to keep a calm voice. "I think, but...With Tigerpaw and everything-..." She stopped, knowing she had told too much.

Ripplepaw's ears perked. "What do you mean with Tigerpaw?" Ripplepaw blinked.

"Well....I think I should leave this too Hazelpaw..." Wetpaw breathed, feeling worse each word she spoke.

Ripplepaw looked anxiously to the exit of the medicine den. "Let's go now!"

"Ripplepaw, we can't yet-" Wetpaw barely finished her sentance until she gasped as Ripplepaw ran out.

Wetpaw swiftly followed her, catching up easily as her long legs avoided the snow, trying to trip you. "R...Ripplepaw." She took time to catch her breath.

Hazelpaw was struck with horror, her eyes directly on Ripplepaw, the two staring straight at eachtoher. Wetpaw was too late.

"W-what did you ask me...?" Hazelpaw seemed painstruck.

"What happened to Tigerpaw." Ripplepaw repeated.

Wetpaw winced, looking to her paws as each word of the explanation Hazelpaw spoke was very detailed, and it pained her to hear all of it. By the ending Ripplepaw appeared to be ready to faint.

Ripplepaw's eyes streamed with tears. "My...Own brother...!" She weeped, burrying her muzzle into Hazelpaw's chest.

Wetpaw could feel the pain Ripplepaw was feeling. But suddenly her head whipped around, loud rustling came straight from the gorse tunnel that lead into camp.

"Intruders!" She announced, horrorstruck.

Hazelpaw gapsed, Ripplepaw turned her head, mouth gaped.

Wetpaw's eyes widened, Hazelpaw and Ripplepaw supported her two sides.


Chapter Nine- Grim Ending

Tigerpaw padded up, hiding the shame clouded in his eyes, Sparrowstar gleefully walked up to him.

"Tigerpaw! You've come back!" He said in a cheerful tone.

Tigerpaw swallowed hard, "No Sparrowstar," He meowed, his voice grim, with slight fear. "I'm a traitor."

"What?" Sparrowstar sounded almost like he'd heard a million lies pour into his head.

Wetpaw blocked out the other words Tigerpaw spoke, cats crowded around, faces in awe, some muttering curses at him, some saying curses aloud.

Wetpaw saw with horror, as Sparrowstar lept onto the WaterRock, he scowled at Tigerpaw and then called a Clan meeting. "As RiverClan has heard, our own blood has betrayed us. Telling Ragestar every secret we have, there's only one thing we have to do to traitors as horrible as these," Sparrowstar growled.

Tigerpaw flattened his ears, looking frightened.

Wetpaw glanced to Ripplepaw and Hazelpaw, who were crying softly together. Wetpaw turned her head, her stomach churning, she knew what Sparrowstar was going to say maybe she could stop this from happening-.


Wetpaw's eyes widened. "NO!" She yowled.

The cats cornered Tigerpaw, his eyes widening. Tigerpaw struggled hard, he managed to leap away from the cats and run to Wetpaw. Wetpaw backed up a few steps, swallowing hard.

"Listen Wetpaw....It hurts, when you need me, and I can't break your fall." He winced. "And it hurts when you can't see. It hurts." He looked into her eyes.

Wetpaw met his gaze, stopping her stiff legs.

"And it hurts when you were lonely, and I was right beside you." Tigerpaw breathed. "And it hurt, when you told me, you'll try this on your own."

"T-tigerpaw..." Wetpaw looked to her paws, holding back every urge to just say sorry.

Tigerpaw looked at her with a stiff gaze. "Hope you never hurt, hope you never cry, hope you never lose you way tonight. Hope you never crumble, hope you never fall, hope you never throw away this-"

Tigerpaw was then pounced on by warriors, he was starting to be dragged away, dragged by his front legs, his back and hind legs sweeping across the ground, his head looking down, a small smile laying upon his face.

Wetpaw gasped and ran toward, suddenly crying with all her might. "Stop! Please! No!" She begged the warriors.

They each gave her a cold glare and dragged him away, leaving her sobbing on the spot.

Wetpaw looked at the sunset, remembering when she taught Tigerpaw some fighting moves. The time him and his sisters became apprentices. Tigerpaw's mother dying. Then they admitted their love.

Suddenly the images were replaced, Dawnfur's death, Rage and that other cat, chasing her away. The name Citrine ringing in her ears. Then there was the same images in her dream, bleeding monster, explosion, the two siblings fighting alongside eachother, then an explosion...And death....And then new images, at the top of all the cats was Rage, with Tigerpaw, looking worse and more ashamed then ever.

Wetpaw snapped back to reality, this had to be, no it was, a sign from StarClan. But, was this the future? It couldn't be! It was too horrible, too much to handle. Suddenly, mist sprayed her paws, she looked down at the red-orange tinted waters, the sun reflected in the river. She sighed, and got to her paws, the camp knew how horrible she felt since earlier that day, but she should've went back to camp by now.

Looking toward camp, a crisp, freezing wind blew at her fur, she stepped back, wincing at the grit caught in her eye. She screamed, tripping into the cold water from her backstep. She could feel the icy waves slicing at her pelt, she screamed again and again, fighting against the current. She coughed and coughed, the water pulled at her, Wetpaw's soggy fur slowing her down. The water was turning her ice cold, she felt a stiffness rise in her, she was going under hypothermia, her eyes dropped and the current started pushing her until her paw caught into a jagged rock, she felt cold, awfully cold, and she couldn't move. Ready to close her eyes she let go of herself, still stuck into the jagged rock, her lungs filling with water each second, finally she closed her eyes.

Suddenly, a tugging brought her to shore.

"Wetpaw...?" A familiar voice murmured.

Wetpaw lazily opened her eyes, aching everywhere. "W-what happened?"

Sunnywhisker looked at her. "Well, you almost drowned we suppose. A patrol found you by the shoar of river. They brought you here, your paw is sprained I see."

Wetpaw glanced to her right hind-paw remembering hazily getting it caught in a rock, it was in serious pain. "Will...Will it effect me becoming a warrior?" Wetpaw meowed weakly.

Sunnywhisker shook her head. "Just sprained." Her ears flicked. "How did you get out?"

"I didn't...." Wetpaw tried to remember. "I think I was pulled up...."

"Well, nobody from RiverClan did. You probably just dreamed someone pulling you up, instincts helped you get out." Sunnywhisker rubbed her tail across Wetpaw's back.

"So...Tired...." Wetpaw murmured, closing her eyes once more.

"Wetpaw, why don't we...Smile anymore? I'm not okay with that...." Tigerpaw meowed looking at her.

Wetpaw sighed. "We don't because it isn't simple anymore....You left."

"Are you happy?"

Wetpaw shook her head. "I'm sad..."

"But I'm here." Tigerpaw smiled.

"But you aren't..." Wetpaw murmured.

Tigerpaw blinked, smiling weakly.

"The years go by like stones under rushing water Tigerpaw....We only know when it's gone." Wetpaw looked to her paws.

"Do you miss the life we had before?" Tigerpaw asked.

Wetpaw breathed. "I still love you. And I miss you so much..." Wetpaw answered.

Tigerpaw smiled. "Sweet dreams..."

Wetpaw stiffled awake, looking around the medicine den. A dream... She thought. It was so beautiful. So wonderful, she wished it would be like that forever.

Sunnywhisker looked to Wetpaw. "Good morning dear," She meowed her greetings, dropping a mouse in front of Wetpaw. "How are you feeling?" She asked.

"Sad..." Wetpaw sat up.

"Sad?" Sunnywhisker mrowed. "Why Wetpaw?"

Wetpaw sighed. "My dream...." But before Sunnywhisker could reply, "I think Tigerpaw saved me..." Wetpaw meowed.

Sunnywhisker blinked. "Tigerpaw is a traitor, he doesn't want to help anyone in RiverClan, Wetpaw...Why would he save you?" Sunnywhisker questioned.

"Because he was my best friend...." Wetpaw replied.

Sunnywhisker looked to her paws. "It's a tough loss dear..." She swallowed. "But we have to face what Tigerpaw did," He voice softened. "Was your dream about him?"

Wetpaw sniffed, and nodded.

Sunnywhisker sat beside Wetpaw. "Have I ever told you the story of me becoming a medicine cat?"

Wetpaw shook her head, looking up to Sunnywhisker.

Sunnywhisker purred. "Well, I was an apprentice, training to be an apprentice, my best friend was Grayfeather, he was Graypaw at that time. And we trained together, did everything together. But then Leafkit, became an apprentice, Graypaw fell for her at once. I was very sad....I wondered if Softwhisker would except me as her apprentice then, I knew that Graypaw was my love, and reason I wanted to become a warrior apprentice, I was always better at memorizing herbs than battle moves. But when Grayfeahter went for Leafpelt....I knew it was no use, so I decided to become a medicine cat apprentice." Sunnywhisker smiled.

"Weren't you sad?" Wetpaw asked.

Sunnywhisker nodded. "For moons, but I knew it was destiny for me. So, I got over it." Sunnywhisker breathed.

"Tigerpaw is different...He-...." Wetpaw stopped.

"He what?" Sunnywhisker asked.

Wetpaw smiled closing her eyes. "He loved me. And I did too."

Sunnywhisker let a small smile grow on her face. "Really..?"

Wetpaw blushed, "Y-yeah..."

Sunnywhisker then blinked. "I need to check on Grayfeather, be back in a minute dear." Sunnywhisker padded out.

Ripplepaw and Hazelpaw bounded in. "I thought she would NEVER leave!" Ripplepaw purred amused.

Wetpaw smiled. "Hey guys."

"Hey." Hazelpaw meowed in a quieter voice.

Ripplepaw grinned. "So..."

Hazelpaw shot Ripplepaw a look. "Don't say it!"

Ripplepaw stuck out her tongue. "Tigepaw and Wetpaw sitting in a tree L-I-C-K-I-N-G!" She laughed.

Wetpaw coughed. "Rude much." She chuckled.

"Tigerpaw isn't apart of RiverClan anymore Ripplepaw," Hazelpaw rolled her eyes. "So of course the two can't be mates anymore."

"Thanks for reminding me..." Wetpaw muttered stiffly.

Hazelpaw looked surprised. "Oh, sorry Wetpaw...."

"Yeah, good going mouse-for-brains." Ripplepaw shoved her.

"Well, I'm going to check on father." Hazelpaw snorted and padded out.

Ripplepaw sat down. "That big lump of fleas." Ripplepaw giggled.

Wetpaw grinned, leaping up to her paws. "Wanna go out to the territory?"

Ripplepaw sighed. "Yeah, I want to." She frowned.

"What do you mean?" Wetpaw blinked.

"Dumb ole Sunnywhisker said you can't leave camp, she was all like, deary, Wetpaw can't leave yet, she's still weak, and other Fox-dung." Ripplepaw rolled her eyes.

Wetpaw's face felt hot. "You-you shouldn't say that..."

"What? Fox-dung?" Ripplepaw asked.

"No," Wetpaw shook her head. "Mimicing Sunnywhisker like that."

Ripplepaw sniffed. "Oh, I didn't know it would bother you that much." She flinched.

Wetpaw stretched. "Come on, let's go into the clearing, I need to the stretch my legs." She meowed.

Ripplepaw smiled and padded out into the clearing with Wetpaw. The sunlight hit Wetpaw's eyes, warming her fur, but her paws were icy as drifts of snow were still there. "How long have a been asleep?" Wetpaw gasped.

"Wow...Half a moon," Ripplepaw replied. "Just waking up weakly every now and then to drink some water."

Wetpaw glanced around, flowers were budding on the trees, patches of snow were left on the ground, Snowheart was chatting with Pebblefoot by a willow tree, Creampelt was sitting with Brackenstorm, a grey tom with brown paws.

This is just the beggining apprentice....

Wetpaw blinked to Ripplepaw. "Did you say something?"

Ripplepaw looked confused. "I just said you were asleep for half a moon." She meowed. "Do you have hearing problems?"

Wetpaw shook her head. "Uh, no..."

Ripplepaw looked suspicious. "If you say so..."

How are you feeling dear?

Well....Why are you asking?

I wanted to know dear.

Are you the person who told me me this is just the beginning?

Yes dear.

Who are you?

Citrine dear, I'm Mist.

Citrine? Mist?

I'm your mother.

Wetpaw stiffled awake, Ripplepaw and Hazelpaw were snoozing beside eachother, she realized she was in the apprentice's den.

"M-mother?" She whispered.

There was no answer. Was her mother truly speaking to her in her dreams? Her heart ached, wanting to hear that sweet voice, it felt like a New-leaf morning to her ears, the wonderful smell of honey and flowers. The taste of cat-mint. That's all she wanted, to dream more, but she didn't feel tired. She felt fully awake, but what did her mother mean by this is just the beginning?

Wetpaw got to her paws and creeped past Hazelpaw and Ripplepaw. She padded into the clearing, the sky a beautiful mixture of blue, pink and orange. The clouds tinted red, as the last of the stars faded. Wetpaw smiled, sitting down on the soft ground, a few patches of frost were still on the ground, but the scent of New-leaf lingered in the air.

"Wetpaw?" Sunnywhisker's pretty orange-ginger coat was seen from the side of Wetpaw's eye.

Wetpaw turned and smiled. "Hello Sunnywhisker, how are you?" She asked.

Sunnywhisker padded up to Wetpaw and sat beside her. "I am well, dear." Sunnywhisker looked to the sunrise.

Wetpaw flinched, suddenly realizing Sunnywhisker's voice was very familiar to Mist's, and how they each said dear so exactly.

