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BranchClan (NEEDS ELDERS, QUEENS, and KITS. Warriors and apprentices closed)

The cats of BranchClan live in a dense, compact forest. They spend much of their time in the trees, preying on birds and squirrels. Their members are small and have powerful limbs used to launch their body up wood. A few BranchClan felines say that they even feel uneasy if they're not on the branches. Some silly elders' tales from other clans say some of their warriors have never touched the ground.

Their most common coat color is brown or black, and their most common eye color is green.

Leader: Leafstar, a brown tabby she-cat with bright green eyes.

Deputy: Smokeshard, a muddy black tom with shards of white in his muzzle.

Medicine Cat(s): Jadebeam, a calico tabby with a graying muzzle. She is training Otterpaw.

Medicine Cat Apprentice: Otterpaw, a long-furred mottled brown tom with white socks.

Elders: Flashfur, a skinny black tom with a white chest. He enjoys telling stories to kits.

Warriors: Squirrelleap, a she-cat with different shades grey on each strand of fur. Her eyes are blue. She is training Boarpaw. -- Barkclaw, a dark brown tomcat with amber eyes. -- Featherpath, a white she-cat with brown patches. Her eyes are yellow. -- Thornfang, a dark brown tabby tom with amber eyes. Mentoring Willowpaw. -- Scorchfire, a small dark grey she-cat with green eyes. Mentoring Firpaw. -- Sparrowcry, a reddish-brown tom with yellow eyes. Mentoring Hazelpaw.

Warrior Apprentices: Boarpaw, a large brown tom with yellow eyes. -- Firpaw, a very dark brown tom with bright green eyes. -- Willowpaw, a very light brown tabby she-cat with blue eyes. -- Lichenpaw, a greyish-brown she-cat with light green eyes. -- Hazelpaw, a grey she-cat with brown paws and underside. Her eyes are green.




The felines that inhabit the sloping areas of the lands are called HillClan. HillClan cats have strong legs used for leaping, covering a lot of ground in the blink of an eye. They use this to their advantage when they have to chase prey up and down their territory, and in scuffles with BranchClan and the occasional LakeClan. They are quick runners, second only to FieldClan.

Their most common coat color is ginger or cream, and their most common eye color is yellow. Many clanmembers have speckled or patch-patterned fur.

Leader: Foxstar, a ginger tom with green eyes.

Deputy: Wheatfur, a fawn-colored tom with yellow eyes.

Medicine Cat(s): Lynxwing, light brown spotted tabby with yellow eyes. She-cat.

Medicine Cat Apprentice: Brightpaw, a ginger tom with amber eyes.

Elders: Muddyfoot, a sleek brown tabby tom with one blind eye

Warriors: Dustfern, a brownish grey she-cat with green eyes. -- Flowerstem, a tortoiseshell she-cat with yellow eyes. Mentoring Beetlepaw. -- Dawnsky, a ginger she-cat with orange eyes. -- Dappledbriar, a light brown she cat with darker brown speckles. -- Firestorm, a ginger tom with a black tail-tip. Mentoring Fallowpaw. -- Thundercrash, a bright orange tomcat with yellow eyes. -- Daisypetal, a very light tortoiseshell she-cat with orange eyes. Mentoring Batpaw.

Warrior Apprentices: Beetlepaw, a very dark grey tom with yellow eyes. -- Fallowpaw, a cream-colored she-cat with orange eyes. -- Batpaw, a black she-cat with yellow eyes.

Queens: Lilyblaze, a white she-cat with patches of reddish-orange in her tail. She is the mother of Patchkit and Spottedkit. -- Rockslash, a dark grey she-cat with blue eyes. Expecting Thundercrash's kits.

Kits: Spottedkit, a white she-cat with yellow eyes. Her fur has many different small patches and speckles of various colors. -- Patchkit, a white she-cat with large patches of orange scattered about her body.


FieldClan cats are lean and long-limbed. They have a graceful figure, and are usually described as having soft, lightly-colored fur to blend in with their environment. They are fast runners, preying on hares and other smaller creatures that settle in the land they call home. They have always been on good terms with HillClan, and no living cat remembers a time where the two weren't on fantastic terms with each other.