"Sunnywhisker, I had a dream..." Wetpaw started.

Sunnywhisker looked to Wetpaw, her ears pricked up, listening.

Wetpaw sighed. "Well, I had a dream...About my mother...All I could see was darkness, and I heard her voice." Wetpaw smiled faintly.

"Do you think it was her?" Sunnywhisker asked.

Wetpaw nodded. "She told me earlier yesterday that it was just the beginning, then in my dream she called me Citrine...Which was my BloodClan name." Wetpaw blinked. "She also said dear a lot like you do..."

Sunnywhisker flinched. "What is her name, Wetpaw?" She murmured.

Wetpaw looked to her paws. "Mist."

"Mist?" Sunnywhisker smiled faintly. "Dear, are you sure that was her...?"

Wetpaw nodded looking up. "Why?"

Sunnywhisker sighed happily. "No reason dear, I will tell you when you are old enough." Sunnywhisker got to her paws and padded to her den.

Wetpaw had no reason to ask what Sunnywhisker meant. She knew that one day Sunnywhisker would tell her, she didn't mind that she was too young to know.

Dear, why don't you laugh anymore?

There's nothing to be happy about to laugh....

Replace the sad memories with happy memories dear.

Wetpaw blinked to reality, Mist had talked to her in her dreams. It was wonderful, the only good thing she could think of is Mist.

But then she remembered the happy thoughts. Ripplepaw and Hazelpaw, her best friends. Dawnfur, her old mentor, a stubborn cat who was also very nice, Wetpaw had accepted her apology before Dawnfur died. Sunnywhisker, Wetpaw's friend, a great listener and gave great advice. Sparrowstar, the best leader RiverClan could ever have. Whitewhisker, a young elder, who was very nice to Wetpaw and was a cheerful tom. Flamefall, Wetpaw's current mentor, a wise tom who was revealed a kittypet. Her Clan and her family. RiverClan was her family.

"Good morning Wetpaw," Flamefall padded past her.

Wetpaw nodded to him. Wetpaw looked up to the sky, looking for stars that weren't there anymore. If there was stars she was sure her mother was in them.

"Wetpaw," Flamefall meowed again.

Wetpaw turned her head. "Yes?" She asked.

Flamefall padded over. "You know that in a quater moon you'll have your test."

Wetpaw looked surprised. "R-really?"

"Yeah," Flamefall nodded, laying his tail on Wetpaw's shoulder smiling. "You were a great apprentice."

Wetpaw's eyes softened. "You were such a wonderful mentor..."

Flamefall nodded, and padded to the WaterRock, leaping up and laid down, lazily as he sun-bathed. Wetpaw grinned, all she could think of was being a warrior. She would show those ShadowClan dirt-bags what RiverClan was truly made of.

"Wetpaw! Wetpaw!" Ripplepaw bounded out of the apprentice's den, Hazelpaw trailing behind her.

Wetpaw smiled. "Hey guys."

Ripplepaw had a grin from ear to ear. "Is it true? Is it true?" She meowed. "Are you really having your warrior test?"

Wetpaw nodded. "In a quarter moon."

"Congratulations Wetpaw." Hazelpaw gave a respectful nod.

"You're so formal flea-bag." Ripplepaw purred nudging Hazelpaw.

Hazelpaw snorted. "It's better than being an energetic squirrel."

"Offensive." Ripplepaw rolled her eyes. "Also, Wetpaw, do you think the river is warm enough to fish in?"

Wetpaw shook her head.

"Aw really?" Ripplepaw sighed.

Hazelpaw nodded. "She would know from almost drowning."

Wetpaw flinched. "Y-yeah..." She stuttered.

"Well, let's stop bugging Wetpaw, Snowheart and Creampelt are letting us train together today Ripplepaw." Hazelpaw meowed, flicking her paw.

Ripplepaw nodded, excitement flashing in her eyes. "Let's go then!" She looked back to Wetpaw. "See ya later!" She raced off to the exit, Hazelpaw bounding after her.

"Bye." Wetpaw's voice trailed off as she looked back to the blue sky.

Two sisters...An explosion and death, what was going to happen to Ripplepaw and Hazelpaw?

Chapter Ten- Remembering

Do you feel better dear?

Yes...I do.

I'm glad Citrine.

I'm Wetpaw now....

But you'll always be Citrine to me dear.

I can't remember what you look like anymore...

You can't?


Do you want to see me?

More than anything in the world...

A silver she-cat padded out, lighter than Wetpaw, her eyes were a misty blue, but she was faded, transculent.

"Mother?" Wetpaw could finally see herself.

"Citrine dear..." The she-cat meowed sadly, smiling, but her eyes showed sadness.

Wetpaw blinked. "Is...Is this real?"

The she-cat nodded. "It's a dream, but even dreams can be so strong they're real."

"Are you...Really in my dream then?" Wetpaw whispered.

The she-cat nodded. "Yes dear, I am Mist. You're mother."

"Mother...Why did you die?" Wetpaw almost cried.

Mist purred. "It wasn't my fault dear. I'm still here in your heart..."

Wetpaw woke up but closed her eyes, re-imaging her dream, her mother was beautiful...Only if she remembered what she truly looked like before she died.

"Wetpaw, wake up sleepy head!" A cat meowed into her ear.

Wetpaw opened her eyes to Ripplepaw's excited blue eyes. "How are you?" She badgered.

Wetpaw blinked. "What type of question is that? I just woke up." She yawned.

Ripplepaw laughed. "Well then." She smiled. "Hey, wanna go to the Pebble hallow?" She asked.

"Sure." Wetpaw got to her paws. The two padded out into the clearing.

"Where are you to going?" Flamefall meowed from the entrance of the camp.

"To the Pebble hallow." Ripplepaw meowed.

Flamefall nodded and let them pass.

As they walked Ripplepaw stayed silent, they hadn't walked like this in a long time. It was like she didn't know what to say.

"Do you miss your brother?" Wetpaw started as they padded closer to the Pebble hallow.

Ripplepaw gave an unemotional grunt.

"I do...." Wetpaw swallowed, scared Ripplepaw would be angry at her. "I really do...."

Ripplepaw padded a tad faster.

Wetpaw blinked and caught up with her. "You miss him....Right?"

Ripplepaw walked faster again.

"Ripplepaw! Why are you dodging this question!" Wetpaw hissed, Ripplepaw stopped in her tracks.

Ripplepaw stopped and looked to her paws. "Because," She choked. "If I get on that subject I'll cry. And I don't cry."

Wetpaw looked surprised. Ripplepaw never did cry, and it would hurt Wetpaw to see her do it. She decided to pad up to Ripplepaw.

"I don't cry either, but when I found out the truth....You saw me, laying on the ground, so pathetic and weak. I never had done that before, never." Wetpaw started. "But sometimes you have to speak your feelings even if they make you cry, because crying is like you are a cloud, so heavy with sadness you just have to cry."

"What do I do then?" Ripplepaw said softly, hearing her own voice crack.

Wetpaw's face grew a small smile. "What do you feel, Ripplepaw...?"

Ripplepaw swallowed hard and pressed again Wetpaw for support. "I feel so sad," Her voice cracked, tears watering in her eyes. "Nothing has made me feel this way, not even when my mom died, she didn't like me very much. She said I was too energetic, and wanted me to be more like Hazelpaw, it was always about her. Something I had to live up to!" She breathed in very short, fast breaths, trying to keep in the tears, it hurt Wetpaw deeply to see Ripplepaw in so much pain.

"And...And....Tigerpaw, he was the small one, mother liked him a lot, he was calm and skinny. I was disliked, left out, only my father, Grayfeather, thought of me more than....More than a simple cat!" She burst into tears, crying very deeply like she was keeping this in forever.

Wetpaw frowned sadly, comforting her friend by sweeping her tail lightly along Ripplepaw's back.

Ripplepaw sniffed, still having many tears stream from her red puffy eyes. "If mother was...Was here, she wouldn't think Tigerpaw is so small and great now!" She cried. "It's almost like I wanted to be an only child, and the reason why it hurts to much...Is that I'm only realizing it now!"

Each cry and tear Ripplepaw gave after that simple, but impacting sentance, made Wetpaw want to cry. The way Ripplepaw felt was nothing Wetpaw had known about before. She hadn't known Ripplepaw was jealous of her siblings, she seemed perfect as an energetic, fun-loving she-cat, she didn't know that Ripplepaw had wanted to be an only child all her life, that she was left out by her mother, not given the love the others were.

"Ripplepaw," Wetpaw spoke supporting her friend. "Just let out all you need to say, I will listen, not complain..." Wetpaw gave a nod.

Ripplepaw burst into loud sobs. "When Tigerpaw left Hazelpaw didn't tell me he was a traitor, didn't tell me anything she knew! I was left out in the cold, wondering where the Dark Forest my brother was! Hazelpaw stopped talking to me right after he went missing, she just stopped, it was so horrible! She made me suffer, thinking I've lost all my family and I was alone!" She weeped. "When I learned the truth I kept it bottled inside of me, feeling like I've missed everything important, that everything just dissapeared! And then Tigerpaw got exiled, which I felt as bad as you did Wetpaw, I was ready to faint! I felt empty, ashamed and I was thinking that I would be exiled next, for no reason!"

Wetpaw watched and listened as Ripplepaw spoke more about how her mother gave her no support, pushed her around and she said if she was even alive when she was sick with Green-cough her mother wouldn't care, only if perfect Hazelpaw and Tigerpaw were okay.

For what seemed like forever, Ripplepaw kept on talking about how it was horrible to have to live up to Hazelpaw, the sobs were painfelt, so deep and hurting.

"I'm done...." Ripplepaw sniffed, looked to Wetpaw with what looked to be sore, red eyes.

They both decided it was late enough, it being a bit past sunset, and the two padded back to camp for something warm to eat.

"She was happier when they were together...."

"Much happier, they were perfect."

"But he's a traitor you know, complete disgust."

"I bet he crawled over to ShadowClan to be Ragestar's assistant."

"It suits him well, for doing exactly what he did."

"Watching the deputy and leader die? What a monster."

"Didn't do a thing."

Wetpaw had enough of this talk, she opened her eyes and padded out of the apprentices den to see Creampelt and Snowheart chatting with eachother, the sisters glanced to Wetpaw and whispered something too low for Wetpaw to hear. A snicker was caught by one of them, Wetpaw felt her fur got hot.

She stomped toward the sisters. "Listen hear you jerks!" She hissed, the two looks surprised, too stunned to speak. "Now I have a few words for-"

"Wetpaw!" Ripplepaw ran toward her.

Wetpaw's mood changed at the bright face of Ripplepaw, cheery as it usually was. "If I had a mouse for every time I heard you say that." She purred.

Creampelt and Snowheart took this chance to pad off before Wetpaw could yell at them again.

"So, what was that all about?" Ripplepaw flicked her paw.

Wetpaw sat up straighter. "Oh? Those two badger-faces?" She snorted. "Well, they were bad mouthing Tigerpaw....Then they started on me, I wasn't going to let them."

Wetpaw noticed that Ripplepaw's eyes widened slightly when she said Tigerpaw's name, but quickly shook it off.

"Everyone wants to gossip now," She meowed looking at the great ammount of warriors sharing tongues. "It's like all they want to talk about is stuff to do with ShadowClan, Tigerpaw and you." Ripplepaw paused after that, wondering what Wetpaw would say next.

"Oh....You heard them?" Wetpaw asked.

Ripplepaw nodded. "Well," She shrugged. "It's very unlike her, but Hazelpaw was in on it too, going on and on to Sunnywhisker when she checked on Grayfeather. It was so snobby, she was talking about how she was going to be the head-sibling since Tigerpaw was a traitor. She said that Ragestar wasn't as tough as he looked, she lied saying Tigerpaw took her to Ragestar as a sacrafice. Obviously Sunnywhisker knew it was a lie, but sat through Hazelpaw tell the tall tale of how she fought through three full grown cats, Tigerpaw standing behind her with beady black eyes."

"He would never do that!" Wetpaw gasped. "Tigerpaw is sweet and caring! He made one mistake and now his whole life is a mess-up? Even Hazelpaw is making up lies on how horrible he is!" Wetpaw flared with anger.

"He did mess-up though, on his life." Ripplepaw murmured looking to her paws.

Wetpaw stopped, and thought to herself about what Ripplepaw had just said. Was that simple, no it wasn't simple, mistake as easy as catching a mouse in Green-leaf to say it was something that could ruin his life forever?

The harsh words, being called a traitor, thinking to be a fugitive. The only one who truly thought Tigerpaw had good in him left was Wetpaw.

"Do you think he'll ever come back Ripplepaw?" Wetpaw murmured.

Ripplepaw blinked. "I do..." She admitted looking to her paws.

Wetpaw smiled softly, making sure Ripplepaw wouldn't see. "So, was it true Ripplepaw?"

"What was true?" Ripplepaw meowed.

"That Tigerkit liked me." Wetpaw smiled.

Ripplepaw purred. "Well, I think we'll find that for ourselves later."

Wetpaw licked her fur throughly, today was it. It would be today, she counted the sunsets eagerly, just waiting for the time when she would-

"Wetpaw," Sparrowstar's voice sounded agitated from his den entrance. "I need to see you."

Wetpaw got to her paws and padded into the leader's den, it was well cleaned, a fresh nest lay in the back, shadowed from the sun by cobwebs hanging from the ceiling. She glanced to Sparrowstar, his fur looked normal, but he was iritated and very off today. Still, Sparrowstar wasn't the one to not take care of himself.

"Yes?" Wetpaw blinked, wondering what Sparrowstar needed.

Sparrowstar sighed. "There's tough times and we can't make your test in time," He breathed. "Your warrior ceremony will be delayed do to dramatic measures."

Wetpaw gasped, anything but that would've been fine! "Why Sparrowstar?" She asked softly. "Why delay it?"

"We have our reasons Wetpaw," Sparrowstar sounded more iritated. "Now please-"

"But Sparrowstar!" Wetpaw gripped the ground tightly underneath her claws.

Sparrowstar stood up, tail straight and high. "Wetpaw I will not be disrespected like this! Leave now!" He demanded.

Wetpaw's ears flattened and she creeped from the den. She looked back, but Sparrowstar was covered by the shadows inside the dark area.

"What does he think I am? A kit?" She huffed. "I'm a proud warrior! He probably knows I'm BloodClan...Thinks I can't be trusted, having a father like Rage!" She whispered under her breath.

But her mind swirled with thoughts about ShadowClan, what if they got a prophecy? One fortelling that maybe they would win the world. What if Sunnywhisker got a prophecy or an omen, and didn't tell Wetpaw? What else could go wrong?

Chapter Eleven: Rough Dreaming

Sunnywhisker sat down, her tail neatly around her paws.

"Sunnywhisker, a word please." The warm, familiary voice of Sparrowstar entered her den.

Sunnywhisker turned around, without even saying a word she sweeped by Sparrowstar and sniffed him deeply, blood inhaling in her nose.

"What happened?" She asked as she swiftly padded back to where she sat before Sparrowstar came in.

Sparrowstar stayed silent as Sunnywhisker scanned his hind-leg. A chunk of flesh was ripped from it, red as deathberries it was. And it reeked of a familiar scent, Sunnywhisker stayed silent, mixing various, very strong herbs that would help with this wound.

"Sunnywhisker, I was attacked by Ragestar when I wanted answers from the Moontree." He meowed softly glaring right through her.

Sunnywhisker's head shot up from the herbs, memories came flooding back into her head. Oh why did they come back, oh why...They only came when Wetpaw talked about Mist, when Wetpaw came. Yes, that was when. Trying to keep them locked away, trying to forget never worked anymore.

"Oh..." Sunnywhisker caught herself. "I...I'll try to force myself for answers then. Did you pass ShadowClan's border?"

"Quickest way to the Moontree, it's in the middle of ThunderClan and ShadowClan. There's no way I could've just went around Ten Rocks and back in one night, I need to maintain the Clan." He breathed in heavily eyes still buldging, glaring past Sunnywhisker.

Sunnywhisker sighed. "He should've attacked you, Rage is a horrible, horrible cat Sparrowstar."


"Oh, I mean Ragestar..." Sunnywhisker's eyes shifted as she added poppy seeds to the mixture. "Here, eat these, she gave him a pain relieving mixture as she tried her best to stick the herbs to his wound.

Sparrowstar winced, tail twitching. "Ow! That stings!"

"I said eat it!" Sunnywhisker snapped, knowing if Sparrowstar ate the herbs he would've gone numb, not feeling the pain.

Sparrowstar snorted and swallowed down the medicine, he then fell on his side. "Sunnywhisker! What did you give me! I can't...Feel my body..." He let out a long yawn as Sunnywhisker sat, watching him.

"Sunny....Whisker.....You will be punished....Serverly....." His eyes closed as he fell under a deep sleep

"I must know how I get punished for doing good...." Sunnywhisker said blankly as she blinked very slowly, her eye lids growing heavy, but feeling less tired. If only she had a few of those poppy seeds....No, those were for patients who needed them.

Sunnywhisker padded out into the dark, black night. The moon lighted her ginger fur, making it tinted silver. She sighed, the moon reflecting off her eyes. Why couldn't she see the stars...In her eyes, all the stars had faded almost as if StarClan was planning to tell her something and needed everyone to help. Of course, even Sparrowstar saw every single beautiful, twinkling star in the sky.

"StarClan, I need answers." She begged. "Anyone...Please?"

"Stop begging, it's annoying." A purr came from behind her.

Sunnywhisker's ears seemed to be hearing things, having very superb hearing she knew it wasn't true. She turned very slowly and to her surprise, a grey faded, star pelted she-cat stood there behind her smiling a smug, joking-like smile.

"Mist?" She said disbelievingly.

"It's almost like you can't believe I'm here." The starry she-cat sighed and padded toward Sunnywhisker, brushing against her flank.

Sunnywhisker was stunned, it felt real. But the cat felt like ice against Sunnywhisker's pelt, which in dreams in StarClan this had never happened.

"It's really you..." Sunnywhisker's eyes grew sad. Mist had died many moons ago, Rage had killed her...No, Dawnfur had. Of course Sunnywhisker left before she could see the horror.

Mist sat there looking to Sunnywhisker. "Well, what did you want?" Mist asked, her voice smooth.

Sunnywhisker had a millions of things to ask, the first that popped in her mind was about Sparrowstar, needed StarClan's answers. But no, Sunnywhisker had other things she wanted to ask, she needed the answers to these questions.

"Have you been visiting Wetpaw in her dreams?" Sunnywhisker meowed, feeling more confident in front of a true StarClan warrior standing right there.

Mist paused for a minute, almost as if those answers should lie in a secret. "Yes. I have visited Citrine." She paused for a moment. "She is my daughter you know."

Sunnywhisker didn't know what to say, Wetpaw wasn't lying to her. It was true, Mist was in StarClan, visiting Wetpaw. Mist's only kit. Rage's only daughter.

"She...She only saw you once..." Sunnywhisker looked to her paws. "That's what Rage told me, his grin as wide as ever...When he told me you died...."

Mist nodded slowly, but ended up shaking her head. "No, no. I let her see me once in her dreams...I haven't visited her in a while. StarClan says it's important for me to stop letting her hear me...It hurts her badly, and they won't tell me why I can't."

Sunnywhisker's ears shot up. "Is that why I can't see any star in the sky?"

Mist nodded again. "Yes, but only you can't see it. Other medicine cats are fine, and have no worry. But you are thinking outside thoughts can handle, you understand StarClan more, more than others. Which makes you not see the illusions in the stars others do, we put the illusions in the sky so warriors would not worry, but you didn't see them. You knew something was up." Mist had a small smile on her face. "I wasn't suppose to tell you that....I was sent down here only to tell you everything was fine."

"But it's not is it?" Sunnywhisker looked to her paws.

Mist sighed deeply and looked to Sunnywhisker. "Please, keep Wetpaw safe. I'm not her only family."

Sunnywhisker nodded. "Ok Mist...Silvermist."

Mist looked down and dissapeared into the air.

Wetpaw heaved up, her eyes skirting across the camp. Night? It couldn't be, she had been sleeping for so long. Or it felt like it.

"Wetpaw?" A voice rang in her ears, she turned her head to face a brown tiger striped tom. "What are you doing here?"

Wetpaw gasped. Tigerpaw? Why was he here? "What do you mean Tigerpaw?" She meowed, stuttering.

Tigerpaw glanced around uneasy. "Don't let anyone see you! This is RiverClan camp!"

"I know, I live here!" Wetpaw growled.

Tigerpaw shook his head, blinking rapidly. "StarClan Wetpaw! You live in ShadowClan, you betrayed us for your father! Ragestar!"

Claws. Rage had pinned her down by the scruff. "What are you going to do now? Cry to mother!" He laughed bitterly to the sky.

Wetpaw could barely breethe, the blood was filling her throat, and get Rage had just pinned her down. How could this happen to her? She wasn't the traitor, Tigerpaw was!

"Yes." Wetpaw said to him, her voice cringing. "Mother please!" She begged screaming to the sky. "Please...Come to me, I'm so alone!" She weeped.

The weight of Rage has been swept away, she was left alone in an empy RiverClan camp, crying. Yet her mother had no come, no sight of her.

"Why!" She screamed. "Please!" Tears streamed from her eyes. "You've always come to me, why are you holding back! My whole life is a mess and you choose this time to leave me alone!" She yowled.

"Do you think she's okay?" Hazelpaw whispered.

Tigerpaw shook his head. "No, she's been muttering things about how nobody is there for her. She's been crying in her sleep."

Ripplepaw looked to her brother. "Well, we didn't meet up at Ten Rocks for nothing, what do we do?"

"We wake her up."

"Is that truly best?" Hazelpaw looked kind of off about the idea.

"Of course it is!" He demanded.

Tigerpaw nudged Wetpaw with her nose.

"Mist!" She gasped, opening her eyes. But she only saw the three hovering over her.

Tigerpaw laid his paw gently on hers. "Wetpaw...?" He meowed, eyes softening.

Ripplepaw and Hazelpaw smiled weakly, wondering Wetpaw's re-action. Wetpaw's eyes darting from the three. Tigerpaw, Hazelpaw and Ripplepaw...The family of three was together.

"Tigerpaw, I have so much to-"

Tigerpaw shook his head. The four cats sat in silence for a few moments. Tigerpaw looked to the others, his green eyes staring at his sister's, he swallowed as they nodded.

Tigerpaw's eyes shifted to Wetpaw's, his paw still on hers as she sat up.

"I joined ShadowClan." He said to her, Wetpaw's opened her mouth but Hazelpaw and Ripplepaw shushed her. "I know what you're thinking, but nobody wanted me. They heard my story and thought I would betray them like I did to RiverClan...." He sighed. "Ragestar...Wanted me, and I had no choice, it was either that or die."

Wetpaw turned her head and started to pad a few steps away. "I can't." She said clearly. "I can't speak with you or even see you anymore." Her head turned straight away from the wide mouthed cats. "You are horrible, and a traitor. I defended you, and you betray me. I guess that's how you show how much you love someone in your eyes." She shook her head and padded to the area of the camp.

"Why did you do that to him?" Hazelpaw badgered Wetpaw.

Wetpaw didn't answer, she picked through the fresh-kill.

"Sometimes you shouldn't speak your mind, because a lot of times it's really stupid what you say!" Hazelpaw growled.

Wetpaw whipped her head. "Shut up you flea-bagged piece of fox-dung!" She slashed Hazelpaw's face.

Hazelpaw's cheek dripped blood. "Well," Her teeth bared. "Maybe I mis-understood you, you are just as idiotic as I thought!"

"I think you're mistaking me for yourself!" Wetpaw spat.

Hazelpaw glanced down to the drips of blood on the ground, her cheek bared with pain. "Wetpaw, go back to BloodClan! You are just like your father!"

Wetpaw's blood pumped from her ears. "Go join your brother in the Dark Forest!" Her claws unsheathed, shoulders hunching. "I think a little time there should teach you a lesson!"

Hazelpaw turned around. "I will never talk to you again." She padded off, wiping her cheek with her paw.

Wetpaw shook her head and screamed in her head. Why am I always mistaken...I feel like nothing! She shook her head, tears dripping from her eyes. Tears? Why was there tears...She couldn't possibly feel sad about Hazelpaw. It was that mouse-brained she-cat's fault.

Ripplepaw slowly padded up to Wetpaw, her paws shaking. "Why did you have to-"

"Hurt her? Slash her? Make her feel the pain she should've!" Wetpaw hissed.

Ripplepaw's eyes widened ears flattening. "I meant lie to Tigerpaw..."

"Lie?" Wetpaw's heat flared down. "I didn't lie to him!"

Ripplepaw nodded frantically. "Yes you did, you said that you never wanted to see him again."

"It wasn't a lie," Wetpaw paused. "It was a promise."

"No, it-"

"Do you want to end up like Hazelpaw?" Wetpaw growled lowly.

Ripplepaw ended up crying. "No, I-I don't....But you told me that....That you loved him. If you truly did love him you wouldn't do that!" Her voice stuttered between her red puffy eyes.

Wetpaw's tail lowered and she touched her nose to Ripplepaw's cheek. "I'm sorry." She meowed. "Everything is going wrong, I'm not becoming a warrior soon like I was suppose to."

Ripplepaw nodded slowly. "Oh..."

Wetpaw sighed. "I have dreams about what would've happened if Tigerpaw stayed. I imagined him to be named Tigerpelt, and me Wetsky....But we had kits together, grew out a happy family. But it's not to be, his destiny brings him into ShadowClan, and he likes it that way I guess...."

Ripplepaw shook her head sadly. "I know, when I visit father in his small den...He wants me to never mention Tigerpaw to him, being the father of Tigerpaw makes him ashamed. These are the times I miss Leafpelt."

"These are the times I wish I had a mother for more than a moon." Wetpaw glanced to her paws.

Ripplepaw pressed against Wetpaw. "Do you still love him?"

Wetpaw blinked. "Yes." She said blankly.

Ripplepaw looked to the forest. "Tigerpaw-" She paused. "We said we would meet him tonight. At Ten Rocks, you should go and see him."

"Would he forgive me?" Wetpaw asked.

Ripplepaw nodded. "He was very heartbroken when you left, sure that you would turn around and come back."

Wetpaw paused. "But I didn't."

"You should talk to him, the gathering is tonight. A bunch of cats will be talking, they won't even notice you two." Ripplepaw meowed.

Wetpaw nodded. "Okay."

The moon shone brightly in the pitch black sky. Wetpaw's grey fur was silver as she searched around through the cats, ShadowClan had came and the leaders were just settling, Rage had managed to keep a calm state during this time.

"Wetpaw," A voice whispered into her ear. Wetpaw turned her head to Tigerpaw, his eyes staring into hers. "Ripplepaw said you wanted to see me."

Wetpaw nodded, leading him behind on the outside of one the large stones that circled, the grass ruffled in the soft late leaf-bare wind.