Their most common coat color is light brown or cream, and their most common eye color is yellow.

Leader: Harestar, a light brown she-cat with amber eyes. Her tail is short and fluffy.


Medicine Cat(s): Grousecall, a brown she-cat with orange eyes.

Medicine Cat Apprentice: Grasspaw, a mousy brown tom with yellow eyes.

Elders: Rabbitleap, a brown tom with yellow eyes. -- Redstreak, a tortoiseshell she-cat with yellow eyes.

Warriors: Lightcloud, a light ginger tom with blue eyes. -- Sandyleg, a cream-colored she-cat with a ginger leg. Her eyes are brown. Mentoring Dustpaw. -- Windrun, a grey she-cat with amber eyes. -- Breezepounce, a greyish-brown tom with green eyes.

Warrior Apprentices: Dustpaw, a small grey-brown tabby tom with yellow eyes.

Queens: Frondtuft, a light brown tabby she-cat with white paws. Expecting Lightcloud's kits.


LakeClan (CLOSED)

They swim, and they eat the plentiful amount of fish that thrives in the many waters of their territory. LakeClan cats have the odd attribute of webbed paws, aiding them in their swimming. The members of this clan are calm and collected, and trained to be prepared for anything. They can change tactics in an instant, like a gentle wave turning tidal more suddenly than any opponent can expect. Due to the abundance of prey in the warmer seasons, LakeClan cats' descriptors usually are 'lazy' or 'plump', although they're everything but. The body underneath their thick, fluffy coats is muscular and powerful.

Their most common coat color is grey, and their most common eye color is blue.

Leader: Riverstar, a dark gray-blue she-cat with blue eyes. One is lighter than the other due to blindness, caused by a large scar. She's fluffy, even by LakeClan

Deputy: Tidesweep, a beautiful silver she-cat with striking blue eyes.

Medicine Cat(s): Mossfur, an elderly she-cat with green eyes. Her fur is a somewhat dark brown, with tabby markings. Her muzzle is turning greyer and greyer as the moons pass. -- Poolshine, a black tom with glossy fur. His eyes are a greenish yellow.

Medicine Cat Apprentice: N/A, too many Medicine Cats

Elders: Minnowfur, a grey she-cat with a white muzzle. She is blind. -- Sunclaw, a ginger tom with green eyes. -- Stoneswipe, a dark grey tom with yellow eyes. -- Snailbelly, a very light grey tom with patches of cream fur. He finds it difficult to hear nowadays, but still enjoys his time with the other elders.

Warriors: Troutscale, an off-white tom with patches of different-colored fur, although most of it is silver. His eyes are blue. -- Icefall, a white she-cat with one yellow eye, and one blue. Mentoring Pondpaw. -- Coldtooth, a black tom with teeth portruding from his upper jaw. His ices are icy blue. Mentoring Creekpaw. -- Dewshine, a sorrel-colored tom with yellow eyes. -- Carpfin, a grey she-cat with blue eyes. She's mentoring Toadpaw. -- Eaglestrike, a brown she-cat with a white patch covering the majority of her face. Yellow eyes. -- Snowstorm, a very light grey tom with dark blue eyes. Mentoring Rainpaw. -- Shadejaw, a black tom with amber eyes. -- Goldenshimmer, a golden she-cat with blue eyes. Mentoring Duskpaw.

Warrior Apprentices: Pondpaw, a blue-gray she-cat with green eyes. -- Toadpaw, a dark brown tom with yellow eyes. -- Creekpaw, a lavender tom with blue eyes. -- Rainpaw, a silver she-cat with green eyes. -- Duskpaw, a grey tom with amber eyes.

Queens: Larchbelly, a former rogue. She has glossy black fur and a tendency to snap at others. -- Wavesplash, a light blue-gray she-cat with light blue eyes. She is the mother of Foamkit, Pebblekit, and an apprentice named Rainpaw.

Kits: Foamkit, a tom so light grey it looks white. His eyes are light blue. -- Pebblekit, a she-cat. Her eyes are a stormy blue, and she has light flecks scattered throughout her body.

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