"I'm sorry." Wetpaw meowed softly. "I was just so hurt, and I missed you so much."

Tigerpaw touched her nose, and closed his eyes. "I love you and I wanted to live to protect you. That's why I joined ShadowClan."

"But...We're in different Clans, if we go into battle my Clan might kill you...." Wetpaw blinked, but didn't want to reopen her eyes.

Tigerpaw sighed, nuzzling her cheek. "And if ShadowClan dares to lay a claw on you I will protect you, I will die for you to live."

Wetpaw opened her eyes, the spring green of Tigerpaw's eyes were all she could see. Tigerpaw would die for her, for Wetpaw.

"You do love me."

"I never stopped Wetpaw." He said.

Wetpaw looked down, Tigerpaw's paw had shifted on her's. Tears welled in her eyes and Wetpaw stared up at Tigerpaw, she burried her head into his chest. Tigerpaw closed his eyes and let Wetpaw cry, Wetpaw hadn't felt like this since she had collapsed in the snow moons ago.

"I lie down on the cold ground each night wondering when I would see you again." Tigerpaw meowed lowly.

Wetpaw sniffed, as she breathed out deeply. "I wondered if you still wanted to be with me...."

"It's only paws that take us to eachother." They said together, both eyes closed wondering what would happen if anyone would catch them.

For until the gathering ended they both stayed with eachother, until someone called Wetpaw's name.

"I have to leave," She said turning her head.

Tigerpaw stood up and nodded sadly. "Ok," He meowed.

Wetpaw gave a tearful nod and bounded off, Tigerpaw in the other, distant direction.

Wetpaw sighed as she made her way near Hazelpaw and Ripplepaw, Hazelpaw ignored her as Ripplepaw turned her head with a smile.

"What happened?" She whispered to Wetpaw lowly so Hazelpaw couldn't hear.

Wetpaw half-glanced at the back of Hazelpaw's head then to Ripplepaw. "We talked...He forgave me and we just talked about...The Clans." Wetpaw didn't want to give away all the information, but Ripplepaw understood that's all she should know.

The walk back was quick and silent, most cats had a few chats to complete while other walked quietly. The quiet ones were Wetpaw, Hazelpaw and Ripplepaw. RiverClan hopped rocks over the river to get to their camp. Sparrowstar always glanced behind him to see if all of the cats were together.

As they padded down the edge of the ravine, they saw the small tunnel into the camp. Wetpaw pushed through last and saw Hazelpaw glaring at her with claw marks across her cheeks from earlier. She turned and padded to the den.

"Wetpaw," Someone meowed, Wetpaw turned her head but nobody was there. "No, over here dear." Sunnywhisker was standing at the entrance of her den.

Wetpaw padded over and blinked. "What's wrong?" She asked.

Sunnywhisker sighed. "Something is truly wrong, I shouldn't be telling you this. But can you see the stars?"

Wetpaw thought this was a silly question but she looked up, silverpelt shining clearer than ever. "Yeah."

"Mist visited me last night," Sunnywhisker said calmly, Wetpaw gasped. "She told me StarClan is actually in a big meeting, they are talking about what is going to happen, something big is. The stars are gone for me because I truly understand the ways. But please, concentrate and just look..."

Wetpaw stayed silent for a few moments and looked up, she stared but the stars were there, clearly there. She concentrated on her mother, in StarClan with the others talking about what Wetpaw's dreams meant. Then a flash she saw her mother's face in the sky, it faded along with every star.

"They're gone!" She gasped.

Sunnywhisker nodded. "I know, but I think to tell you everything..." She paused. "See me in a moon Wetpaw."

Wetpaw turned her head, eyes glancing to the stars that had gone. "O-okay..." She padded out, stumbling upon her paws. She ended up humming, humming a very random tune. But she stopped soon after, she couldn't keep a very straight mind. Trying to forget what Sunnywhisker had told her just that moment, the stars are there...Of course they are, Wetpaw said to herself sleepily. She glanced up to a black sky with a waning moon. She felt her mind shutting down, it was late, was...Was that Sparrowstar? Yelling at Sunnywhisker....Murmuring was more like it in her ears, the words came out fuzzy. Give...Poppy...Sleep...Trouble. Too late, Wetpaw made her way into her nest before anymore distractions could interupt her rest.

"So, why'd you do it?" Sparrowstar demanded, his tail lashing.

"You wouldn't eat it like I said."

Sparrowstar's tail was furiously whipping around. "Why would I eat it? It could've killed me!"

Sunnywhisker sighed rolling her eyes. "What's gotten into you? It was pain medication for you wounds. I made your body numb out and you got a good rest, what's wrong with that?"

Sparrowstar stomped out calling behind him a very rude word to Sunnywhisker.

Sunnywhisker sighed as she mixed a blood red mix of herbs, she looked to Sparrowstar who was almost into his den. First Wetpaw now her, Sparrowstar deserved what Rage gave him. He was losing it, only because of fright.

Sunnywhisker blinked again and again, almost as if seeing mist-like cats chatting late at night in the clearing. Another blink...The misty figures were gone. She swore they were there, her eye sight was wonderful, couldn't be going about by now.

"I need some sleep." Sunnywhisker decided as she laid in her nest, her eyes closed very swiftly as her flank rose up and down at a fast pace.

She saw us.

Chapter Twelve: River Meetings

"Ready?" Creampelt asked Wetpaw and Ripplepaw.

Ripplepaw nodded frantically. "You bet I am! I've been waiting for this the whole day." She smiled happily.

Wetpaw closed her eyes and smiled. "Yep! Patrol the river right?" She asked, tail sweeping the ground, collecting a small bit of dust into the air.

Creampelt nodded looking to the bright sun, wincing one eye as she looked down to them. "Yeah, it'll be my last one for a while." She meowed purring.

Ripplepaw tilted her head. "Why?" She asked curiousity glittering in her eyes. Wetpaw nudged Ripplepaw, thinking it could be personal matters, but truly she wanted to know just as much.

"Well, Pebblefoot was overjoyed...We're going to have kits Sunnywhisker suspects." She purred again, paws shuffling around against the ground.

"Suspects?" Wetpaw's curious mind broke out into voice. She looked embarassed after.

Creampelt nodded. "Yeah, it's not very sure if I am pregnant. She said about a half-moon ago, she wants to see me again after the patrol."

Ripplepaw gave a sneakish smirk to Wetpaw, she shoved the fellow apprentice in an friendly way. Creampelt pointed her muzzle to the forest, leading them into the direction of the river. Creampelt's creamy colored fur shone in the almost-new-leaf sunlight. She gasped as a clunk nose came from their paws.

"Ow!" She yowled, looking to her paw. Wetpaw sniffed the air, blood....

"What happened?" Ripplepaw asked padding to her with Wetpaw.

Creampelt fidgeted looking to her paw. "I stubbed my paw, my claw chipped and my pads are bleeding..." She shook her head. "I'm fine, I'll sit her. Just go patrol around the river, I'll be fine...Really." She insisted.

Wetpaw nodded. "Ok, if you say so..." She gave a small nod back as the two apprentices ventured their way into the forest, making their way to the river.

"Ok, I think it's right through- Wait..." Ripplepaw shook her head, staring into the bushes. "Not there..."

Wetpaw laughed. "Oh you furball, it's through the ferns!" She pointed her tail to the left where a patch of ferns were rooted.

Ripplepaw blushed. "Oh." She giggled as they passed into the ferns.

Spray hit Wetpaw's fur as the rocks were sparkling with water on the surface. The river had a slower current this morning and the cooling water was tempting since the sun had warmed it nicely.

"Well, it just has markers the Clan did yesterday, still fresh." Wetpaw added as she sniffed the edge of the river. "Do you think we could go for a swim?" A longing touch was in Wetpaw's voice.

Ripplepaw sighed in a sort of happy tone. "Oh, I don't know..." She padded over to the shore and stuck her paw in. "Wow! It's warmer than a thought, it's surely going to cool us down." She meowed happily, as the sun beat down on their fur.

Wetpaw's fur shone and she felt very hot all of the sudden. "Let's not heasitate, cool water, hot day, slow current." She purred making her way to the shallows.

Ripplepaw followed closely behind her, dipping her front legs in giving a soft mew of excitement. By the time she got the courage to put her hind legs in Wetpaw was already wading into belly high water, her sleek, well fed body helped her push through the waves.

Ripplepaw spit up some water she swallowed. "Ew, gross! I think I swallowed a minnow." She coughed, spitting into the water.

Wetpaw lifted one paw. "Hey! Don't spit, you don't know where that stuff lands." She shuddered at the thought of Ripplepaw's watery, minnow spit in her fur.

Ripplepaw shoved her chest forward, water droplets showering Wetpaw.

"Hey!" She shook her head again and dunk herself underwater. She opened her eyes to see the blurry images of Ripplepaw's legs. She managed to clamp her leg between her jaws and jerked downward, bringing Ripplepaw under. Lungs gasping for air, Wetpaw broke surface, the glassy blue water sprinkling all over.

Ripplepaw came up shortly after, breathing heavily. "Not cool man." She laughed.

Wetpaw giggled and looked up to the blue sky. "We should be getting back now," She meowed.

Ripplepaw nodded as they both exited the water, shaking their fur dry. Wetpaw felt the warmth of the sun glitter on her fur as they padded along. Seeing small droplets of blood by a jutting root, they knew Creampelt had left to the camp.

Wetpaw hopped over the root. "Not surprised Creampelt got her claw chipped."

"Yeah," Ripplepaw nodded. "It's very hard to see."

Wetpaw glanced to the root again, it was surely going to grow longer and more dangerous. "You think we could bite it off?"

Ripplepaw looked down at the jutting root. "I think, you do one side I'll do the other." She decided.

Wetpaw clasped close her jaws upon the left side of the root, gnawing hard she managed she get through the tough first layer. The rest was considerably soft and easy to bite through. Wetpaw finished closely after Ripplepaw had broke through her half.

"Ow, my teeth hurt..." She coughed up bits of the root skin as she tossed the remains into the tall grass.

"Ready to go?" Wetpaw turned her head into the direction of camp.

Ripplepaw gave a sigh as her tongue slipped across her teeth and they padded the rest of the way.

"Ow, Ow OWW!" Screams were calling from the medicine den as the two apprentices entered.

Hazelpaw glanced over to Wetpaw darkly and gave a huff as she raised her tail high, padding under the willow tree that sat on the left border of camp.

Ripplepaw was concentrating on the yelps coming from Sunnywhisker's den. "You think Creampelt's having kits?"

"Of course not!" Wetpaw hissed. "It probably has something to do with her chipped claw." Wetpaw adjusted her ears to get a closer hear on what Creampelt was saying.

Another yowl burst into the air as many cats flattened their ears, annoyed. Wetpaw shook her head and padded slowly next to the medicine cat den, plastered to the side of it she peeked into the entrace, followed closely by Ripplepaw.

After another scream Ripplepaw padded a bit toward the right. "I'm just going to get a mouse okay?" She lied, it was clear Ripplepaw was more than happy to leave the yowling den.

Wetpaw kept her ears alert as she peeked more closely into the den, her eyes adjusted to Creampelt, tears in her eyes, soaking all the way down to her chin.

"Please," She begged. "Don't take the claw off! It will be too painful and it'll make me a lousy fighter!"

Sunnywhisker gave a agrivated grunt. "For the last time Creampelt," She began furiously. "If I leave your chipped claw like that it will become infected and sure enough, a sickness will rise from the infection. Just let me take it off-"

"No!" Creampelt weeped. "Please, please, PLEASE!" Creampelt sobbed.

Sunnywhisker nudged Creampelt with her nose and the young she-cat lay down on the ground. "Just relax, I will give you some poppy seeds and when you wake up I'll give you some information on the kits."

Creampelt sniffed, tears still toppling out of her eyes. She winced, waiting for the pain to start, Sunnywhisker gripped her teeth firmly onto her chipped claw then...

Wetpaw looked away hearing a loud pop, then a series of screams and yelps. When she looked back, Wetpaw shuddered deeply. Creampelt's paw was leaking blood and a chipped claw lay on the ground. Sobs and yowls escaped Creampelt's mouth, Wetpaw gave a small whimper.

Sunnywhisker wrapped Creampelt's damaged paw with cobwebs in a cast like way. When she was done Creampelt was still crying as Sunnywhisker shushed her.

Wetpaw had a feeling Sunnywhisker had saw her so she stopped peeking and perked her ears to listen to the conversation.

"One kit Creampelt." Sunnywhisker sat down beside Creampelt's side.

Creampelt looked dissapointed. "Just one?" She said softly, wiping the last of her tears away glacning to her bandaged paw.

Sunnywhisker nodded. "It's fine Creampelt. One is enough, you'll have your paws full with just one anyways."

Creampelt sighed and laid in the soft, moss nest. Sniffing in the new-leaf scents she rested her eyes, bidding her goodbyes to Sunnywhisker as the medicine cat started to shift out of the den.

Wetpaw scampered quickly over to Ripplepaw who was enjoying a mouse very slowly. Keeping a firm eye on Hazelpaw who seemed very content on talking to Snowheart, but the warrior was just stuck on glancing to Flamefall and saying how cute he was in the sun.

"Hey," Wetpaw settled down by Ripplepaw, who finally turned her head from the two chatting cats.

"So what did they say?" Ripplepaw asked, her head tilting slightly to the side.

Wetpaw glanced over to Hazelpaw, who was clearly bored listening to Snowheart sigh and moon over Flamefall. "Oh, yeah. Well Creampelt had that chipped claw taken out, and then Sunnywhisker told her that she was going to have one kit. Which, she seemed kinda dissapointed about that."

Ripplepaw nodded. "Cool, I wonder why Creampelt would want more than one kit. It seems like such a hassle." She shrugged.

"I guess." Wetpaw flexed her claws, urging herself to go back to the river. "Wanna go over to the river again?"

Ripplepaw shook her head. "Nah, I'm a bit tired. It's almost sundown." She stretched giving out a long yawn.

"Okay, I'm going to head over there. Maybe catch a decent fish or two." Wetpaw meowed, giving Ripplepaw a small nod before she headed out.

"Goodnight!" Ripplepaw called out as Wetpaw headed down the tunnel.

Wetpaw stumbled down the hill, smelling scents of the water as she got close. When she heard the rush of the strong current of the evening, she scanned the area for the ferns that lead into the entrance of the shore. Finally she found them, rustling past she saw the bubbling water as the mist cooled Wetpaw's fur.

Taking a sip of water she leaped onto the middle rock of the stones that lead to the other side. She stopped staring at the dim scents of the ShadowClan border. The sunset patrol had already went out for RiverClan. Suddenly getting a strong scent of ShadowClan Wetpaw hid behind the ferns, not wanting to interfere with their patrol.

Four cats padded by the river on ShadowClan's side. Wetpaw peeked out seeing two warriors, one a female with light silver fur and black tabby stripes. Another close beside her was a tom, he had yellow eyes and light brown fur. The two were sniffing along the ground sighing boredly, two apprentices shifted out of the marsh, one was Tigerpaw, Wetpaw reconized his tiger like fur, another tom was beside him, he was black and white all over and very small compared to Tigerpaw.

She watched them sniff the border, Tigerpaw stared in her direction. Feeling the blood rush from her face she breathed silently.

"You guys go along without me," Tigerpaw turned his head to the group. "I'll catch up later."

The black and white tom sighed. "But you always make it back too late, I need training you know!" He whined as the patrol padded off, the warriors muttering things about warrior duties.

Tigerpaw sat down by the border. "Wetpaw, I know your here." He meowed.

Wetpaw did a small groan and padded out of the ferns. "I managed to have the others fooled." She smirked.

"Barely." Tigerpaw snickered.

Wetpaw rolled her eyes and sat on her border of the river. "What did that small apprentice say about training? Shouldn't he be talking about that to the warriors?"

"Oh..." Tigerpaw stared to his paws. "I-...Well, as a thank you right after the last gathering 'bout a moon ago..." He sighed deeply cringing a bit. "I kinda became Tigerfur and later gained an apprentice since...Well, nobody wanted to train him really."

Wetpaw's fur was hot and she stared at him. "Warrior?" She huffed. "But you are younger than me!"

Tigerfur's ears flattened. "I'm sorry...Ragestar was-"

"So you call him Ragestar now do you?" Wetpaw looked digusted.

"I've always called him that!" Tigerfur growled. "Besides you're jealous." He smirked greatly.

Wetpaw felt her face growing scarlet. "Am not!"

Tigerfur purred. "You sure?"

"Of course!" Wetpaw raised her tail. "Just go back to your rogues."

"You insult my people." Tigerfur laughed in a joke like voice.

Wetpaw's teeth bared. "Oh yeah, of course they're your people." She snorted.

"Insulting me aren't you?" Tigerfur kept a calm, soothed voice.

Wetpaw sighed. "Just don't make fun of me because Sparrowstar won't let me become a warrior."

Tigerfur shook his head. "Sure." He meowed looking back at her.

Wetpaw skirted across the stepping stones, halfway there she slipped. Tigerfur leapt at the last moment, gripping her scruff in his mouth, hauling her up.

Wetpaw scrambled onto the slipperly rock and looked to Tigerfur's smiling face. "Don't get like that with me." She rolled her eyes.

Tigerfur settled himself on the rock, shivering slightly at the cool winds and the colder water. "Weather warmed up a bit."

"You haven't." Wetpaw laughed softly.

Tigerfur laid his tail on her shoulder. "You know I am the biggest of my litter," He gloated.

"Oh please," Wetpaw snorted. "Ripplepaw is about a mouse leangth taller. You were the runt." She grinned.

Tigerfur shifted his tail onto hers. "Oh really?"

"Of course, I would know. Since I saw you as a kit." She laughed, Tigerfur chimed into the laughter.

Wetpaw glanced up to the moon, Tigerfur following her gaze. "It's almost full."

"Almost..." Wetpaw whispered very softly. "What's your apprentice's name?"

"Smallpaw..." Tigerfur said simply. "Ragestar named him that, for his mother ran off with her father about two days from his birth."


"I don't know for sure...Some say they hated the new leader, other's say their kit was a shame to them." Tigerfur sighed.

Wetpaw's eyes grew sad. "Shamed because of Smallpaw?"

"Well..Yeah," Tigerfur looked into his reflection in the river. "Smallpaw is a nice tom though, he wants to train and prove his name isn't true."

"Poor apprentice..." Wetpaw's looked down to her shifting paws. "Wanting honor from the Clan he loves..."

"But he doesn't easily get it, Ragestar just calls him apprentice when he walks by, which Smallpaw takes as a compliment. He doesn't get it at all actually..." Tigerfur got to his paws.

Wetpaw looked up. "Leaving already?" She sounded dissapointed.

Tigerfur nodded smiling lightly. "I have to go Wetpaw," He leaped across the rocks and looked back. "See you at the gathering."

"I love you..." Wetpaw called back.

Tigerfur stopped. "I love you too."

Chapter Thirteen: Healing Hearts

"Will you apologize?" Ripplepaw asked Wetpaw as they sat in the Pebble Hollow.

"I would, but I don't really think she'll accept it," Wetpaw sighed, rustling her paw against the pebbles.

Ripplepaw glanced to her paws sadly. "I was afraid you'd say that," Her tail flicked. "I mean, Hazelpaw was the independant one."

"Stubborn." Wetpaw snorted.

Ripplepaw shot her an angry look. "Stop being so rude!"

Wetpaw turned her head, her tail scraping across the pebbly surface. "Your so defensive."

"Don't fight with me, now help me train, Snowheart was planning to test me at this time with Pebblefoot...But since Tigerpaw isn't here...." Ripplepaw sighed. "Pebblefoot decided not to, because he wanted an apprentice. He just...Stomped off to check on Creampelt after that."

"I'm sorry-"

"Don't be, it's not your problem." Ripplepaw turned away, curling up her tail.

Wetpaw sighed sadly. "It should be though."

"No, it isn't. Don't blame yourself for my problems," Ripplepaw turned her head, giving a swift nod.

Wetpaw blinked and got into crouch position, waving her tail. "So let's train. Or, what are we at the Pebble Hollow for?"

Ripplepaw nodded. "I need help on my belly rake, Snowheart told me it always go for the lower chest, other than the middle belly."

"That usually get's time to get use to, but let's practice." Wetpaw padded over to Ripplepaw. "This move is usually easier for smaller cats, but since you are a bit bigger you tend to go under too far. You need to time it right before you go under the enemy's belly."

Ripplepaw nodded.

"Ok, stand up." Wetpaw said as Ripplepaw got onto her paws.

Wetpaw run under the she-cat's stomach, her head faced Ripplepaw's chest as she outstretched her paws, claws sheathed she began to paw at her belly.

"So that's how you-whoa..." Ripplepaw's eyes glared forward.

Wetpaw tilted her head backward, her paws lowered as she scooted out from under Ripplepaw. Tigerfur? With his apprentice, Smallpaw? Why were they here?

"Fetch Hazelpaw and come back to the pebble hallow as quick as you can." Tigerfur said urgently. "It's very important, RiverClan could be demolished!"

Wetpaw raised her head, Ripplepaw had already nodded and bounded off. Wetpaw looked back to Tigerfur, who's eyes held fear. Determination came into her heart, and she followed Ripplepaw.

What could be this important that Tigerfur had to trespass into RiverClan's territory? He could get caught! Then Rage wouldn't be happy, and Tigerfur could get punished badly.

But then she reached back into her memories as she remembered Smallpaw, he looked angered, but still proud and loyal to his mentor enough to follow. He was scratched deeply and had a swollen eyes, but still narrowed eyes and determination.

This meant Tigerfur got out of a gruesome fight, but if this meant it could destroy RiverClan, than this was serious.

"Hazelpaw, you must come with us!" Ripplepaw insisted, her tail pointed in the direction of the Pebble Hollow.

Hazelpaw snorted. "With Wetpaw? Yeah, and I'll get into Claw Rocks before becoming a warrior." She rolled her eyes turning around to leave.

"Wait," Wetpaw sighed. "I'm sorry, for hurting you. I was really mad and got away with myself, it was my fault. Now Tigerfur is in trouble, and we need you."

Hazelpaw paused in her tracks. She turned her head, and shook away a tear.

With acception in her voice she meowed, "Well, Tigerfur is in trouble? I guess I'll accept your apology for that..." She smiled.

Wetpaw purred. "Okay you furball, let's go!"

The three raced out of camp, telling the cats guarding camp they were going to train in the Pebble Hollow.

"Smallpaw was with him?" Hazelpaw asked as they dodged the root that made Creampelt get her claw dislodged.

Wetpaw breathed fast, the run was tiring, since they barely got time to rest after running swiftly to the camp from the Pebble Hollow.

Taking this advantage to tell Hazelpaw, Ripplepaw answered her. "Yeah, he was pretty beat up too." She breathed roughly. "It was like whatever they needed to warn us about was serious stuff."

Just around the corner... Wetpaw thought to herself, making a sharp turn to the path that lead into the hollow.

Skidding to a harsh stop that scraped her paws roughly, Wetpaw saw Tigerfur licking the wounds from the wincing Smallpaw.

"Are your pads okay?" Hazelpaw asked as they stopped and started padding slowly into the soft, pebbly hollow. "You'll need yarrow for that."

"Sunnywhisker has just a little bit left, it's okay." Wetpaw insisted as they made their way to Tigerfur.

Smallpaw winced again, determination from last time they saw in his eyes was washed away by dullness. "Tigerfur, are the foxes gone?"

Tigerfur frowned, his eyes growing misty and sad. "Not yet my apprentice, though Ragestar is going to call us cowards for running off, seeking help."

Wetpaw's heart had guilt she took no part in, and a rock in her chest grew as sympathy came for the young tom. He was hurt and needed immediate help for a slash deeply set in his belly.

"Foxes is it?" Ripplepaw turned her head, narrowing her blue eyes.

"Yeah," Tigerfur answered through gritted teeth, obviously angry as a queen who's kits were stolen. "They took a great fight against who would kill Smallpaw. But in the end I got him out without a scratch."

Wetpaw looked around. "Come to RiverClan. We need to take care of Smallpaw."

"And let them skin me alive? Yeah, in your dreams." Tigerfur snorted.

"Keep your fur on cranky tom." Wetpaw spat. "Now, what I'm saying is that I'll explain to them and they'll understand. Smallpaw is young, and need this. Now, please stop being so stubborn."

Smallpaw looked pleasingly to Tigerfur, Tigerfur glanced to his paws and nodded.

"Does this mean we have to run all the way back?" Ripplepaw sighed.

"Okay, Wetpaw do you need some yarrow on your paws? Smallpaw is all bandaged up." Sunnywhisker turned her head to Wetpaw.

Wetpaw shook her head. "No, they're fine, I'll just lick them." She said, lapping at her scratched paw pads.'

"If you insist, Tigerfur, how's that scratch?" She turned her head to Tigerfur, nursing a scratch on his chest.

Tigerfur gave a swift nod. "Fine, thanks for the goldenrod..." He muttered.

"Again, I thought they would be good with you coming into camp, but they kinda thought you were trespassing...Until Wetpaw, of course, told them you needed their help." Ripplepaw said a bit quickly.

A snort passed through Smallpaw, obviously he was still on edge about the whole 'living in RiverClan' idea.

"I expect us to leave soon..." Smallpaw murmured, laying his chin upon his paws. "Rage will come in and kill us himself if he found out was scavenged to here..."

Wetpaw's ears perked. "You called my father Rage. Not Ragestar."

"He doesn't deserve it, Swiftstar was much more worthy of respect, I mean he let the medicine cat heal us even if it was just a smaller scratch-" He lifted his head from his paws. "Did you say your father?"

"I thought you knew." Wetpaw met Smallpaw's frightened glare. "No, don't you expect me to be like...Him." She let out a tiny growl. "I am as good as my mother."

Smallpaw shuddered. "Who would love...Rage?" He whispered in a sneering type voice.

"Ragestar. Show more respect even if he doesn't deserve it, I do want the entire RiverClan to think we don't respect anyone." Tigerfur bent down and stretched his back, his claws flexing outward. "Besides, we have something else to discuss." He said in a low voice as Sunnywhisker left the den.

"What?" The apprentices said together.

Tigerfur sideglanced as he sat back upward. "I have to go back to ShadowClan." He meowed.

Ripplepaw let out a tiny gasp. "But...You have a fresh cut on your chest!"

"But I would tell Ragestar I fought off a fox with Smallpaw." Tigerfur answered.

"What about Smallpaw? What will Rage say if you don't return with him?" Hazelpaw spoke for the first time being in the medicine den.

Tigerfur caught a glance at the slightly angry, and scared, apprentice. "He has too stay here for a while, I'll say he dissapeared when fighting a fox. When he comes back Ragestar will praise him for chasing off the last of them."

"But if the foxes are still there you could get hurt." Ripplepaw meowed a little softly.

Tigerfur shot her an angry glance. "I can take care of myself kit."

Ripplepaw growled. "Shut up."

"Shut up to both of you." Wetpaw snapped at them. "Sunnywhisker was just going to check on Grayfeather, she'll be back anytime now. I don't need her questioning us."

Sunnywhisker padded in carrying leftover herbs that Grayfeather didn't need. "Who is questioning you?"

"Nobody." Wetpaw said quickly. "I was just asking them questions about ShadowClan prey." She lied.

Sunnywhisker nodded slowly and placed the herbs into the herb storage. "Getting ready to leave Tigerfur, will Smallpaw be coming with you?" She asked, watching as Tigerfur shifted upward.

Tigerfur shook his head. "Smallpaw will be lying here until he is healthy enough to leave, if that's okay with you." He glanced down to Smallpaw's wounds.

Sunnywhisker nodded, a hint of a sigh in her breathing. "If Rage won't let apprentices be healed properly, he needs all the help I have."

"Groom your fur, sit up straight, okay you look fine." Sunnywhisker purred as she lapped her tongue across Wetpaw's sleek fur.

"Why are you putting all this effort into making me look fine? I'm just taking a warrior assessment." Wetpaw snorted. "It's like your my mother-...." Wetpaw looked away. "Nevermind...Let's just not go into that subject."

Sunnywhisker nodded slowly. "It's fine, I don't need you all sad. We have to make sure you are perfect for this." Her tailed flicked, to her surprised Wetpaw frowned.

"I wouldn't get sad." Wetpaw sad simply. "It's just, an uncomfortable thing to talk about." She fidgeted, anticipation rising in her chest like clouds. "Can I go to Flamefall now?"

"Of course." Sunnywhisker rose to her paws. "I just hope I see the warrior ceremony."

Wetpaw's eye glared to her paws for a moment. What if Sparrowstar still doesn't want me to be a warrior? She thought silently to herself. She let out a stiff grunt and her belly didn't feel too good.

"Are you okay?"

"Fine." Wetpaw muttered, anxiousness highly shown in her eyes. "Just a tiny stomach ache."

Sunnywhisker's eyes widened slightly, obviously not wanting anything wrong to happen. "Do you need watermint? The river is plentiful, I got some earlier. I can just get you-"

"No, I'm okay." Wetpaw snapped.

Sunnywhisker's tail shot up. "But if you feel sick tell Flamefall and come to me right away."

I'm better off just getting it now.... Wetpaw groaned as the butterflies in her stomach fluttered around like the romping of cats' paws.

"Come Wetpaw," Flamefall's echoed voice came from inside the tunnel. "Meet me on the other end!" He called out.

Wetpaw could smell the excitement in the lingering scent Flamefall left, he must be happy for Wetpaw. Wetpaw purred and padding into the tunnel, the cracks of light spread from openings in the tunnel, that would have to be closed up with the tunnel would still be a secret entrance into camp.

Bursting through the wall of ivy that covered over the exit she looked around, the firey orange of Flamefall's pelt was easily shown in clear trail.

"Hey, wait up!" Wetpaw called out breaking into a run to catch up to Flamefall.

"Ah there you are," He meowed to her. "I was wondering when you'd be here."

Wetpaw nodded to him. "Sunnywhisker just wanted to make me look my best." She snorted.

Flamefall smirked a bit an broke off from the trail when the got into the middle.

"Great Pine?" Wetpaw stopped. "I'm going to have to climb?"

Flamefall turned around, tail motioning her to come. "Yes," He meowed as Wetpaw padded toward him. "We're going to test pair hunting against a squirrel, which is a difficulty for you since you are more use to ground levels.

Wetpaw sighed and cursed under her breath. Squirrel hunting! She huffed. There's no need when plenty of voles and mice scurry below.

"Would you rather a bird?" Flamefall rolled his eyes, as Wetpaw snapped from her thoughts.

Wetpaw glanced to the trees. "Of course not, let's go." She meowed, padding past the willows into lush pines. Searching for the middle she looked upward, where the rising branches of the Great Pine lay in the sky. Taking a deep breath she sniffed the ground and looked up.

Squirrel! Perfect timing. "Flamefall," She called to her mentor, the awkwardness of ordering around a warrior was overwhelming. "Er...Take a charge at the squirrel, herd it to the tree, I'll be waiting for it before it enters the branches."

Flamefall nodded as Wetpaw headed up the tree, she struggled, the long leg weren't for climbing, they were meant for face paced running. But as a warrior she must have the same strategies as others. "It's going up the tree!" Flamefall called to her.

Turning her head, as she gripped the branches she clawed at the squirrel's tiny paws on accident, when it staring to fall from paralyzation in it's legs, Wetpaw gasped and let lept into the air, gripping the squirrel's now broken neck into her jaw before it touched the ground.

"Good job, the strategy of stunning it's legs so it was immobile was great!" Flamefall purred, flicking his tail happily. "Now bury the prey, I want to see your battle moves."

Wetpaw breathed in acomplishment, the paralyzed leg move was just an accident. The rest of the thing went smoothly as water beneath claws, well besides stumbling a bit on catching a mouse.

"You did great, now I'll talk to Sparrowstar." Flamefall blinked a bit of sadness away. "But he's in a very off mood...It's going to be difficult to make you a warrior. Expect in a moon or so okay?" He whispered to her.

Wetpaw tried to cut off a sad sigh, and nodded with a dissapointed smile. Flamefall gave a nod and turned to leave.

"Wait-" Wetpaw began as Flamefall's tail swished as he stopped.

Flamefall turned his head. "Yes?" He meowed in a somewhat nervous voice.

Wetpaw swallowed hard. "I wanted to know something."

But from the look on Flamefall's face this shouldn't be talked about this moment. He held a anxious glare with a scared, fake smile.

"Nevermind." Wetpaw blinked and shook her head.

"If that's all," Flamefall turned back to the trail. "I need to organize the sunset patrol." He breathed out trying to hide his relief.

As he padded along the trail leaving Wetpaw standing there by the Great Pine. I was I could've saw pass him and asked... She hissed to herself.

The secret about being a 'kittypet' would be kept away from questioning for just a little while longer.

Wetpaw looked at the ivy vines hanging neatly from the ceiling, a nice touch to the somewhat bright den. Taking another step she let out a content purr. Being in this den brough a touch of bliss to her, a relief from the wreck she had been lately.

"Wetpaw?" A very familiar voice sounded from the back of the den.

Wetpaw let out a mew telling she was there, coming out of the shadows, Sunnywhisker's bright eyes and ginger fur shone in the cracks of sunlight that come from the moss covered ceiling.

Smiling Sunnywhisker licked Wetpaw behind the ear. "How'd you do dear?" She asked.

"I think I did fine, though Flamefall says it might take a moon for Sparrowstar to give in." Wetpaw sighed deeply.

"Oh..." Sunnywhisker meowed in dissapointment. "I was just taking a small nap, I hoped I could see your ceremony though."

"It's fine." Wetpaw looked up and smiled. "It's just a small detour."

Sunnywhisker's tail swished across the clear, sandy floor of the den. "Grayfeather has left his small den." She informed.

"Really?" Wetpaw seemed amazed the tom could've ever gotten better.

"Indeed." Sunnywhisker purred closing her eyes. "He left earlier today, he grew stronger and the New-leaf made sure he would survive."

"Has any medicine cats reported anything to you about Tigerfur...?" Wetpaw whispered in a higher voice.

Sunnywhisker lifted her head. "Wetpaw dear, nobody truely converses in a medicine cat gathering." She looked down at some herbs that lay by her nest.

Wetpaw peeked at the nest. "Oh okay-" She glanced at some black seeds. "Wait...What are you eating?"

Sunnywhisker let out a sigh. "I ate three poppy seeds. I needed the rest and I was too anxious to sleep."


"I don't think it matters. How about you go and replace the nursery's bedding?" Sunnywhisker lifted her head, stiffling a yawn.

Yeah, just because I ask a question you give me duties... Wetpaw grunted and padded out, Smallpaw was standing, head hung by a tree. Giving cold glances at any warrior who passed with narrow eyes.

"I guess I should talk to him..." Wetpaw decided under her breath as she padded to the ShadowClan apprentice.

Smallpaw shot her a cold glance. "Come to call me prisoner like everyone else?"

"No." Wetpaw said simply.

Smallpaw glanced up, his black ears were flattened his eyes still narrowed. A large scar spread from across his entire face. Wetpaw jumped back.

"Even you think I'm pathetic...My first true battle and now ShadowClan thinks I'm dead." Smallpaw glared at her with icy yellow eyes. "Tigerfur didn't even come back for me..."

"Go back yourself."

"I can't idiot, it's not like I understand any of this territory." Smallpaw muttered. "Everyone and thing smells like fish and water."

"Personally I don't really care for fish," Wetpaw flicked her paw letting out a small purr.

Smallpaw turned his head. "How would I even find my way out? One of my eyes is all...Bloody. Red is all I see and It frightens me...With partial sight I will be a lousy fighter."

"It proves you are ten times the fighter you were. Come on, I'll help you." Wetpaw meowed to him.

Smallpaw let out a reluctant mutter and he heaved himself to his paws. The two walked out of camp with many cats staring after Smallpaw and retorting "Finally...".

After walking along the trail the two apprentices found the fern barrier into the river. "Let's go," Wetpaw ordered, passing through the ferns with Smallpaw following after her.

"Pass through and it's ShadowClan territory." Wetpaw tossed her head over to the river.

Smallpaw nodded and hopped across the stones. Without thanking Wetpaw he sped off into his territory.

"You're welcome..." Wetpaw muttered.

Chapter 14: Life in the Waste

"Battle?" Wetpaw's voice rang in the camp.

"Yes, battle." Sparrowstar meowed as many cats muttered their shifty opinions in the crowd. Creampelt winced and burried her head in Pebblefoot's shoulder as he cooed to her in a comforting voice.

Wetpaw gasped, battling...No, this shouldn't happen. Not when too many cats are weak and we just broke from sickness!

"ShadowClan disrespects the border like a piece of dirt," Sparrowstar closed his eyes. "And I'm sick of it."

Sunnywhisker hung her head while Snowheart smiled at the idea. This was apparently appealing to only half of RiverClan.

"But sir, this could mean-" Flamefall was cut off.

Sparrowstar nodded slowly. "Yes I know Flamefall, it means that cats could die." Flamefall let out a groan knowing the leader wouldn't change his mind.

"We will go against them in moons of time. But for now we try to gain Clans on our side, for Ragestar will have BloodClan on his side."

Hazelpaw stepped up. "This is like seasons and seasons ago, when the ancient Firestar lead ThunderClan into battle against BloodClan."

"Except that we aren't on their side." Ripplepaw whispered giving off a shudder.

"Yes Hazelpaw, I guess StarClan has set this time on us unexpectidly. We haven't though that BloodClan would ever rise, but the cats who survived thrived and I suppose they wanted revenge." Sparrowstar flicked his tail.

"Impossible..." Wetpaw hissed under her breath.

Fire blazing in his eyes Sparrowstar shushed the worried cats. "That is all, we will be preparing. Go to your duties as I will set the patrols for today." He glanced to Flamefall who gave him a nod.

Creampelt let out a sob. "The kit...What if you die...Or worse, what if we both die?" She looked up to Pebblefoot who merely sighed.

"Shh...Don't worry." Pebblefoot meowed softly. "Your kit is due in a moon, it won't die..We have moons to prepare."

Wetpaw looked as Cloudfoot, a white and grey spotted tom and Pebblefoot build a strong bramble barrier as proctection over the nursery. Creampelt lay by the entrance smiling at Pebblefoot who padded over and gave her a lick on the cheek.

A strong jealousy grew in Wetpaw's chest...The two were in love, and would have kin to come...Something Tigerfur and herself would never be able to do. The image of kits pawing at her and mewing happily was what she wanted...But never to get.

"Wetpaw?" Cloudfoot turned his head.

"Yes?" Wetpaw snapped from her thoughts.

Cloudfoot turned his head to the nursery. "Change the bedding please. New kit's means new bedding." He purred.

Wetpaw's spirits hung, bedding? Again? What was with all these apprentice duties for someone good enough to be a warrior...

"Please hurry Wetpaw!" Creampelt meowed. "I want to talk with you."

"Oh goody, Creampelt to talk to..." Wetpaw hissed under her breath, padding quickly to some moss behind a sapling. Taking some into her jaws she padded over to the nursery.

The inside was quite small...The entrances had swooping pine needles covering it for warmth, though it still had a small chill. The smell of milk was stale and almost distant, since the last time anyone had given birth to kits was since Tigerfur and his siblings were kits.

"Oh Wetpaw, are you excited?" Creampelt smiled at her closing her eyes to let out a small purr.

Wetpaw turned her head. "About the battle?" She said sort of frightened.

Creampelt shook her head. "Oh StarClan no! I was talking about you becoming a warrior tomorrow! That's why everyone is making you clean out bedding so you get a good reputation as a warrior."

"I'm becoming a warrior tomorrow?" Wetpaw gasped, her jealousy for Pebblefoot and Creampelt washing away. "That means I'll be free from the usual apprentice duties, go on regular patrols and go out of camp more than I use to?"

Creampelt laughed. "Of course, I mean that is what being a warrior is all about! Well, along with the prey hunting, tending to others, helping out other warriors..."

"But I'm going to be a warrior!" Wetpaw's tail held high. "I'm so happy, thanks Creampelt!" Wetpaw turned to pad out of the nursery.

"Hold up Wetpaw," Creampelt's voice tensed and Wetpaw turned around surprised. "But also this means you can't visit Tigerfur."

"How did you-?"

Creampelt flicked her tail and licked her paw. "A queen learns a thing or two when a cat leaves camp every night and comes by covered in Fox-dung or water."

Wetpaw sighed hanging her head. "I know....I can't, he is from a enemy Clan." She looked up. "I have to be loyal to RiverClan."

"Exactly. Now you should go hunt, it's better the Clan if we get more prey. We're running low of some juicy pieces, we have the skinnier ones from late Leaf-bare but as Green-leaf comes close the prey starts fattening out." Creampelt wrapped her tail around her belly, swiping her paw across her ear.

Wetpaw dipped her head and padded out.

Wetpaw stared at the river, keeping her ears flat as she scanned the water. The fish swam downstream, she swiped her paw in sending a silverish blue fish flying into the air. She leaped, biting the fish's body, it's slimy blood seeped out as she fell into the low tide river. She swam sleekly through the water ending on RiverClan's side. She laid the fish with two smaller ones she caught earlier.

"Wetpaw, how are you?" Tigerfur meowed from the other side as he sat down on the shore of the river.

Wetpaw turned her head to him. "Tigerfur, we can't keep seeing eachother."

"What? Wetpaw what are you talking about?" Tigerfur sounded confused.

Wetpaw turned her head. "Creampelt told me if I was to be a good warrior I couldn't break the warrior code." She turned away from him to hide the tears.

She could hear Tigerfur's claw scrape across the rocks. "Don't step onto my territory." She turned her tear bidden eyes to him. "Or else I'll be forced to attack."

"You wouldn't...." Tigerfur had a challenging tone ringing around his voice.

"I would!" Wetpaw yelled whipping her head around as Tigerfur stood on the middle rock staring at her.

Tigerfur turned his head to leave as he padded back onto his territory.

"Tigerfur don't leave..." Wetpaw sighed. "I just don't know what I want in my life."

"Come with me then," Tigerfur smiled turning to her. "We could live in ShadowClan together, we could be together, both warriors."

Wetpaw closed her eyes. "RiverClan is my home, Tigerfur. Not BloodClan nor ShadowClan." She meowed padding toward Tigerfur on the rocks.

Tigerfur turned to her on the first rock on his side of the territory. "Wetpaw, we could be happy! Together, we could have our own family..."

"We're planning an attack on you." Wetpaw blurted out.

"What?" Tigerfur's eyes widened.

Wetpaw clenched her teeth. "Please don't tell them Tigerfur...It's going to be in moons. Please don't."

Tigerfur stared to his paws. "I promise." He looked up. "But when you get your warrior name, you have to visit me the night after."

Wetpaw stiffled a smile. "I promise."

Wetpaw ran toward her side, picked up the fish and gave Tigerfur a small smile as she ran toward her camp.

Tigerfur nodded his head to her and headed toward camp.

Wetpaw padded into camp, it was sundown as she walked towards the fresh-kill pile dropping her fish into it.

"Wetpaw," Flamefall's voice called from the warriors den as he padded out. "I have a question."

Wetpaw turned her head with bright eyes. "What is it Flamefall?

Flamefall smiled and nodded his head. "Well, I was wondering if you wanted to come with me to Claw Rocks after you get your warrior name. Then you will have your vigil."

Wetpaw grinned. "Yeah, sounds great Flamefall!" Wetpaw dipped her head but then turned back. "But now I have a question for you."

Flamefall turned his head, eye whiskers raised. "What Wetpaw?"

"Were you a kittypet?"

Flamefall blinked. "Only very few people remember when I came into this camp, Snowheart, Creampelt, Mistsong and Sunnywhisker....As a kittypet, age of an apprentice." He smally smiled. "And how did you find out?"

Wetpaw shuffled her paws. "I heard you and Sparrowstar talking."

"I usually don't tell many cats about it every since the memory was just held and kept silent by the cats who remember..." Flamefall purred softly.

"But who was Mistsong?" Wetpaw tilted her head.

Flamefall jutted upward, Wetpaw could hear his heart beating. "Now, only Sunnywhisker, Sparrowstar and I remember..." He sighed. "But if you need to know, you might need to remind Snowheart and Creampelt their early nursery mates."

"But who was she Flamefall?" Wetpaw asked again.

Flamefall sighed. "I doubt you are going to settle for me stalling." He let out a smirk.

"You know me so well." Wetpaw purred.

"Let's start from the beginning. Mistsong was an apprentice at the time, Mistpaw. I came in and she instantly became friends with me, her sister on the other paw didn't really warm up to me. Being the medicine cat apprentice and all I expected her to get more along with me instead of Mistpaw."

"Who was her sister?"

"Sunnywhisker." Flamefall meowed to Wetpaw.

Wetpaw's eyes widened, she had no idea Sunnywhisker had a sister.

Flamefall continued. "Mistpaw and I went to the gathering where we met Ravenpaw and Antpaw. Mistpaw and Ravenpaw were instant friends. I worried though because they became close. So I told her that it was time to stop when we were close to becoming warriors. She told me I was wrong because the warrior code has nothing against love. I was heartbroken when she chose Ravenwing instead of RiverClan. Mistpaw and I became warriors together, she was Mistsong and I was Flamefall. She told me that she was sad because the clan began to find out about her and Ravenwing. I told her go with your heart, she told me that I was right and she was going to run off with Ravenwing...." Flamefall's eyes held tears that blurred his eyes. "She left the Clan the next day telling Sunnywhisker and I that she was going to run away with him. I told her this was wrong, then she remarked I was the one who told her to do this. When she left I stayed strong, though she came back almost four moons later saying she was pregnant and needed help, but Sparrowstar at that time declined her entry into RiverClan. She told me Ravenflight's 'friends' didn't want her and Ravenflight having a family together and was going to...Kill her and her kit. I told her I would stay with her, but she said if she couldn't get accepting into the Clan she wouldn't ask for help from me. She left. That was the last time I ever saw her." A tear trickled from his eye. "My best friend left...She said she would come back when I called her, and there was no need to say goodbye. I called and I called, but she never came."

Wetpaw held back her tears, it stung her nose as she sniffed sadly. "Did you love her?"

"I guess you said I could have had a crush on her...But we were mostly friends. Very close, I accepting any tom she wanted but when she left I was completely washed away." He stared to his paws. "But then Sunnywhisker told me she saw Mistsong in her dreams, and her name was Mist because she changed it when she left. She left me to find out Mistsong has died."

Wetpaw lifted her head. "You said Mist?"

"Yes Mist." Flamefall turned his head away from her.

The pieces seemed to fit into place. All of them, killing her mother becauses Rage didn't want BloodClan to think he was weak, her name changed to Mist, his changed to Rage to fit the mold of BloodClan.

"You were best friends with my mother."

Chapter 15: Don't Say Goodbye

Flamefall stared at Wetpaw for a few moments. "Wetpaw, Mistsong was not your mother."

"She was," Wetpaw meowed. "And Rage is Ravenflight, my father."

Flamefall glanced at her and looked away. "You are me serious...."

Wetpaw nodded. "I am. Really. I have Mistsong's blood running through my veins."

Flamefall's claws sunk into the ground. "What truly happened to Mistsong Wetpaw?" He asked through clenched teeth.

Wetpaw was surprised by Flamefall's reaction. "Rage....He met BloodClan. They didn't want a family, because it would be bad news for BloodClan. To get to the top, he had to actually ignore Mist I mean Mistsong." She corrected herself. "Then she was due for kits and apparently BloodClan wouldn't like that at all. To gain their trust he had to kill her before she gave birth, she gave birth to me and then they wanted to kill us both....Dawnfur was a BloodClan cat. She was told to kill my mother, from the rough turmoil she ran off from BloodClan joining her. She commited suicide not able to obtain the pain she was in."

Flamefall looked stunned and turned around. "We will fight ShadowClan. Tomorrow."

Wetpaw was astonished. "But Flamefall!"

"No Wetpaw, we will fight them. We will kill them!" His voice was extremely outraged as he began to pad towards Sparrowstar's den.

"Wait," Wetpaw demanded to the deputy.

"What is it?" Flamefall growled not turning to face her.

"Give us at least two moons, two moons to prepare and..." She swallowed. "Spy. Tell Sparrowstar I will be a spy."

Flamefall nodded. "Big risk, but I'm willing to let you."

Wetpaw swallowed hard. It will be all worth it tomorrow...

Wetpaw licked her paw and swiped it over her ear. There was no mother or father to congradulate her on this, or watch her get her warrior ceremony. But her mother was watching...From StarClan.

"Wetpaw!" Ripplepaw's voice rang in her ears as the younger she-cat ran toward her, a smile growing on her face.

Hazelpaw caught up with Ripplepaw. "I'm so excited Wetpaw!"

"Why it's my warrior ceremony. You guys should be excited in two more moons." Wetpaw purred softly.

Hazelpaw flicked her tail and laughed. "Well, silly, you're our best friend! We wouldn't be sad if the world counted on it!" She meowed to Wetpaw.

"Wetpaw, come with me." Sparrowstar said with a dull voice as he leaped onto the River-rock. His eyes showed great sadness as he stared to the crowd below.

Wetpaw padded to Sparrowstar as she looked to him from the River-rock. His eyes showed her everything, the pain he was going through. She didn't understand though, why was her leader so sad?

"As you see RiverClan," Sparrowstar meowed loudly so the Clan could hear him. "Wetpaw is becoming a warrior."

Wetpaw looked very proud when Sparrowstar announced this to the clan, as many cats yowled in approval. She looked back at him when Sparrowstar continued.

"I, Sparrowstar, leader of RiverClan, call upon my warrior ancestors to look down on this apprentice. She has trained hard to understand the ways of your noble code, and I commend her to you as a warrior in her turn." His eyes narrowed slightly which made Wetpaw's tail fidget slightly.

Sparrowstar blinked, his sadness fading from his eyes, an emotion filled it that Wetpaw couldn't put her paw on. "Wetpaw, do you promise to uphold the warrior code and protect and defend your clan even if it costs your life?"

Wetpaw smiled. "I do."

Sparrowstar laid his tail tip on Wetpaw. "Then by the power of StarClan I grant you to warrior status, Wetpaw, from now on you shall be Wetstream." Wetstream dipped her head. "StarClan thanks you for your loyalty and edurance during the hardest of times." Wetstream knew he was hinting about when Tigerfur left.

Sparrowstar's eyes narrowed fully now as he turned to the clan. "But even as a warrior, she has a shocking past. I have learned that Wetstream," His eyes shot to her. "Is the daughter of Ragestar."

A few gasps were heard, Hazelpaw's mouth gaped and Ripplepaw looked away. The two obviously didn't want anyone to know her secret. Sunnywhisker padded from her den shocked at what she heard.

"You can't be serious..." Sunnywhisker tried to make sure nobody would believe Wetstream's secret. "I mean, she looks nothing like him."

"But silver and black make a darker grey. Which Mistsong and Ravenwing produced, this warrior is kin of a killer!" Sparrowstar yowled to RiverClan.

Wetstream's eyes widened in complete shock, how did Sparrowstar find out? Ripplepaw and Hazelpaw couldn't have told him. She shook her head then stepped in front of Sparrowstar.

"Yes!" She yowled out to them. "I have BloodClan blood running through me. But I also have RiverClan! I just found out I was partly RiverClan! But does that change me? I'm related to Mistsong, a traitor, but I'm still RiverClan. RiverClan and ShadowClan!"

Murmurs rose from the cats, some were calling her a half-blood, other's said she was exactly like her mother. Creampelt had sympathetic eyes, which made Wetstream feel a bit better.

Sparrowstar growled. "You will be on watch until we have proven you worthy of RiverClan." He demanded.

"But I'm the same!" Wetstream retorted to her leader.

"I will not have such attitude to your leader! Leave the presense of me at once!" He hissed as many cats yelped in surprise.

Wetstream's eyes narrowed as she leaped off of the River-rock running towards Sunnywhisker's den.

"Why didn't you tell me earlier!" She hissed as she passed Sunnywhisker and ran into her den, tears dripping from her eyes.

Sunnywhisker turned and padded to Wetstream. "Dear, I didn't want you worrying so much....But when Sparrowstar found out that Ravenwing was Rage....He didn't like the fact you were his daughter." She sighed.

Wetstream glared at Sunnywhisker. "Who told him?"

"No, the question is who told you Wetstream." Sunnywhisker's voice turned serious.

"I made Flamefall confess out all he knew.....But then I found out you are also my kin....My mother's sister! You could of at least told me that." Wetstream breathed out.

Sunnywhisker sighed. "Well, now you know..."

Wetstream got to her paws and padded toward the entrance.

"Where are you going?" Sunnywhisker asked padded toward her.

Wetstream turned her head and smiled. "Flamefall's taking me to Clawrocks."

Flamefall padded along the rocks, Wetstream stared up at them. "They're really big..."

Flamefall nodded. "Jagged, and long. There has been many battles upon here, it is a famous battle place." His eyes darkened. "I need you to spy on them tomorrow night."

"Tomorrow night?" Wetstream swallowed hard. That was the night she was suppose to meet Tigerfur for the last time. "Okay..."

Flamefall turned his head to her, eyes narrowed. "Unless, you have something better?" He said questiongly.

"No, I will!" Her head shot up, eyes alert. But she knew she would meet Tigerfur instead...She wouldn't spy, yet.

Flamefall nodded and flicked his tail. "Be back by sundown to start your vigil, you can lead yourself back to camp right?" He asked her.

Wetstream nodded slowly. "I will be back." She promised turning her head back to Claw-rocks.

Flamefall gave a small nod and padded out of the area, Wetstream looked onto Flamefall as he padded down the trail to camp, until she didn't see him. Did she remind him of Mist? Or as he said: Mistsong. She never knew her mother's personality...She barely remembered what she looked like, she couldn't see her color or eye color well because her mother is spirit, in her dreams and outside them.

Sunnywhisker, it could be Sunnywhisker's personality she has. Kind, caring...Yet Wetstream was stubborn and willing to fight for anything, something Sunnywhisker lacked since she let her sister go so easily.

Wetstream glanced to her paws, aching to see Tigerfur so bad. Watch him laugh as his spring green eyes sparkled in the moonlight. The only light they could only see eachother under....

Wetstream got to her paws, and padded out of the area, heading down the path and into the camp...

Sunnywhisker ran past Wetstream. "You're here early!" She meowed, her voice muffled by herbs as she headed to the nursery.

Pebblefoot breathed roughly as he stood beside the entrance of the nursery, his eyes fixated on his paws.

"It's almost time for you to start your silent vigil." Sparrowstar's stern voice made Wetstream jump. "No sneaking away from your post, I mean it."

Wetstream looked away from him, anger flaring deep in her chest. "I won't, Sparrowstar." She meowed, holding back her anger. "I'll stay there the whole night."

"Good." Sparrowstar meowed, emotionless. "You better check on Creampelt before you start your vigil, she is in labor." He said swiftly as he started toward his den.

Wetstream gasped and ran into the nursery, eyes setting on Creampelt, who sort of smiled at Wetstream, she couldn't tell with a splintered stick clutched in Creampelt's jaws.

"Oh Wetstream!" Sunnywhisker gave a sigh of relief. "I'm so glad you managed to spare some time to come in here. Her kitting has been very smooth."

Creampelt yowled, the stick dropping as a spasm hit her. Sunnywhisker ran to her and grabbed the stick letting her clamp her teeth on it again.

"Lend your kin a paw will you dear?" Sunnywhisker asked kindly, but stress was caved in her eyes.

Wetstream nodded padding to her. "What do you need?" She asked, not used to be called 'kin' from Sunnywhisker.

"Borage leaves." Sunnywhisker meowed, turning her attention bad to Creampelt as she lay her paw on her belly. "It's almost ready! Quick Wetstream!"

Wetstream jumped at her voice and set off to the medicine den, she sniffed around looking for the thick, green leaf. Her eyes set on it and she grabbed it in her mouth, making sure not the get any of the juice in her mouth. She quickly padded into the nursery, dropping the leaves at the paws of Creampelt who released the stick and immediatly chewed the leaves.

Sunnywhisker's head turned to Wetstream. "They're coming! Bring in Pebblefoot, quickly!" She demanded turning to Creampelt.

Wetstream padded out and looked to Pebblefoot, who was standing beside the entrance. "She's about to birth the first kit." She meowed quickly to the tom.

Pebblefoot gasped as he got to his paws, racing into the nursery. Wetstream looked inside, she turned away when Sunnywhisker yelled. "Push!"

Wetstream looked back as she saw a kit, unable to tell what it looked like yet, lay in the nest. Pebblefoot's rough tongue brushed it's fur backwards as he warmed it's blood. The kit began squirming toward's Creampelt's belly, silence came over the group of cats as Wetstream padded in.

Creampelt smiled looking exhausted as she glanced to Wetstream. "Look at her Wetstream....Isn't she pretty?"

Wetstream padded forward, looking to the kit who lay silent at her mother's belly. It was cream, with grey paws and grey tipped ears. "She's very pretty...Beautiful." Wetstream clarrified.

Creampelt purred, giving her daughter some licks to her pelt. Pebblefoot looked down at his kit, smiling eyes deeply happy.

"Can we name her Sunkit? After Sunnywhisker, for all her help." Creampelt asked Pebblefoot.

Sunnywhisker gasped, and look very greatful as Pebblefoot nodded in agreement. "Thank you Creampelt and Pebblefoot...I don't know what to say..." Sunnywhisker looked away, embarrassed.

"Don't say anything, you've done so much for us. This is a great thing to do for you." Creampelt lay her head on his paws, letting her daughter suckle milk.

Pebblefoot smiled and settled beside his mate, purring in rythem. "I'll sleep her tonight Creampelt...." He promised her.

Wetstream smiled, the small kit was dedicated to her mother's sister. It was such a pretty young she-kit too, very unusual yet beautiful, small and fragile it was also....

"You better get to your vigil Wetstream." Sunnywhisker meowed as she padded out, heading to her den. Wetstream nodded and gave Creampelt a swift nod.

She walked out, heading to the entrance of the camp. Sitting beside the tunnel, she dipped her head, eyes and ears alert. Her silent vigil has begun, the only one she would get for being a warrior.

The moon began to rise as she began to become sleepy, if only Ripplepaw and Hazelpaw were here....She would be less lonely, but the two were probably sleeping in the apprentice den.

Wetstream's ears pricked, a cracking nose was in the distance...No not a distance! The scent of ShadowClan blew into her nose, they were about to be invaded!

"RIVERCLAN IS BEING ATTACK!" Wetstream bellowed.

Cats ran out of their dens, gasping in surprise, Wetstream's eyes widened as cats stormed through the tunnel. They burst from the entrance, one pounded on her. She noticed him as Whiskerpelt, his pelt stringy, long and white like whiskers. His brown eyes glared into hers as he hissed, hot breath on her neck.

Wetstream snarled and clawed his belly with her hindlegs, a burning sensation hurt her hingleg....Shizz, Rage's second in command, was sinking his teeth deep into it. She growled clawing at his face roughly, slicing at his eyes.

Shizz yowled, stumbling back, his eyes bloodshot as he growled, now blinded in his left eye he snarled at her, lip curling at the fullest. "Citrine? My, my you have grown!" He hissed.

"Yes," Wetstream growled. "And even if you remember me, you're pelt is going to be shredded before you can see the Dark Forest glittering in your eyes!" She promised to him, leaping on his large body, latching her teeth to his shoulder. Blood oozed from his arm, leaking down to his paws.

Shizz winced and twisted his body, ripping her and a chunk of his flesh off.

"Wetstream!" Hazelpaw's voice screamed as she padded to her fallen friend, Wetstream winced and bared her teeth at Shizz.

Hazelpaw's eyes narrowed as she rammed into the huge tom and bit his leg, ripping her fangs deep into his skin. Wetstream clawed at his spine as she leaped onto his back. Shizz yowled into the sky and ripped the two she-cats off, bleeding heavily he leaped on Hazelpaw, clawing his chest with deep blows.

"No!" Wetstream cried out. "Hazelpaw!" As she galloped towards the tom, he leaped off running into the battling cats.

Hazelpaw coughed up blood and turned on her belly, getting to her paws. "I bit his throat, I managed to let my teeth sink into there. It was bleeding heavily when he ran off. I suppose he might die....." She glanced to her paws, the collapsed to the ground.

"Hazelpaw! We need to get you to Sunnywhisker's den..." She meowed, tears swimming in her eyes as she dragged the unconsious she-cat to the medicine den. Sunnywhisker was probably outside, fighting, Wetstream dropped the apprentice down and searched for cobwebs. They looked like spiderwebs but abadoned from their host, she grabbed them from the herb storage and soaked the blood up on Hazelpaw's chest. That's all she could do, she had no idea what herbs to put on her. She raced out, Ripplepaw was easily clawing an apprentice she reconized as Smallpaw, who hissed and put up an easy fight.

Wetstream saw Tigerfur, racing through the crowd leaping on Sunnywhisker. "FROG-HEART!" She snarled running at him, leaping on the tom, tumbling him off of Sunnywhisker.

Tigerfur gasped. "Wetstream!"

"You told them! YOU TOLD THEM!" Wetstream hissed in his face.

"No, I...DIDN'T!" He spat back, throwing her off.

Wetstream's eyes grew dark. "You frog-hearted, fish-brained idiot! I hate you, and you don't know how much I want to claw you!" She snarled reaching her her claws out at him, missing.

Tigerfur's eyes narrowed as he ran by her, his claws outstretched, clawing at her flank, a long cut on her side. Screaming in pain she backed away from him.

"I didn't mean to do this to you Wetstream!" Tigerfur gasped in pain.

Sunnywhisker stood beside Wetstream. "Scat you ShadowClan crow-food, never come near my dear sister's daughter again!" She demanded, claws unsheathed.

Tigerfur glared at Wetstream. "Remember you promise!" He said, eyes full of tears as he fled the camp.

"ShadowClan! Retreat!" Ragestar yowled out the words as him and the rest of his clan ran off, Smallpaw shortly following them.

Wetstream winced at her side. "Oh dear..." Sunnywhisker's eyes grew sad. "Come to my den."

Wetstream nodded. "I left Hazelpaw in there, she had some deep wounds in her chest." She meowed as she followed Sunnywhisker.

"I was protecting the nursery," Sunnywhisker explained. "When Tigerfur attacked me, it was apart of Ragestar's orders."

"I'm not forgiving that snake-heart...." Wetstream glanced to her paws, as Sunnywhisker tended to her and Hazelpaw's wounds.

Sunnywhisker shook her head. "You don't have to, you never have to." Sunnywhisker meowed as she added golden-rod to Hazelpaw's wounds as she began to wake up.

"Wetstream...Thanks for saving me." She let out a breath of relief.

Wetstream nodded and lay down looking to her flank, it was covered in cobwebs and dried blood. She closed her eyes and realized her vigil was ruined. Everything was completely ruined.

Chapter 16: Letting Go

She looked up, Wetstream felt a breeze on her grey fur as she breathed in the crisp New-leaf air. The longing had began earlier, to finally see Tigerfur again. But she knew it wasn't right, she must stay with her Clan, ShadowClan wasn't for her.

But she kept promises, and as the sun set in the sky, she got to her paws glancing west to the river. Alongside some dead bracken and growing bramble bushes, she padded on, eyes narrowed as she tried to push out the feelings of love and fill it in with hate for the tom.

Tigerfur sat at the edge of the river, looking very sad for some reason other than the night before....

Wetstream sat by her edge, staring with deeply angry eyes into her reflection. Tigerfur looked up, his eyes were red and puffy, he looked away in pain.

"Smallpaw was a great apprentice." He sniffed.

Wetstream looked at him with an edgy expression. "What do you mean was?"

He shook his head, it was clear that pain was eating him away. "Foxes attacked our camp...." He mumbled.

"Smallpaw died?"

"Yes. He died." Tigerfur clenched his teeth. "He was so young Wetstream! Yet so traitor-like...." He growled lowly.

Wetstream kept a straight face as she listened. "What do you mean?"

"He told the Clan about the attack, he never left me alone on how he found out about our meetings...But he spied on the wrong one..." He glanced at the scar on Wetstream's flank. "When he told Ragestar...I was going to tell him off, but it was almost like...Instint belief."

"How do I know you're telling the truth?" She narrowed her eyes, still full of complete anger.

Tigerfur glanced to his paws. "Because....Smallpaw told me he didn't die in vain that night with his last breaths he held. He told me the foxes were just paying his debt to me...." His voice was shaky, as saying her didn't want to cry. "Then he told me that I was a great mentor and In StarClan he wanted to be exactly like me..."

"It has to be tough losing an apprentice." Wetstream kept her voice steady.

He looked at her with sad eyes. "Are you ever going to forgive me?" He whispered.

"It depends if you ever join RiverClan again." Her tail flicked.

He looked down to his paws. "I'm sorry Wetstream.....But I doubt Sparrowstar will ever let me even lay a claw in RiverClan territory anymore."

Wetstream nodded. "I understand. Good-day Tigerfur." She got to her paws and turned to leave.

"Wait," He stopped her.

"Hmm?" Wetstream turned her head slightly.

Tigerfur looked at her in the eyes. "I love you Wetstream."

Wetstream turned her head back and glanced to her paws, in silence she padded away, hearing the muffled pawsteps of Tigerfur leaving to his camp.

She opened her mouth, but realized he was gone. Closing it, she slipped into the trees....

Creampelt nuzzled the kit that lay at her belly. Wetstream watched as the kit's flank rose, the grey she-cat had came into the nursery each day, she cared for the young kit, knowing it's name was connected to Sunnywhisker.

Pebblefoot's scent wreathed into Wetstream's nostrils, she turned her head to the tom and watched him pad past her and he sat beside Creampelt.

"Sunkit will be okay my dear...." Pebblefoot licked his mate's ear, his fur still prickling from the battle a few sunsets ago.

Creampelt nodded, her eyes resting on the young she-kit who swatted her paws slightly in her sleep.

Wetstream flicked her tail in a goodbye, Creampelt smiled to her as she left the nursery. The air was hot, warming her fur instantly as she left.

"Sparrowstar, the prey is well, ShadowClan is staying away, and the Clan is together." Flamefall's voice was heard from the entrance to the leader's den.

"Good." Sparrowstar returned his announcement and gave the deputy an approving nod.

Flamefall brushed past Wetstream, his eyes laying on hers, they slightly narrowed as he padded off. For a moment Wetstream thought she saw Dawnfur in his build, but in a blink it was gone...

"Dawnfur..." She whispered softly, and looked away with strong grief. "F-flamefall? Can I have a word?"

The tom quickly shook his head, not glancing back, "No. Too busy, maybe later." He gave a flick of his tail and dissapeared out of the exit of camp.

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